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Weather Whiplash: News links for April 2019

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Forecast: miserable:

Extreme precipitation

Storms, cyclones, tornadoes


AMS   A Climatology of Thunderstorms across Europe from a Synthesis of Multiple Data Sources

AMS100    A Climatology of Thunderstorms across Europe from a Synthesis of Multiple Data Sources

BBC   Rogue waves occurring less but 'becoming more extreme'

CBS   Perfect storm of extreme weather and climate change drove deadly Midwest flooding

CBS   What we know about tornadoes and climate change

Guardian   Climate change making storms like Idai more severe, say experts

Nature Communications   Hurricane María tripled stem breaks and doubled tree mortality relative to other major storms

The Conversation   Big storm clusters are on the increase – what this means for hurricane hotspots

Weather Underground   Midwest Bomb Cyclone Set Low Pressure Records, Bringing Widespread Extreme Weather

Wiley/AGU100/Journal of Geophysical Research   Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential and the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Harvey in the Texas Bight

Extreme rain

AMS    Changes in Extreme Precipitation in the Northeast United States: 1979–2014

Nature/NPJ/Climate and Atmospheric Science   A dichotomy between model responses of tropical ascent and descent to surface warming

Science Daily   Half a degree more warming may cause dramatic differences on drought-flood compound risks

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   How Much Information Is Required to Well Constrain Local Estimates of Future Precipitation Extremes?

Wiley/AGU100/Geophysical Research Letters   Climate‐Induced Changes in the Risk of Hydrological Failure of Major Dams in California

Photo Attributions

Headline photo by: Nic Redhead / Flickr

Drought: Tim J Keegan / Flickr

Wildfires:The National Guard / Flickr

Warming Oceans; ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/Flickr

Ocean Acidification: NOAA Photo Library

Wind: DFID - UK Department for 

Deluges: Akuppa John Wigham / Flickr

Global Heating: Dennis Jernberg Flickr

Ocean Acidification: Jack P. /Flickr

Other Stories: texaus1 / Flickr

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