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The 100 most crucial climate change news links from October 2022

News links for November

Business and Economics

Climate Activists Are Missing a Huge Source of Capital Driving Emissions - Bloomberg

Climate crisis study finds heatwaves have cost global economy $16tn | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Hurricane Ian’s Financial Toll Threatens Florida’s Real Estate Market - The New York Times

Munich Re to stop its backing for new oil, gas fields | AP News

The uninsurables: how storms and rising seas are making coastlines unliveable | Coastlines | The Guardian


A quarter of companies are “green hushing” their climate targets

European Airlines Misleading Fliers With Carbon-Neutral Claims, Research Finds - Yale E360

With Fossil Fuel Companies Facing Pressure to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Private Equity Is Buying Up Their Aging Oil, Gas and Coal Assets - Inside Climate News


Climate effects

Amount of ocean heat found to be accelerating and fuelling extreme weather events | Environment | The Guardian

Analysis: Africa’s unreported extreme weather in 2022 and climate change - Carbon Brief

Climate change drives rapid decadal acidification in the Arctic Ocean from 1994 to 2020 | Science

Climate change made 2022’s northern-hemisphere droughts ‘at least 20 times’ more likely - Carbon Brief

Emerging unprecedented lake ice loss in climate change projections | Nature Communications

Energy security: Extreme weather threat is as serious as Russia's invasion of Ukraine | New Scientist

Enhanced dust emission following large wildfires due to vegetation disturbance | Nature Geoscience

Invisible ship tracks show large cloud sensitivity to aerosol | Nature

Karachi: Fighting an unfolding climate apocalypse - Unbias The News

Melting Below the Pine Island Ice Shelf Minds the Gap - Eos

Ocean currents break up a tabular iceberg | Science Advances


Cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons

How the climate crisis is driving stronger storms further inland | Hurricane Ian | The Guardian

Increasing Hurricane Intensification Rate Near the US Atlantic Coast - Balaguru - 2022 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

To understand the scale of the climate emergency, look at hurricanes | Peter Kalmus | The Guardian

US Atlantic coast now a breeding ground for supercharged hurricanes – study | Hurricanes | The Guardian

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian already ranks among the top storms in U.S. history - The Washington Post

Hurricane Ian Is Florida’s ‘Oh Shit’ Climate Moment – Rolling Stone

Hurricane Ian is no anomaly. The climate crisis is making storms more powerful | Michael E Mann and Susan Joy Hassol | The Guardian

Hurricane Ian's rapid intensification signals climate change's impact - The Washington Post

Summary of impacts and devastation from Hurricane Ian, by the numbers - The Washington Post


Climate Change and Habitat Loss is Driving Some Primates Down From the Trees and Toward an Uncertain Future - Inside Climate News

Climate-mediated shifts in temperature fluctuations promote extinction risk | Nature Climate Change

Extreme escalation of heat failure rates in ectotherms with global warming | Nature

Insects will struggle to keep pace with global temperature rise – which could be bad news for humans


Rain, floods and hail

Chad climate disaster leaves record 2.1 million people hungry | Reuters

Floods inundate Australia as climate disasters continue to strike - The Washington Post

Nigeria floods: 'Overwhelming' disaster leaves more than 600 people dead - BBC News

Rarest rainfall events will see the greatest relative increase in magnitude under future climate change | Communications Earth & Environment

Study finds climate change is bringing more intense rains to U.S. - The Washington Post

The South Asia Monsoon Is Becoming More Extreme - The New York Times

UN: Flooding in west, central Africa displaced 3.4M people | AP News



Record leap in methane levels as greenhouse gases reach new highs in 2021 | The Independent

‘Monstrous’ east African oil project will emit vast amounts of carbon, data shows | Oil | The Guardian

‘Top 1%’ of emitters caused almost a quarter of global emissions since 1990 - Carbon Brief

Carbon emissions from energy to peak in 2025 in ‘historic turning point’, says IEA | Energy industry | The Guardian

'Dark data' is killing the planet – we need digital decarbonisation

Rain makes coal heavy, slippery and harder to dig up. So what does La Niña mean for this already disrupted industry?



