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The 100 most crucial climate change news links

from April 2023

News links for May

Climate effects

Global warming is disrupting an Antarctic current

system that life on Earth relies on |



Cold weather


How Climate Change and the Polar Vortex

Influenced This Week’s Harsh Winter Storms -

Inside Climate News


‘Miraculous’ snowpack alone won’t save Great Salt Lake, but it’s a start - The Washington Post


Snow, floods and wildlife in peril: grueling winter leaves Yosemite scarred | California | The Guardian


What the science says about California’s record–setting snow


Drought and fire


A global transition to flash droughts under climate change | Science


Climate change making ‘flash droughts’ more common: study | The Hill


Climate models warn of possible ‘super El Niño’ before end of year | Australia weather | The Guardian


El Niño forecasting a hard task during unpredictable autumn, climate scientists say - ABC News


‘Flash’ droughts are besieging the planet | Science & Tech | EL PAÍS English


France heading towards worse summer drought than 2022, geological service says | Reuters


Tunisia drought threatens 'catastrophic' grain harvest


UN warns 'vampiric overconsumption' is draining world's water | Reuters


What happens when we run out of water? Thanks to climate change, a dystopian premise is coming true |


Wildfires ravage Spain's Asturias as temperatures hit record highs | Reuters




Continent-wide declines in shallow reef life over a decade of ocean warming | Nature


Okavango: In Africa's Okavango, oil drilling disrupts locals, nature - Times of India


Heat and melting ice


A quantitative analysis of marine heatwaves in response to rising sea surface temperature - ScienceDirect


Antarctic ice sheet retreat could happen faster than previously thought - The Washington Post


For Uganda’s Vanishing Glaciers, Time Is Running Out - Yale E360


‘Headed off the charts’: world’s ocean surface temperature hits record high | Oceans | The Guardian


Ice sheets can collapse at 600 metres a day, far faster than feared, study finds | Ice | The Guardian


Opinion | Trump's Indictment Was Not the Biggest Story of the Week | Common Dreams


‘Slipping through our fingers’: New Zealand scientists distraught at scale of glacier loss | New Zealand | The Guardian


​Rain, floods and cyclonic winds


After floods in California and Pakistan comes a scale for ‘atmospheric rivers’ | Extreme weather | The Guardian


At least 18 dead as tornadoes hit Arkansas, Illinois, central U.S. - The Washington Post


Climate change may drive more hurricanes towards the US east coast | New Scientist


Cyclone Ilsa hits Western Australia coast after setting wind speed record of 218kmh | Western Australia | The Guardian


Cyclone Ilsa just broke an Australian wind speed record. An expert explains why the science behind this is so complex


Foot of rain causes severe flooding in South Florida in ‘1-in-1,000 year event’ | Florida | The Guardian


‘Tornado alley’ is shifting farther into the US east, climate scientists warn | Tornadoes | The Guardian


‘Unprecedented’ Flooding In Australia Brings Crocodile Threat, Swimming Cows - Videos from The Weather Channel


Sea level rise


Global survey shows planners use widely varying sea-level rise projections for coastal adaptation | Communications Earth & Environment


Miami and New Orleans face greater sea-level threat than already feared | Sea level | The Guardian


Record rise in China's sea levels from global warming threatens coastal cities like Shanghai | CNN

Sea level rise along southern U.S. happening faster than previously thought - The Washington Post




Emissions from global electricity generation may have now peaked | New Scientist


G7 climate ministers drop language on growing LNG demand in draft | Reuters


Global banks pledged to cut emissions – but still invest billions on US gas exports | Gas | The Guardian


Greenhouse gas emissions rose at ‘alarming’ rate last year, US data shows | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Phaseout of coal power far too slow to avoid ‘climate chaos’, report finds | Coal | The Guardian


Record clean-power growth in 2023 to spark ‘new era’ of fossil fuel decline - Carbon Brief


Revealed: UAE plans huge oil and gas expansion as it hosts UN climate summit | Cop28 | The Guardian


What can be done to cut carbon emissions from aircraft contrails? | Air transport | The Guardian





Cleaner energy


Australia aims to boost critical minerals processing to hedge against China’s dominance | Energy | The Guardian


Biden to remake U.S. auto industry with toughest emissions limits ever - The Washington Post


Biden unveils push to send electric car sales into overdrive - POLITICO


Concentrated solar power is an old technology making a comeback. Here's how it works - ABC News


