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The 100 most crucial climate change news links

from August 2023 

News links for September

Acceleration and the hope-doom schism


Climate change will raise sea levels, cause apocalyptic floods and displace almost a billion people |


NASA Study Reveals Compounding Climate Risks at Two Degrees of Warming – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet


‘Off-the-charts records’: has humanity finally broken the climate? | Climate crisis | The Guardian


‘One climate disaster after another’: North America’s long hot summer | Financial Times


Opinion | This Summer Is Pointing Us Toward Uncharted Territory - The New York Times


Rising methane could be a sign that Earth's climate is part-way through a 'termination-level transition'


Scientists Warn 1 Billion People on Track to Die From Climate Change : ScienceAlert


The Age of Climate Disaster Is Here | Foreign Affairs


The climate appeasers are leading us towards catastrophe


The climate canary is dead » Yale Climate Connections


The economics of systems collapse


‘Virtually certain’ extreme Antarctic events will get worse without drastic action, scientists warn | Antarctica | The Guardian


We Are Witnessing the First Stages of Civilization’s Collapse | The Nation


World | Free Full-Text | The Human Ecology of Overshoot: Why a Major “Population Correction” Is Inevitable



Business, politics and international relations


Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed ‘worthless’ | Carbon offsetting | The Guardian


Critics of ‘degrowth’ economics say it’s unworkable – but from an ecologist's perspective, it’s inevitable


Europe’s dry rivers put climate ambitions at risk – POLITICO


Global Critical Infrastructure Wasn't Designed for Climate Change


Opinion | What Happens When Great Power Conflict and Climate Action Collide? - The New York Times


Shell ordered to cut its emissions – why this ruling could affect almost any major company in the world


UAE firm's carbon credit deal sparks scrutiny over Liberia's forests | Africa Times




Commissions, emissions and omissions


China continues coal spree despite climate goals | China | The Guardian


Cleaner shipping emissions may have warmed the planet – but only a bit | New Scientist


Energy: Indonesia's Plan to Break Its Coal Habit Is Failing - Bloomberg


Pioneering wind-powered cargo ship sets sail - BBC News


Why carbon capture and storage will not solve the climate crisis any time soon | Carbon capture and storage (CCS) | The Guardian


Earth’s Fever


Antarctica’s heatwaves are a warning to humanity – and we have only a narrow window to save the planet | Climate scientists | The Guardian


From Coral to Nuclear Power: The Global Temperature Shift Is Wreaking Havoc


July was the world's hottest month, in an era of climate records - The Washington Post


Revealed: Thousands of chickens in transit died from heat stress on day UK hit 40C - Carbon Brief


South America is topping 100 degrees, even though it's winter - The Washington Post


Volcanoes and wildfires offset 20% of global heating over eight years | Climate crisis | The Guardian


‘Winter is disappearing’: South America hit by ‘brutal’ unseasonal heatwave | Argentina | The Guardian

Ecology, farming and natural sinks

Climate change: The record summer that scorched Asia - BBC News


For Decades, Our Carbon Emissions Sped the Growth of Plants — Not Anymore - Yale E360


Global warming could push tropical forest leaves past a ‘critical temperature’ - Carbon Brief


‘Huge’ coral bleaching unfolding across the Americas prompts fears of global tragedy | Coral | The Guardian


Mountain treelines are rising due to climate crisis, study finds | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Phoenix’s extreme heat withers saguaros, trademark cactus of desert landscape | Arizona | The Guardian


Tropical forests face ‘massive leaf death’ from global heating, study finds | Climate crisis | The Guardian


How we broke the water cycle and can no longer rely on rain to fall | New Scientist



Food, crops and famine


As climate woes intensify, risks to food supply (and inflation) grow


Out With Shrimp, In With Jellyfish? Seafood Industry Facing Potential Overhaul Due To Climate Change


"Rare, expensive": Fish eating by Lake Victoria plunges amid climate change | African Arguments


South America's scorching winter is decimating crops and threatening lives


US airlines ally with farmers to seek subsidies for corn as jet fuel | Financial Times


China floods hit 'northeastern granary," fueling food security concerns | CNN



Ice and oceans


AMOC collapse: Atlantic Ocean current tipping point could occur as soon as 2025 | New Scientist


Antarctica is missing a chunk of sea ice bigger than Greenland – what's going on?