High Sensitivity of Compound Drought and Heatwave Events to Global Warming in the Future - Zhang - 2022 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Carbon Capture Projects See Meteoric Growth in 2022 - Yale E360

Climate change: Can an enormous seaweed farm help curb it? - BBC News

Global forestation and deforestation affect remote climate via adjusted atmosphere and ocean circulation | Nature Communications

Limited climate change mitigation potential through forestation of the vast dryland regions | Science

Phantom Forests: Why Ambitious Tree Planting Projects Are Failing - Yale E360


Renewable energy

After Ukraine – The Great Clean Energy Acceleration | BloombergNEF

Energy loss is single biggest component of today’s electricity system » Yale Climate Connections

Go big or go green? The EU’s massively expanding hydrogen bet – POLITICO

Helsinki Utility Finds a Surprising Heat Source: Icy Seawater - Bloomberg

How to ensure the world's largest pumped-hydro dam isn't a disaster for Queensland's environment

Investigation: Does the UK's biomass burning help solve climate change? - Carbon Brief

Japan considers extending nuclear plants' life beyond 60 years - Nikkei | Reuters

Major energy step as new rooftop technology to deliver 50% more power than solar | Science | News |

‘Unproven’ small nuclear reactors would raise energy costs and delay renewable uptake, report says | Energy | The Guardian

The American EV boom is about to begin. Does the US have the power to charge it? | Electric, hybrid and low-emission cars | The Guardian

Done deal: Europe scraps the car engine – POLITICO


Solar power

Australian research finds cost-effective way to recycle solar panels | Recycling | The Guardian

Beam me down: can solar power from space help solve our energy needs? | Science | The Guardian

India's enormous solar park was meant to help poor communities. But it left the landless stricken

‘It’s got nasty’: the battle to build the US’s biggest solar power farm | Solar power | The Guardian

More Energy on Less Land: The Drive to Shrink Solar’s Footprint - Yale E360



Greta Thunberg and Björk Guðmundsdóttir in conversation - New Statesman

How climate change is forcing Kenyan women to leave their homes behind - Unearthed

Life Was Built Around Snow. What Happens When It Vanishes? - The New York Times

Loss and damage: What happens when climate change destroys lives and cultures? - Carbon Brief

‘Poor tropical regions’ suffer greatest economic damage from worsening heatwaves - Carbon Brief

Slow is Beautiful: The Need to Decelerate

Doctors decry 'record profits' for fossil fuel companies as climate change weighs on global health

Extreme heat waves are stunting kids’ growth in West Africa, study finds » Yale Climate Connections


Entertainment, arts, literature

The Climate Novelist Who Transcends Despair - The New York Times

TV Shows Are Starting to Reference Climate Change In Plots and Dialogue | Teen Vogue

On ‘ForeverAndEverNoMore,’ Brian Eno Sings for the End of the World - The New York Times

The Climate Book review: An essential guide to a better world | New Scientist


Food and crops

Australian wheat yields plummet after decades of global heating, study finds | Australia news | The Guardian

Warming reduces global agricultural production by decreasing cropping frequency and yields | Nature Climate Change

West Africa floods destroy crops, worsening hunger fears | AP News

Politics and International Cooperation

Loss and Damage

In Pivotal Climate Case, UN Panel Says Australia Violated Islanders’ Human Rights - Inside Climate News

COP27: Why is addressing ‘loss and damage’ crucial for climate justice? - Carbon Brief

Debt costs overshadow climate finance in small island states-report | Reuters


National progress on emissions

Fossil fuels: Is the world on track for moving past coal, oil and gas production? - Carbon Brief

Nations ‘nowhere near’ emissions cuts needed to avoid climate disaster, U.N. says - The Washington Post

State of Climate Action 2022 | World Resources Institute

New Zealand farmers hit streets to protest cow-burp tax plan | AP News

China needs $17 trillion in investments to meet climate goals, World Bank says | Reuters

European Commission aims to end secret system protecting fossil fuel holdings | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

France's president gave ordinary people the power to formulate national climate policies. He got more than he bargained for - ABC News

Italy’s Meloni aims to make climate change a right-wing issue – POLITICO


Science research

CMIP6: the next generation of climate models explained - Carbon Brief



Time Series | Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

UN emissions report: World falls ‘pitifully short’ of meeting climate goals - The Washington Post

UNEP: Meeting global climate goals now requires ‘rapid transformation of societies’ - Carbon Brief

World close to ‘irreversible’ climate breakdown, warn major studies | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Climate crisis: UN finds ‘no credible pathway to 1.5C in place’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Business and Economics
Climate effects
Cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons
Hurricane Ian
Rain, floods and hail
Renewable energy
Solar power
Entertainment, arts, literature
Food and crops
Politics and International Cooperation
Loss and Damage
National progress on emissions
Science research
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