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The Shortlist from February 2021 news



Australian sport stars call for more action to combat climate ‘havoc’ | Australia news | The Guardian

Disha Ravi: the climate activist who became the face of India's crackdown on dissent | India | The Guardian

K-pop for the planet: Music stars' fans take up climate activism


Adaptation and resilience

Farmers in Western Australia's south-west corner are adapting to a life with less water - ABC News

Guest post: Why avoiding climate change ‘maladaptation’ is vital | Carbon Brief

Our 'tree-change' and 'sea-change' dreams are under threat as scientists warn about building homes in 'risky areas' - ABC News



Climate Journalist Elizabeth Kolbert on New Book 'Under a White Sky' - Rolling Stone

New books, reports on environmental and climate justice » Yale Climate Connections


Business and Industry

Europe's wind power capacity not growing fast enough to meet climate targets-industry | Reuters

How Texas froze: Neglect of power-grid and climate warnings set the icy stage » Yale Climate Connections

It’s Closing Time: The Huge Bill to Abandon Oilfields Comes Early

What’s Really Behind Corporate Promises on Climate Change? - The New York Times

Who will clean up the 'billion-dollar mess' of abandoned US oilwells? | Environment | The Guardian


Climate effects on communities

New 'Meltdown' film: A different kind of Greenland ice documentary » Yale Climate Connections

Staying with a hunter showed me Greenland beyond the tourist brochures | Arctic holidays | The Guardian


Climate refugees

When Climate Change and Xenophobia Collide | The New Yorker


Climate risks

Opinion | Every Country Has Its Own Climate Risks. What’s Yours? - The New York Times


Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

A New Study Closes the Case on the Mysterious Rise of a Climate Super-Pollutant - Inside Climate News



Mexico was once a climate leader – now it's betting big on coal | Mexico | The Guardian



The rise of compound warm-season droughts in Europe | Science Advances


Emissions reduction

500+ Scientists Demand Stop to Tree Burning as Climate Solution - EcoWatch

Elon Musk pledges $100m to carbon capture contest | Carbon capture and storage (CCS) | The Guardian

It’s time to end subsidies for burning wood from forests

Leveraging AI to fight climate change | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Low-emissions cows: Can the dairy industry reach net zero? | Podcasts | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

SUVs and extra traffic cancelling out electric car gains in Britain | Travel and transport | The Guardian

The American Gas Association is battling attempts across the country to ban natural gas in new construction - The Washington Post

The internet's big carbon footprint need not doom the climate » Yale Climate Connections



China's first "carbon neutrality" bonds draw tepid demand | Reuters

How to make climate investments flow to distributed renewables | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance: Blended finance needed to drive climate investment



How fires have spread to previously untouched parts of the world | Environment | The Guardian

The Climate Connections of a Record Fire Year in the U.S. West – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet



For a City Staring Down the Barrel of a Climate-Driven Flood, A New Study Could be the Smoking Gun - Inside Climate News



Balloon test flight plan under fire over solar geoengineering fears | Geoengineering | The Guardian



Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five premature deaths globally: study | Reuters

'Invisible killer': fossil fuels caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018, research finds | Environment | The Guardian

The public health implications of the Paris Agreement: a modelling study - The Lancet Planetary Health


Heat rising

Beijing soars to record 78 degrees, setting winter temperature record - The Washington Post

The life-altering effects heat is having on American children | US news | The Guardian


International Relations

Climate change compels us to reconsider protected area borders

Climate leaders welcome reforming WTO chief, as carbon trade wars loom

Explainer: How China could offer ‘debt swaps’ to help developing nations tackle climate change | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Kiribati and China to develop former climate-refuge land in Fiji | World news | The Guardian

'Put a big fat price on carbon': OECD chief bows out with climate rally cry | OECD | The Guardian

To stop climate disaster, make ecocide an international crime. It's the only way | Climate change | The Guardian


Land ice

Widespread increase in dynamic imbalance in the Getz region of Antarctica from 1994 to 2018 | Nature Communications

