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The 100 most crucial climate change news links from

October 2023 

News links for November


Acceleration and the hope-doom schism

2023 year of record extremes: new report — Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


Bushfires one day, floods the next: why Australia can expect more ‘compound events’ | Bushfires | The Guardian


Climate Change Now a Major Factor in Formation of El Niño - Yale E360


Earth close to ‘risk tipping points’ that will damage our ability to deal with climate crisis, warns UN | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Earth’s ‘vital signs’ worse than at any time in human history, scientists warn | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Extreme weather is outpacing even the worst-case scenarios of our forecasting models


Heatwave intensity set to spike, new hot spots likely: Govt study | Latest News India - Hindustan Times


Opinion | Climate change is the catastrophe to end all other catastrophes - The Washington Post


Opinion | I Study Climate Change. The Data Is Telling Us Something New. - The New York Times


September's Record-Shattering Heat Was ‘Absolutely Gobsmackingly Bananas’ | WIRED


Tiny Biological Particles Are Influencing Cloud Formation Over The Arctic : ScienceAlert


To a growing number of scientists, climate change is an ‘emergency’ - The Washington Post


‘We Are Afraid’: Scientists Issue New Warning As World Enters ‘Uncharted Climate Territory’


We could be 16 years into a methane-fueled 'termination' event significant enough to end an ice age | Live Science


Why Worry About Collapse? | Do the Math


World breaches key 1.5C warming mark for record number of days - BBC News


'World in polycrisis': AXA ranks global warming most pressing risk in every world region for first time | BusinessGreen News


World on brink of environmental tipping points, UN says | Reuters



Business, politics and international relations

Climate Change and Inflation Are Inextricably Linked - Bloomberg


Exxon reinforces support for fossil fuels with deal to buy shale giant for $60bn | Fossil fuels | The Guardian


Inside the Campaign That Put an Oil Boss in Charge of COP28


Is crisis at Siemens Energy symptom of a wider wind power problem? | Wind power | The Guardian


Use of weather derivatives surges as extreme climate events rock the globe | Reuters


The Great Cash-for-Carbon Hustle | The New Yorker


Opinion | Africa Needs Its Debts Paused So It Can Prepare for Climate Catastrophe - The New York Times


View(s) from Africa: Did the Africa Climate Summit fulfil its vision? | African Arguments


When conflict meets climate change, in Gaza and beyond


"Why do they punish us?" Uganda charcoal ban ignites transition debate | African Arguments



Commissions, emissions and omissions

AC use rising sharply in India, will surpass all other home appliances by 2050: Report | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

Analysis: Global CO2 emissions could peak as soon as 2023, IEA data reveals - Carbon Brief


Carbon emissions threaten 1.5C climate threshold sooner than thought - report - BBC News


Dour outlook on Paris climate target sets stage for COP28


Environmental group raises concerns about loophole in ozone, climate treaty | The Hill


EU launches first phase of world's first carbon border tariff | Reuters


Global energy consumption to increase through 2050, outpace efficiency gains, EIA says | Reuters


Japan has serious work cut out with carbon cutting ambitions | Reuters


Many Climate ‘Solutions’ Are Dead Ends Or Niches & Should Be Ignored


Opinion | America’s Disaster Recovery System Is a Disaster - The New York Times


World shift to clean energy is unstoppable, IEA report says - BBC News

Earth’s Fever

Acapulco: nearly 100 dead and missing after Hurricane Otis, officials say | Mexico | The Guardian

Arctic cyclones have become more intense and longer-lived over the past seven decades | Communications Earth & Environment


Earth breaks September heat record by unprecedented margin - The Washington Post


‘Gobsmackingly bananas’: scientists stunned by planet’s record September heat | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Nepal's mountains have lost one-third of their ice, UN chief says | Reuters


​​'One of the biggest on record': Ozone hole bigger than North America opens above Antarctica | Live Science


‘Only the rich can bear this heat’: how Dhaka is battling extreme weather | Global development | The Guardian


South America's Winter Hot Spell Was 100 Times More Likely with Climate Change - Scientific American


Ecology, farming and natural sinks

Billions of snow crabs in Alaska likely vanished due to warm ocean, study says | Marine life | The Guardian


Deforestation has big impact on regional temperatures, study of Brazilian Amazon shows | Amazon rainforest | The Guardian


Dengue will 'take off' in southern Europe, US, Africa this decade, WHO scientist says | Reuters


