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The 100 most crucial climate change news links from September 2022






News links for October




Adaptation to expected and unexpected weather fluctuations: Evidence from Bangladeshi smallholder farmers - ScienceDirect

Ag's challenging future in a changing climate » Yale Climate Connections

Air conditioner tech is outdated. These are AC options for a hotter future. - The Washington Post

Business and economics

Africa losing up to 15% of GDP growth to climate change, African Development Bank says | Reuters

Farm and food investors face $150 billion loss on climate change, report says | Reuters

New study more than triples estimated costs of climate change damages » Yale Climate Connections

Study: Companies and investors that fail to prepare for land use transition could lose billions | BusinessGreen News

Climate effects

Just a small rise in Earth’s temperature could cause irreversible ecosystem and weather changes | Science | AAAS

Terrawatch: why is sea level rising faster along China’s coast? | China | The Guardian

The Tonga Volcano Shook the World. It May Also Affect the Climate. - The New York Times

Western Forests, Snowpack and Wildfires Appear Trapped in a Vicious Climate Cycle - Inside Climate News

What ‘Triple Dip’ La Nina Means for Weather in Your Area

Young cold-blooded animals are suffering the most as Earth heats up, research finds

Arctic Ocean acidifying up to four times as fast as other oceans, study finds | Arctic | The Guardian


The Climate Crisis Is Making the Pacific Islands Unliveable | Time

Cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons

Damage to Canada from storm Fiona is 'unprecedented' | Reuters

Hurricane Ian batters Florida's Gulf Coast with catastrophic fury | Reuters

Japan storm: Nine million people told to evacuate as super typhoon Nanmadol hits - BBC News

Super Typhoon Noru hits Philippines after thousands flee homes | Philippines | The Guardian

Western Alaska confronts damage after historic storm - The Washington Post


Drought and desertification

China, Europe, US drought: Is 2022 the driest year recorded? - BBC News

Could the Drying Up of Europe’s Great Rivers Be the New Normal? - Yale E360

Megadrought in the American south-west: a climate disaster unseen in 1,200 years | Climate crisis | The Guardian


EU will double firefighting capacity to tackle climate impacts, von der Leyen says | Reuters

Higher-elevation wildfires in the West are threatening water supplies - The Washington Post

Why Arctic wildfires are releasing more carbon than ever | Reuters


Hottest summer on record for Europe and China during Northern Hemisphere's 2nd-hottest summer » Yale Climate Connections

Opinion | What My Family and I Saw When We Were Trapped in China’s Heat Wave - The New York Times

Record heatwaves drive EU's July excess deaths to 2022 high | Reuters

September's heat wave in the West is the most severe on record - The Washington Post

‘Sad and distressing’: massive numbers of bird deaths in Australian heatwaves reveal a profound loss is looming

Melting ice

For first time on record, Greenland saw extensive melting in September - The Washington Post

Guest post: How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2022 - Carbon Brief

Thwaites "doomsday" Glacier disintegrating faster than thought - The Washington Post

Rain, floods and hail

At least 10 dead as flash floods hit central Italy | Reuters

Floods kill over 300 in Nigeria this year, and could worsen -emergency agency | Reuters

Guest post: How the south Asian monsoon is changing in a warming climate - Carbon Brief

Flooding – Pakistan

Climate change ‘likely’ increased extreme rainfall that led to Pakistan flooding - Carbon Brief

‘It is beyond bleak’: Pakistan floods affecting 16m children, says Unicef | Pakistan | The Guardian

‘Monster monsoon’: why the floods in Pakistan are so devastating | Flooding | The Guardian

The west is ignoring Pakistan’s super-floods. Heed this warning: tomorrow it will be you | Fatima Bhutto | The Guardian

Secondary effects

China’s clean energy model staggers in drought: dying EV cars, blackouts, generators - Los Angeles Times

Climate Change Could Worsen Supply Chain Turmoil - The New York Times

It’s Happened Before: Paleoclimate Study Shows Warming Oceans Could Lead to a Spike in Seabed Methane Emissions - Inside Climate News

Termites love global warming – the pace of their wood munching gets significantly faster in hotter weather

US farmers face plague of pests as global heating raises soil temperatures | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Finally we have a Global Registry of Fossil Fuels - Carbon Tracker Initiative