ICVCM - Build integrity and scale will follow


Japanese-funded $500m project to extract hydrogen from Victorian coal is at risk, sources say | Energy | The Guardian


Japan's Inpex says Australia risks unintended consequences as it 'quietly quits' LNG - ABC News


Meet the micro nuclear reactor company hoping to decarbonise UK manufacturing


Opinion | Before We Invest Billions in This Clean Fuel, Let’s Make Sure It’s Actually Clean - The New York Times


Small Modular Reactors: the last-chance saloon for the nuclear industry? | SGR: Responsible Science


Tesla's dominance fades as EV adoption grows


The Rising Chorus of Renewable Energy Skeptics - resilience


Value of Australian lithium exports tipped to match thermal coal in five years | Business | The Guardian




Carbon dioxide removal is not a current climate solution — we need to change the narrative


Cash, Cattle and the Gran Chaco: How financiers turned a blind eye to Paraguay’s deforestation crisis | Global Witness


 High economic costs of reduced carbon sinks and declining biome stability in Central American forests | Nature Communications


How plants react to climate change could make floods a whole lot worse - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


Q&A: What does the EU’s new deforestation law mean for climate and biodiversity? - Carbon Brief




Australia’s climate battle has moved on – leaving deniers behind | Michael Mann | The Guardian


Bubble trouble: Climate change is creating a huge and growing U.S. real estate bubble » Yale Climate Connections


Can Climate Change Make for Good TV? - The New York Times


Challenges resulting from urban density and climate change for the EU energy transition | Nature Energy


Climate change compounding inequalities faced by women in agriculture, FAO says - Carbon Brief

Climate emergency is the biggest health crisis of our time – bigger than Covid | Pascal Soriot | The Guardian


Climate is a key factor in Central American conflict


Climate misinformation group infiltrates convention of science teachers | The Independent


Eight things the world must do to avoid the worst of climate change | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Expect more home runs in baseball because of climate change | Grist


Forgotten food crops in sub-Saharan Africa for healthy diets in a changing climate | PNAS


How to fix the global rice crisis | The Economist


‘It’s my calling’: Mikaela Loach, rising star of the climate crisis campaign | Environment | The Guardian


Living with density: will Australia’s housing crisis finally change the way its cities work? | Urban planning | The Guardian


Low emissions wheat promises to slice the carbon footprint of bread | BusinessGreen News

Opinion: Spanish-language climate misinformation spreads like wildfire in U.S. - Los Angeles Times


UN chief Guterres says Somalia needs 'massive' humanitarian aid - The East African




Exxon climate boss sees a multi-trillion-dollar market


‘Gone wrong’: Doubts on carbon-credit program in Peru forest | AP News


Got the minerals? How Glencore's failed takeover reflects urgency of green push


'Incredibly Disturbing' Docs Reveal Oil Giant Shell Knew About Climate Impacts Even Earlier


Japan's three megabanks to face votes on climate change | Reuters


Quality standards to hold carbon offsetting industry to account | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian


Rise of the Climate Rating Agencies - The American Prospect


The Guardian view on carbon offsetting: an overhaul is overdue | Editorial | The Guardian


The real reason trucks have taken over U.S. roadways - The Washington Post

UN to start taking deep-sea mining applications this July | Reuters


Zurich Insurance becomes second firm to quit climate alliance | Reuters




International Cooperation


Africa needs a loss and damage fund, but with real vision


China and France: Combat climate change together - CGTN


Europe's green hydrogen rush in Africa risks energy 'cannibalisation'


First global water conference in 50 years yields hundreds of pledges, zero checks | United Nations | The Guardian


How Vanuatu’s Climate Campaign Could Save the World | The Nation


Japan wants G7 agreement to accelerate decarbonisation efforts | Reuters


Road-building spree will derail UK’s net zero targets, warn campaigners | Environment | The Guardian

Several countries in Latin America and Africa come together to restore rivers and lakes


The Carbon Brief Interview: ‘Loss-and-damage’ finance pioneer Robert Van Lierop - Carbon Brief



Science research


A Golden Spike Would Mark the Earth’s Next Epoch: But Where? - Yale E360


Carbon Brief’s definitive guide to the entire IPCC sixth assessment cycle - Carbon Brief


Carbon Dioxide as a Risky Asset by Adam Michael Bauer, Christian Proistosescu, Gernot Wagner :: SSRN


The Future of Supercells in the United States in: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Volume 104 Issue 1 (2023)

Cl Eff
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