Forests Are Worth More Than Their Carbon, a New Paper Argues - Inside Climate News


Forests v farmland: what the world would look like if we allocated all our land in the optimal way


Full article: Tracking climate change adaptation in Eastern Africa: integrating governmental and livestock keeper perspectives


Global increase in biomass carbon stock dominated by growth of northern young forests over past decade | Nature Geoscience


Home countries of major rainforests agree to work together to save them | Reuters


‘No normal seasons any more’: seed farmers struggle amid the climate crisis | Farming | The Guardian


The Green Revolution is a warning, not a blueprint for feeding a hungry planet


The Rigid World of French Cheesemaking Meets Unbound Climate Change - The New York Times


Valuing the functionality of tropical ecosystems beyond carbon: Trends in Ecology & Evolution


Ice and oceans

Increasing melting of West Antarctic ice shelves may be unavoidable – new research


Rapid ice melt in west Antarctica now inevitable, research shows | Polar regions | The Guardian


Sea-level rise: West Antarctic ice shelf melt 'unavoidable' - BBC News


Ill wind

How Hurricane Otis shocked forecasters with its rapid strengthening

Hurricane Otis strikes Acapulco, Mexico as a Category 5 storm, breaking records


Hurricanes twice as likely to rapidly intensify into powerful, catastrophic storms in last two decades: study | The Hill


More Atlantic Hurricanes Rapidly Increasing to Cat. 3, Study Finds - The New York Times


New study suggests cyclones in the Arctic are forming more often and getting stronger

Why Smaller Storms Are Growing More Fearsome, More Often - The New York Times


Pyrocene Chronicles

How Megafires Are Remaking the World - The New York Times


‘It’s Like Our Country Exploded’: Canada’s Year of Fire - The New York Times


Wildfires in dry Amazon rainforest choke Manaus city | Reuters


Science journal articles

2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory | BioScience | Oxford Academic


Climate change and the aridification of North America | PNAS

Heat extremes in Western Europe increasing faster than simulated due to atmospheric circulation trends | Nature Communications

Irreversible loss in marine ecosystem habitability after a temperature overshoot | Communications Earth & Environment


Mechanisms and Impacts of Earth System Tipping Elements - Wang - 2023 - Reviews of Geophysics - Wiley Online Library


Observed increases in North Atlantic tropical cyclone peak intensification rates | Scientific Reports


Overshooting the critical threshold for the Greenland ice sheet | Nature


Increasing wildfires threaten progress on halting deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia | Nature Ecology & Evolution



Bolivia forest fires shutter thousands of schools


Climate change exacerbates nutrient disparities from seafood | Nature Climate Change


COP28: Climate change is one of our biggest health threats – we face a staggering toll unless we act


Ditching 'degrowth': Bertrand Piccard calls for revamp of the climate lexicon | BusinessGreen Analysis


Extreme weather displaced 43m children in past six years, Unicef reports | Global development | The Guardian


Greatly enhanced risk to humans as a consequence of empirically determined lower moist heat stress tolerance | PNAS


How climate change is affecting the way we have babies


Matilda Lane-Rose: Why Australia’s answer to Greta Thunberg is facing years behind bars | SBS News


Opinion | The Pope’s Journey to Climate Outrage - The New York Times

These are the places that could become ‘unlivable’ as the Earth warms - The Washington Post


‘They challenged the Communist monopoly’: Vietnam regime turns on its climate champions | Vietnam | The Guardian


Time to treat the climate and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency | The BMJ


Young Europeans more likely to quit driving and have fewer children to save planet | Europe | The Guardian



Too wet

Death toll from flash floods in Indian Himalayas climbs to 74, rescue gathers pace | Reuters

Northeast India flood: Man-made disaster worsened by climate change — Radio Free Asia


Type of storm that drenched New York is up to 20% wetter due to climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Too dry

Drought turns Amazonian capital into climate dystopia | Amazon rainforest | The Guardian

Drought, migration and the fall of civilization: A cautionary tale | The Hill


Drying of Amazon could be early warning of ‘tipping point’ for the rainforest - Carbon Brief


Grand plan to drought-proof India could reduce rainfall


River interlinking alters land-atmosphere feedback and changes the Indian summer monsoon | Nature Communications


South American monsoon heading towards ‘tipping point’ likely to cause Amazon dieback | Amazon rainforest | The Guardian

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