Climate change: Something strange is happening in the Pacific and we must find out why | New Scientist


Extreme Rain From Atmospheric Rivers and Ice-Heating Micro-Cracks Are Ominous New Threats to the Greenland Ice Sheet - Inside Climate News


Indonesia’s tropical Eternity Glaciers could vanish within years, experts say | Indonesia | The Guardian


Is Climate Change Causing More Record-Breaking Hail? - Scientific American


Ocean heat record broken, with grim implications for the planet - BBC News


‘We’re changing the clouds.’ An unforeseen test of geoengineering is fueling record ocean warmth | Science | AAAS


Zero-degree line at record height above Switzerland as heat and fire hit Europe | Climate crisis | The Guardian 


Pyrocene Chronicles


Canada wildfires: British Columbia in state of emergency while 19,000 flee Yellowknife fire | Canada wildfires | The Guardian


Canada’s wildfires caused 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, Chinese scientists say | The Independent


Climate change makes wildfires in California more explosive : NPR


Devastating Hawaii fires made ‘much more dangerous’ by climate change | Hawaii fires | The Guardian


Fires could lock vast parts of the Amazon into ‘treeless state’ - Carbon Brief


Greece wildfire declared largest ever recorded in EU | Greece | The Guardian


Hawaii fires become deadliest in modern US history as ‘grim’ search for victims continues | The Independent


Hawaii's climate future: Dry regions get drier with global warming, increasing fire risk − while wet areas get wetter


Heat deaths surge in the US’s hottest city as governor declares statewide ‘heat emergency’ | Phoenix | The Guardian


Heat records topple across sweltering Asia


New Data Confirms: Forest Fires Are Getting Worse | World Resources Institute


Today’s bushfires are off-the-scale bad. The only safe option is to leave before they start | Calla Wahlquist | The Guardian



Rain and flood

Beijing records heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years, causing severe flooding and 21 deaths | AP News


Climate change altering monsoon patterns, ringing in extreme weather: Experts | Nagpur News - Times of India

Everything, everywhere, all at once: The great floods of 2023 - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


Himachal Pradesh floods: More rain, less snow are turning Himalayas dangerous - BBC News


How climate change might trigger more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions


Slovenia floods 'worst-ever natural disaster' - BBC News


Tropical Storm Hilary unleashes flash floods in California | Reuters


Science journal articles  


Adjusting 1.5 degree C climate change mitigation pathways in light of adverse new information | Nature Communications


Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios | PNAS


Climate warming increases extreme daily wildfire growth risk in California | Nature


Climate-driven ecological thresholds in China’s drylands modulated by grazing | Nature Sustainability


Low-carbon warfare | Nature Climate Change


Nonlinearity of the cloud response postpones climate penalty of mitigating air pollution in polluted regions | Nature Climate Change


Stressed economies respond more strongly to climate extremes - IOPscience


Warning of a forthcoming collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation | Nature Communications


Global risk of heat stress to cattle from climate change - IOPscience


Future emergence of new ecosystems caused by glacial retreat | Nature


Record low 2022 Antarctic sea ice led to catastrophic breeding failure of emperor penguins | Communications Earth & Environment


Climate Change and Potential Demise of the Indian Deserts - Rajesh - 2023 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Climate change impact on flood and extreme precipitation increases with water availability | Scientific Reports


Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action, study finds | Environmental activism | The Guardian


Children Have a Right to Sue Nations Over Climate, U.N. Panel Says - The New York Times


Climate Change Is an Ally of Jihadists in Africa | Opinion


Climate Change Is Driving Up Commercial Real Estate Costs | Time


Climate change made July hotter for almost every human on Earth | AP News


It is not just heat waves — climate change is also a crisis of disconnection


‘It was hell but the owner said, you have to work’: dying from heat in Greece | Extreme weather | The Guardian


Judge rules in favor of youths in landmark Montana climate trial - The Washington Post


Pope decries 'terrible world war' on environment, announces new writing | Reuters


The climate future is here, and it looks like this proud commune in S Africa | African Arguments

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