Land use change and carbon emissions of a transformation to timber cities | Nature Communications

EU limits subsidies for burning trees under renewable energy directive | Environment | The Guardian

Falling crop yields under warming could see ‘rapid’ decline in bioenergy’s potential - Carbon Brief

Coal rush! Energy crisis fires global hunt for polluting fuel | Reuters

U.S. climate envoy Kerry calls for ramp-up in financing to slash methane emissions | Reuters

The Oil Peak Is Here as Steep Rate Hikes Curb Consumption - Bloomberg

Record methane leak flows from damaged Baltic Sea pipelines | AP News


10 of 13 ‘Flagship’ CCS Projects Failed to Deliver, IEEFA Analysis Concludes

Opinion | Are There Better Places to Put Large Solar Farms Than These Forests? - The New York Times

Out of thin air: new solar-powered invention creates hydrogen fuel from the atmosphere | Hydrogen power | The Guardian


A climate risk analysis of Earth’s forests in the 21st century | Science

EXCLUSIVE Lula pushes Brazil-Indonesia-Congo rainforest alliance if elected | Reuters

Forest expansion dominates China’s land carbon sink since 1980 | Nature Communications

Global seaweed productivity | Science Advances

Rebuilding fish biomass for the world's marine ecoregions under climate change - Cheung - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

The Amazon rainforest has already reached a crucial tipping point | New Scientist


Australia finally has new climate laws. Now, let's properly consider the astounding social cost of carbon

‘I couldn’t date a climate change denier!’ The couples who bond – and split – over love for the planet | Relationships | The Guardian

Patagonia founder gives away $4.4 billion company so all profits will fight climate change - ABC News

Wildfire Smoke Is Erasing Progress on Clean Air - The New York Times

Action on climate

As resistance grows to the fossil fuel regime, laws are springing up everywhere to suppress climate activists | Jeff Sparrow | The Guardian

Climate scientists are becoming climate activists as governments fail to heed warnings - ABC News

Report: Climate litigation trend gathers global momentum | BusinessGreen News

The great Net Zero lie - UnHerd

Food and crops

Argentina corn planting stalled as 'great drought' fears rise | Reuters

Eating meat isn’t a crime against the planet – if it’s done right | Thomasina Miers | The Guardian

Food supply and security concerns mount as impacts stress agriculture » Yale Climate Connections

Night-time heat is killing crops. Scientists are rushing to find resilient plants | Environment | The Guardian

UN warns 345 million people face starvation worldwide | Hunger News | Al Jazeera

Politics and International Cooperation

China and India among SCO states urging 'balance' in climate approach | Reuters

UN chief: 'Tax fossil fuel profits for climate damage' - BBC News

Vanuatu makes bold call for global treaty to phase out fossil fuels | Vanuatu | The Guardian

African nations demand climate change financing ahead of COP27 | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Loss and damage

Climate change: Vanuatu's pioneering 'loss and damage' plan | World Economic Forum

Denmark becomes first to offer 'loss and damage' climate funding | Reuters

'Time is up': Countries trapped in climate crisis raise alarm at U.N. | Reuters

National progress on emissions

Global fossil fuel subsidies almost doubled in 2021, analysis finds | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

Indonesia and Norway give REDD+ deal another go after earlier breakup

Republicans are at war with capitalism because of their stance on climate change | The Independent

Senate passes Kigali amendment to curb hydrofluorocarbons - The Washington Post

China tells Europe to not backslide on climate commitments | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Opinion | China Is Writing the Story of the Climate Future - The New York Times



'Clairvoyant' 2012 climate report warned of extreme weather | AP News

As climate 'tipping points' near, scientists plan for unthinkable

Why we should forget about the 1.5C global heating target | Bill McGuire | The Guardian

You Asked: Dinosaurs Survived When CO2 Was Extremely High. Why Can’t Humans? - You Asked

A climate scientist on the planet's simultaneous disasters, from Pakistan’s horror floods to Europe’s record drought

Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios | PNAS

Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points | Science

World heading into ‘uncharted territory of destruction’, says climate report | Climate science | The Guardian

Tipping points

Global warming above 1.5C could trigger ‘multiple’ tipping points - Carbon Brief

Risk of multiple climate tipping points escalates | EurekAlert!

Climate change: Six tipping points ‘likely’ to be crossed - BBC News

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