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Weather Whiplash: Links for September 2019


Global Heating: Greenhouse effective

A Weather Station Above the Arctic Circle Hit 94.6 Degrees Fahrenheit

Alaska’s sweltering summer is ‘basically off the charts’ - The Washington Post

Alaska's summer heat has been 'basically off the charts' - SFGate

Amplification of mega-heatwaves through heat torrents fuelled by upwind drought | Nature Geoscience

Arctic lightning: A bolt struck sea ice just 110 miles from the North Pole in June, making history - The Washington Post

Are the Observed Changes in Heat Extremes Associated with a Half‐degree Warming Increment Analogues for Future Projections? - Zhao - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Climate change is amplifying deadly heatwaves - The Washington Post

Climate change is causing more humid heat waves, like the ongoing event in the South - The Washington Post

Climate change made Europe’s 2019 record heatwave up to ‘100 times more likely’

Climate change: July 'marginally' warmest month on record - BBC News

Concurrent 2018 Hot Extremes Across Northern Hemisphere Due to Human‐Induced Climate Change - Vogel - 2019 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Earth just had its warmest month on record, as the planet heads for one of its top-3 warmest years - The Washington Post

Estimation of heat-related deaths during heat wave episodes in South Korea (2006–2017) | SpringerLink

Forest loss in Brazil increases maximum temperatures within 50 km – IOPscience

Greenland Ice Sheet Beats All-Time 1-Day Melt Record - Eos

Heat headache for 2020 planners as Tokyo swelters a year before Games - Reuters

Heatwave caused nearly 400 more deaths in Netherlands: stats agency - Reuters

Heatwaves amplify near-record levels of ice melt in northern hemisphere | Environment | The Guardian

In Alaska, a summer of extreme weather continues - The Washington Post

July 2019 is officially the hottest month ever recorded - The Washington Post

July confirmed as hottest month on record - BBC News

July was Earth's hottest month on record. Things did not go well — Quartz

Lightning struck near the North Pole 48 times. Here's why it's not normal.

NOAA expects 2019 to be one of five hottest years on record | TheHill

Quantifying the local effect of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric blocks on the persistence of summer hot and dry spells - Röthlisberger - - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

Record heatwave 'made much more likely' by human impact on climate | Environment | The Guardian

The Great Smoky Mountains' iconic clouds are helping to protect the region from climate change - for now » Yale Climate Connections

Video: The North Atlantic ocean current, which warms northern Europe, may be slowing » Yale Climate Connections

Photo Attributions

Headline photo by: Nic Redhead / Flickr

Drought: Tim J Keegan / Flickr

Wildfires:The National Guard / Flickr

Wind: DFID - UK Department for 

Global Heating: Dennis Jernberg Flickr

Other Stories: texaus1 / Flickr


Wildfires: The Brownhouse Effect

A Whole Lot of the Planet Is Engulfed in Flames Right Now | Live Science

Amazon Fires and the Horrifying Science of Deforestation | WIRED

Amazon fires fought by tens of thousands of Brazilian troops in 'unprecedented' operations - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Amazon rainforest fires are burning at a record rate - CNN

Amazon rainforest fires quickly shaping G7 summit with Trump, Macron - Business Insider

BBC - Future - Why the Arctic is smouldering

Brazil officials failed to act after warning of 'fire day’ in Amazon, prosecutors say | World news | The Guardian

Forest fires are getting too hot—even for fire-adapted animals

G7 cash for Amazon fires is ‘chump change’, say campaigners | World news | The Guardian

Global fire emissions buffered by the production of pyrogenic carbon | Nature Geoscience

In pictures: Wildfires ignite across Indonesia - BBC News

In Russia’s Wildfires, Climate Change Is to Blame - Bloomberg

Indonesia sends thousands of security personnel to combat forest fires - Reuters

Media reaction: Amazon fires and climate change

Michael Shellenberger's sloppy Forbes diatribe deceives on Amazon fires (commentary)

Russians demand vast wildfires consuming Siberia be extinguished - Reuters

The Amazon Fires Are More Dangerous Than WMDs - The Atlantic

The Amazon Is on Fire, but Earth Has Plenty of Oxygen - The Atlantic

'There is no silver lining': why Alaska fires are a glimpse of our climate future | Cities | The Guardian

Trump offers Putin help with Siberian wildfires: Kremlin - Reuters

What Can Global Forest Watch Tell Us About the Fires in Brazil? | World Resources Institute

What Satellite Imagery Tells Us About the Amazon Rain Forest Fires - The New York Times

Wildfire impact on environmental thermodynamics and severe convective storms - Zhang - - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

Winter Isn’t Coming. Prepare for the Pyrocene. | History News Network

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