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  The 100 most crucial climate change news links from August 2022  

News links for September


Climate effects

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme

weather around the world

Opinion | It’s Been a ‘Summer of Disasters,’ and It’s

Only Half Over - The New York Times

Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather | Climate crisis | The Guardian

How climate change is pushing weather whiplash to new extremes - The Washington Post

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral cover, but it is highly vulnerable - BBC News

These Trees Are Spreading North in Alaska. That’s Not Good | WIRED

Drought and desertification

Drought in UK, Europe reshapes food and energy supplies

Europe’s rivers run dry as scientists warn drought could be worst in 500 years | Rivers | The Guardian

Europe’s worst ever drought: in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Low Water Level on Lake Mead, World Rivers Reveal Human Remains, Ancient Ruins - Bloomberg

‘The new normal’: how Europe is being hit by a climate-driven drought crisis | Drought | The Guardian

Why Are Rivers Drying Up? Global Droughts Are Turning Waterways to Dust - Bloomberg


At least 38 people killed as ‘tornado of fire’ rages in northern Algeria | Algeria | The Guardian

Australian wildfires cause the largest stratospheric warming since Pinatubo and extends the lifetime of the Antarctic ozone hole | Scientific Reports

French PM sounds climate crisis alarm as ‘ogre-like’ wildfire rages | France | The Guardian

Wildfires in Europe burn second-biggest area on record | Reuters

Yorkshire burned and it was a direct result of climate change - Angela Terry | Yorkshire Post



Current Siberian warming is the most powerful of the last 7,000 years

Heatwave-proofing homes could save lives – and cut carbon

Heatwaves increasing in India but related deaths fall | Reuters

Record-breaking heat waves in US and Europe prove climate change is already here, experts say - ABC News

The Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the globe since 1979 | Communications Earth & Environment

‘Carnage’ as millions of factory farm chickens die in sweltering sheds during record heatwave | The Independent

Excess deaths surged as heat wave hit Europe – POLITICO

‘Getting harder and hotter’: Phoenix fire crews race to save lives in America’s hottest city | Arizona | The Guardian


Heat – China

China deploys cloud-seeding planes and cuts electricity use as record heatwave takes toll | China | The Guardian

China warns that its temperatures are rising faster than global average | Reuters

Heatwave in China is the most severe ever recorded in the world | New Scientist


Melting ice

Ice shelves hold back Antarctica's glaciers from adding to sea levels – but they're crumbling

Major sea-level rise caused by melting of Greenland ice cap is ‘now inevitable’ | Sea level | The Guardian

The world's biggest ice sheet is more vulnerable to global warming than scientists previously thought

Troubling new research shows warm waters rushing towards the world's biggest ice sheet in Antarctica


Rain, floods and hail

America’s summer of floods: climate crisis fueling barrage, scientists say | US news | The Guardian

California is due for a 'megaflood' that could drop 100 inches of rain - The Washington Post

Fears death toll could rise from 30 as heavy rains pummel Kentucky | Kentucky | The Guardian

Flash floods wreak havoc in US south-west – but are no salve for drought | US news | The Guardian

New Zealand floods could take years to clean up, with 1,200 people displaced | New Zealand | The Guardian

Record Death Valley flooding ‘a once-in-1,000-year event’ | California | The Guardian

St. Louis and Kentucky floods: How climate change intensified them - The Washington Post


Flooding – Pakistan

Pakistan declares emergency as floods hit over 30 million people | Pakistan | The Guardian

Pakistan declares floods a ‘climate catastrophe’ as death toll tops 1,000 | Pakistan | The Guardian

Pakistan reels from ‘apocalyptic’ floods, pleads for international aid - The Washington Post


Secondary effects

‘It’s getting extremely hard’: climate crisis forces China to ration electricity | China | The Guardian

Low Water Levels Risk Closing Europe's Vital Rhine River | Time

Study on underwater methane release raises climate fears - The Washington Post


European Energy Crisis: Listening to Electricity Traders is Very, Very Scary - Bloomberg

EV shipping is set to blow internal combustion engines out of the water – pv magazine USA

U.N. chief urges tax on 'grotesque greed' of oil, gas companies | Reuters

Germany-Senegal gas plan sparks outcry from environmentalists | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 01.08.2022



