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News links for March


Climate effects

Climate change-linked heat worsened Argentina drought impact, scientists say | Reuters

Global Warming Making India Vulnerable to Extreme Weather Events - Bloomberg

Wildfires burn Chilean forests, killing 23 – DW – 02/05/2023

Cold weather

A U.S. map of this winter's snowfall winners and losers - The Washington Post

Great Lakes ice cover at record low | The Hill

Mount Washington wind chill: Minus-108 at New Hampshire mountain lowest reported in US history - The Washington Post

Northeast sees coldest air, lowest wind chills in decades - The Washington Post

Recent Alps snow cover decline ‘unprecedented’ in past 600 years - Carbon Brief


Cacti replacing snow on Swiss mountainsides due to global heating | Plants | The Guardian

Climate change disrupts core habitats of marine species - Hodapp - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

How climate change is forcing animals that mate for life to break up | New Scientist

Increased dominance of heat-tolerant symbionts creates resilient coral reefs in near-term ocean warming | PNAS


Big Heat Hits Antarctica -

Climate study using AI finds critical warming limits closer than thought

Guest post: The causes and impacts of Pacific north-west’s brutal 2021 heatwave - Carbon Brief

Melting ice

Antarctic Researchers Report an Extraordinary Marine Heatwave That Could Threaten Antarctica’s Ice Shelves - Inside Climate News

Antarctic shelf ocean warming and sea ice melt affected by projected El Niño changes | Nature Climate Change

Antarctica's Thwaites glacier at mercy of sea warmth increase - BBC News

Arctic warming contributes to increase in Northeast Pacific marine heatwave days over the past decades | Communications Earth & Environment

Floating ice around Antarctica just hit a record low – for the second time in two years - The Washington Post

Less extreme and earlier outbursts of ice-dammed lakes since 1900 | Nature

Sea ice in Antarctic at record low: US data center

Stronger El Niño events may speed up irreversible melting of Antarctic ice, research finds | El Niño southern oscillation | The Guardian

Suppressed basal melting in the eastern Thwaites Glacier grounding zone | Nature

Rain, floods and cyclonic winds

European tree-ring isotopes indicate unusual recent hydroclimate | Communications Earth & Environment

How India is battling deadly rain storms as climate change bites

In Madagascar, tropical Cyclone Freddy makes landfall

New Zealand cyclone death toll up to 8, expected to rise | Reuters

South Africa declares national state of disaster over floods | Reuters

Three dozen dead as Brazil rains cause calamity | Reuters

Three-decade assessment of dry and wet spells change across Iran, a fingerprint of climate change | Scientific Reports

Sea level rise

Future sea-level projections with a coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice-sheet model | Nature Communications

Rising seas threaten ‘mass exodus on a biblical scale’, UN chief warns | Sea level | The Guardian

Sea Level Rise Could Drive 1 in 10 People from Their Homes, with Dangerous Implications for International Peace, UN Secretary General Warns - Inside Climate News

Thwaites Glacier studies add to concerns about rapid sea level rise

UN chief: Rising seas risk 'death sentence' for some nations | AP News


99 percent of US coal plants are more expensive than new renewables would be: report | The Hill

Are the oil majors destined for extinction?

CFCs in the atmosphere have hit record highs, new study shows

EU to ban fossil fuel cars, slash truck and bus emissions

Feed the World Without Fertilizer? Why Crop Nutrients Are Suddenly Political - Bloomberg

Global increase of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons from 2010 to 2020 | Nature Geoscience

How heat pumps of the 1800s are becoming the technology of the future » Yale Climate Connections

Just How Good for the Planet Is That Big Electric Pickup Truck? - The New York Times

‘Monster profits’ for energy giants reveal a self-destructive fossil fuel resurgence | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

Renewables will be world's top electricity source within three years, IEA data reveals - Carbon Brief

The race across Europe to build green steel plants - BBC News

Wind and solar were EU’s top electricity source in 2022 for first time ever - Carbon Brief


60 Scientists Call for Accelerated Research Into ‘Solar Radiation Management’ That Could Temporarily Mask Global Warming - Inside Climate News