Climate change: West Antarctica's Getz glaciers flowing faster - BBC News



Court convicts French state for failure to address climate crisis | Climate change | The Guardian

Maryland’s Capital City Joins a Long Line of Litigants Seeking Climate-Related Damages from the Fossil Fuel Industry - Inside Climate News


Miscellaneous climate effects

As Deaths Surge, Scientists Study the Link Between Climate Change and Avalanches - Inside Climate News

Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

Current Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation weakest in last millennium | Nature Geoscience

Day-to-day temperature variability reduces economic growth | Nature Climate Change

Scientists see stronger evidence of slowing Atlantic Ocean circulation, an ‘Achilles’ heel’ of the climate - The Washington Post


Meat and livestock

Meatless school menu sparks political row in France | France | The Guardian



Massive losses should be a warning to big oil that its bonanza is over | Oil and gas companies | The Guardian


Permafrost potential emissions

Submarine Permafrost Has Been Overlooked as a Major Source of Greenhouse Gases, Scientists Warn - Yale E360



EU climate neutrality by 2050 is not Paris-compatible –

Opinion | This Climate Deal Is Good for Earth and the Economy - The New York Times


Science miscellaneous

A conversation with polar oceanographer Rebecca Jackson | NOAA

Could Climate Change Be More Extreme Than We Think? - The Atlantic

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

Palmyra Atoll: The tiny US island at the heart of climate research | The Independent

United Nations: Countries’ pledges to cut emissions are far too meager to halt climate change - The Washington Post

Updated yardstick begs question: What's 'normal' in a changing climate? » Yale Climate Connections


Sea ice

Arctic shipper shows off a historical icebreaking voyage | The Independent Barents Observer

Multi-decadal trends in Antarctic sea-ice extent driven by ENSO–SAM over the last 2,000 years | Nature Geoscience


Sea rise

Sea level rise could be worse than feared, warn researchers | Environment | The Guardian



Climate change has ‘worsened’ North America’s pollen season | Carbon Brief


Secondary climate effects

Erratic weather inhibits economic growth

Fragile cities are being inundated with people fleeing the impacts of climate change. How can they cope? | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Guest post: How global warming is making power plants produce less electricity | Carbon Brief



Blog post - Individual Difference-Making and Climate Change: Tragedy of Collective Action or Culpable Collusion? | ANU Climate Change Institute

Covid and the climate crisis show why we need a new social contract between old and young | Generational inequality | The Guardian

Do we need more scary climate change articles? Maybe.

How border walls threaten species trying to escape rising temperatures

Nepal’s ambitious climate target has socio-economic prosperity at its heart / Climate Analytics

Opinion | The Science of Changing Someone's Mind - The New York Times

The social cost of carbon is climate change's most important number - Axios

Therapy for the End of the World | The Walrus

Who’s responsible for climate change? Untangling threads of media discussions in India, Nigeria, Australia, and the USA | SpringerLink

World must ‘transform relationship with nature’ to tackle environmental crises, says UN | The Independent


Targets/Pace of change

‘It's in our DNA’: tiny Costa Rica wants the world to take giant climate step | Costa Rica | The Guardian

Attenborough gives stark warning on climate change to UN - BBC News

Climate crisis ‘biggest security threat humans have faced’, Sir David Attenborough tells UN | The Independent

Kerry’s claim that ‘we have nine years left’ to avert the climate crisis - The Washington Post

Russia's far east sets unexpected climate target: net zero by 2025

United Nations: Countries’ pledges to cut emissions are far too meager to halt climate change - The Washington Post


Tipping points

As Amazon forest-to-savanna tipping point looms, solutions remain elusive

Fiercer, more frequent fires may reduce carbon capture by forests | Trees and forests | The Guardian

Fiercer, more frequent fires may reduce carbon capture by forests | Trees and forests | The Guardian

Guest post: The threat of high-probability ocean ‘tipping points’ | Carbon Brief

We're killing those tropical trees we’re counting on to absorb carbon dioxide

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