Big Oil offers big returns but keeps spending tight | Reuters

Saudi Aramco profits soar by 90% as energy prices rise | Aramco | The Guardian

The world is ablaze and the oil industry just posted record profits. It’s us or them | Hamilton Nolan | The Guardian



Finding New Jobs for Laid Off Coal Workers in Southeast Australia | World Resources Institute

Guest post: What we learned about coal phaseout by studying 15 countries - Carbon Brief

'Matter of national destiny': China’s energy crisis sees the world’s top emitter investing in more coal


Germany, Japan rethink nuclear power phaseout after war in Ukraine - The Washington Post


Cleaner energy

Geothermal heating and cooling: Renewable energy’s hidden gem » Yale Climate Connections

Get ready for a global clean energy surge, thanks to the US inflation bill

Offshore Wind’s Turbulent Future | Hakai Magazine

This giant 'water battery' under the Alps could be a game-changer for renewable energy in Europe - CNN



Beyond net-zero: we should, if we can, cool the planet back to pre-industrial levels

Timber cities ‘could cut 100bn tons of CO2 emissions by 2100’ | Environment | The Guardian

US and DRC to work together on protection of rainforest and peatlands | Democratic Republic of the Congo | The Guardian



Spare a thought for air-conditioning repair people. As the planet warms, they're really up against it

The age of ‘the car is king’ is over. The sooner we accept that, the better | John Vidal | The Guardian

Climate lawsuit over melting Peru glacier could set global precedent - Washington Post

The century of climate migration: why we need to plan for the great upheaval | Migration | The Guardian

‘Reality is scary’: climate culture war heats up for UK meteorologists | Extreme weather | The Guardian

The climate crisis is so boring – but I also hate the idea of burning to death | Sofie Hagen | The Guardian


Food and crops

Diet for a hotter climate: five plants that could help feed the world | Environment | The Guardian

Driest July in memory imperils Europe’s crops –

Global food security: New risks and disruptions | McKinsey

Mass crop failures expected in England as farmers demand hosepipe bans | Drought | The Guardian

UK farmers count cost as heatwave kills fruit and vegetable crops | Farming | The Guardian



58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change – we scoured 77,000 studies to map the pathways

A day with America’s only dedicated heat team in the US’s hottest city | Phoenix | The Guardian

Climate impacts have worsened vast range of human diseases | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Politics and International Cooperation

Pakistan floods underscore debate about who pays for climate damages - The Washington Post

Fiji, moving villages inundated by rising seas, wants big emitters to pay | Reuters


National progress on emissions

India approves new emissions targets to tackle climate change | Reuters

Long a Climate Straggler, Australia Advances a Major Bill to Cut Emissions - The New York Times

New Zealand has launched a plan to prepare for inevitable climate change impacts: 5 areas where the hard work starts now

Spain sets limits on air conditioning and heating in new energy-saving measures | The Independent

Vanuatu, one of the most climate-vulnerable countries, launches ambitious climate plan | Vanuatu | The Guardian

3 Ways to Reduce China’s Transportation Emissions | World Resources Institute

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for the World - The Atlantic


Science research

Machine learning reveals climate forcing from aerosols is dominated by increased cloud cover | Nature Geoscience

Tonga volcano blasted unprecedented amount of water into atmosphere - The Washington Post

Selection on offspring size and contemporary evolution under ocean acidification | Nature Climate Change

Intensification of very wet monsoon seasons in India under global warming - Katzenberger - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

Poleward shift of Circumpolar Deep Water threatens the East Antarctic Ice Sheet | Nature Climate Change



Can We Build Utopia in a Hellscape? | The Tyee

Climate change: More studies needed on possibility of human extinction - BBC News

Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios | PNAS

For 110 years, climate change has been in the news. Are we finally ready to listen?

Friday essay: 'I feel my heart breaking today' – a climate scientist's path through grief towards hope

Humanity can’t equivocate any longer. This is a climate emergency | Rebecca Solnit and Terry Tempest Williams | The Guardian

Science has hastened and highlighted the perils of climate change, but it may not be the sole solution - ABC News

The Fervent Debate Over the Best Way to Confront Global Warming

Whether you’re a climate ‘doomer’ or ‘appeaser’, it’s best to prepare for the worst | Bill McGuire | The Guardian

Climate effects
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