2023: A watershed year for action on deforestation | Forest 500

Carbon dioxide removal is not a current climate solution — we need to change the narrative

Comment: We can help African countries hold onto their forests, and at low cost | Reuters

Extensive global wetland loss over the past three centuries | Nature

Genetically Modified Trees Planted in U.S. Forest for First Time - The New York Times

Guest post: Intensive, lower-carbon animal farming could raise pandemic risks - Carbon Brief

How culling Australia's feral water buffalo could help tackle climate change

Lula's Amazon pledge looks distant as Brazil battles deforestation | Reuters

Meet the people safeguarding the sacred forests and lagoons of West Africa : The Picture Show : NPR

Potential of land-based climate change mitigation strategies on abandoned cropland | Communications Earth & Environment

The role of rice cultivation in changes in atmospheric methane concentration and the Global Methane Pledge - Wang - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Tropical forests face ‘substantial carbon loss’ as humid areas contract - Carbon Brief


Climate change crisis goes critical - The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

Corporate Pledges to Fight Climate Change Are Falling Way Short. America’s Culture War Isn’t Helping - Inside Climate News

Do people yet to be born have climate change rights? - BBC Future

How Climate Change Is Spreading Malaria in Africa - The New York Times

In “The Darkness Manifesto,” Johan Eklöf Asks Humans to Dim the Lights - The New York Times

Mycelium Youth Network aims to empower young people on climate change » Yale Climate Connections

Spain’s prized jamón ibérico under threat from climate crisis | Spain | The Guardian

The power of love in the fight against climate change » Yale Climate Connections

‘We create changemakers’: the new UK college dedicated to climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

What are 15-minute cities? The truth about the plans popping up from Oxford all the way to Melbourne - The Big Issue

What’s a Climate ‘Doom Loop?’ These Researchers Fear We’re Heading Into One - Inside Climate News

Where more people will die — and live — because of hotter temperatures - Washington Post


Cooling cities through urban green infrastructure: a health impact assessment of European cities - The Lancet

ICAR develops wheat that can beat the heat | India News,The Indian Express

Less than half of global cost of climate disasters insured, broker Gallagher Re says | Reuters


'Mired in ambiguity': Why pressure is mounting on corporates to fill the gaps in their net zero plans | BusinessGreen News Analysis

“Our burgers eat carbon”: Investigating the discourses of corporate net-zero commitments - ScienceDirect

Pursuing economic growth will kill us all in the end | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Shell directors personally sued over ‘flawed’ climate strategy | Oil | The Guardian

The world won’t decarbonise fast enough unless renewables make real money | The Economist

We don't need 'miracle' green technologies to save the planet | New Scientist

World’s biggest investment fund warns directors to tackle climate crisis or face sack | Sovereign wealth funds | The Guardian


International Cooperation

EU climate czar: Putin's war accelerated green transition | AP News

EU sets out rules for green hydrogen – inviting promise and peril

Fossil fuel companies won’t save us from climate change. We need governments to step up | Adam Morton | The Guardian

Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Hit Record $1 Trillion in 2022, IEA Says - Bloomberg

Guest post: How quickly does the world need to ‘phase down’ all fossil fuels? - Carbon Brief

How Scotland pays back for Malawi climate damage - BBC News

Impact of climate change on output and inflation in Africa’s largest economies: Climate and Development: Vol 0, No 0

India: Denmark backs India's push to phase out all fossil fuels - The Economic Times

New Zealand plans to tax agricultural emissions, in world-first plan - Washington Post

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework: Business as usual or a turning point? - ScienceDirect

UAE minister calls for "phase out" of oil and gas

Who Pays the Bill for Climate Change? - The New York Times

World Bank President, Dogged by Climate Questions, Will Step Down Early - The New York Times

WTO: Carbon border rules protectionist and discriminatory: India to WTO - The Economic Times

Science research

'Blue marble': how half a century of climate change has altered the face of the Earth

Scientists Examine Dangerous Global Warming ‘Accelerators’ - Inside Climate News

The Climate Response to the Mt. Pinatubo Eruption Does Not Constrain Climate Sensitivity - Pauling - 2023 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

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The 100 most crucial climate change news links from February 2023

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