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The 100 most crucial climate change news links

from May 2023

News links for June

Climate effects

As Ocean Oxygen Levels Dip, Fish Face an

Uncertain Future - Yale E360


Climate change is making crabs lose their sense

of smell — and seafood may never be the

same |


Five of Africa’s top 30 deadliest weather disasters have occurred since 2022 » Yale Climate Connections


‘No one saw this level of devastation coming’: climate crisis worsens in Somalia | Global development | The Guardian


Remember amid the headlines: there's no such thing as a “natural” disaster | African Arguments


The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns - Yale E360


UN agency: 2M killed, $4.3 trillion in damages from extreme weather over past half-century | AP News


Drought and fire


Agricultural drought in the Horn of Africa was due to climate change: Scientists - Farmers Review Africa


At least 21 dead as wildfires rage across Urals and Siberia | Wildfires | The Guardian


Climate Change Made East African Drought 100 Times as Likely, Study Finds - The New York Times


Drought in Horn of Africa would not have occurred without climate change – World Weather Attribution

Global projections of flash drought show increased risk in a warming climate | Communications Earth & Environment


Nova Scotia officials declare emergency over rare and ‘very aggressive’ wildfires | Canada | The Guardian


Opinion | There’s No Escape From Wildfire Smoke - The New York Times


Wildfires Burn Nearly 1 Million Acres in Western Canada - The New York Times




All birds are shrinking — but small birds are shrinking fastest | The Hill


An epic global study of moss reveals it is far more vital to Earth's ecosystems than we knew


Frogs in Puerto Rico croak at a higher pitch due to global heating | Amphibians | The Guardian


Glacier retreat reorganizes river habitats leaving refugia for Alpine invertebrate biodiversity poorly protected | Nature Ecology & Evolution


Melting glaciers in Alps threaten biodiversity of invertebrates, says study | Invertebrates | The Guardian


Prepare for plant pandemics


Why the climate crisis is making our insects run for the hills | Insects | The Guardian


El Nino and La Nina


Global heating has likely made El Niños and La Niñas more ‘frequent and extreme’, new study shows | Climate crisis | The Guardian

El Nino on the way, could wipe out $3 trillion of world economy | Business Insider India


El Niño and La Niña have become more extreme and frequent because of climate change, study finds - ABC News


Heat and melting ice


15 million people at risk globally from glacial lake dam bursts, study finds » Yale Climate Connections


April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Asia's April heatwaves were '30 times more likely' because of climate change, scientists say | Reuters


Climate change: life in ocean ‘twilight zone' at risk from warming - BBC News


Global warming to bring record hot year by 2028 – probably our first above 1.5°C limit


India scorched by extreme heat with monsoon rains delayed | AP News


Oceanic mesoscale eddies as crucial drivers of global marine heatwaves | Nature Communications


Record low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign the ocean's role as climate regulator is changing


Svalbard: the Arctic islands where we can see the future of global heating | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Vietnam and Laos record hottest temperatures ever as heat wave grips Southeast Asia | CNN


Warming-stoked tides eating huge holes in Greenland glacier | AP News


Western-Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate change - Carbon Brief

California’s coastline cliffs are crumbling faster than expected - The Washington Post


Heavy rain, floods kill at least 136 in Rwanda and Uganda | Reuters


Ocean currents


Antarctic alarm bells: observations reveal deep ocean currents are slowing earlier than predicted


New Research Sparks Concerns That Ocean Circulation Will Collapse - Yale E360


Recent reduced abyssal overturning and ventilation in the Australian Antarctic Basin | Nature Climate Change


Rain, floods and cyclonic winds


Cyclone Mocha, North Indian Ocean’s strongest storm on record, hits Myanmar » Yale Climate Connections


Death toll from the floods in eastern DRC reaches nearly 400 | Africanews


Death toll mounts in Italy’s worst flooding for 100 years | Italy | The Guardian

Italy's deadly floods just latest example of climate change's all-or-nothing weather extremes | AP News


‘The city was underwater’: quarter of a million Somalis flee flooded homes | Somalia | The Guardian


The U.S. hasn't seen an EF5 tornado in almost 10 years. What's going on? » Yale Climate Connections





Eleven Chemical Plants in China and One in the U.S. Emit a Climate Super-Pollutant Called Nitrous Oxide That’s 273 Times More Potent Than Carbon Dioxide - Inside Climate News


Financiers' move away from coal is accelerating, report says | Reuters


How a campaign to keep fossil fuels underground is gaining traction | New Scientist


‘Mind-boggling’ methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed | Turkmenistan | The Guardian


Montreal Protocol has slowed loss of Arctic sea ice, say scientists - Carbon Brief


World not ready yet to 'switch off' fossil fuels, COP28 host UAE says | Reuters



EU Parliament votes to clamp down on carbon neutral claims, early obsolescence –


Cleaner energy


As the Harms of Hydropower Dams Become Clearer, Some Activists Ask, 'Is It Time to Remove Them?' - Inside Climate News


E-fuels: how big a niche can they carve out for cars? | Automotive industry | The Guardian

Explained: Climate change, earthquakes and hydropower in the Himalayas


Geosolar engineering, vizualized and explained - The Washington Post


How solar farms took over the California desert: ‘An oasis has become a dead sea’ | California | The Guardian


Lab-grown meat could be 25 times worse for the climate than beef | New Scientist


Quest for coveted EV battery metals yields misery in Guinea - Washington Post




Basin-wide variation in tree hydraulic safety margins predicts the carbon balance of Amazon forests | Nature


Factbox: Debt-for-nature swaps swell in climate finance response | Reuters


Finland Drained Its Peatlands. He’s Helping Bring Them Back - Yale E360


How an indigenous group is keeping Indonesia’s rainforest alive - The Washington Post


Indigenous Lands with secure land-tenure can reduce forest-loss in deforestation hotspots - ScienceDirect


Key UN panel casts doubt on future of carbon removal tech


U.N. slams carbon removal as unproven and risky - E&E News




Carbon Removal Projects Leap Forward With New Offset Deal. Will They Actually Help the Climate? - Inside Climate News


CEO of biggest carbon credit certifier to resign after claims offsets worthless | Carbon offsetting | The Guardian


To offset or inset emissions? Australian farmers are ‘flying blind in a low-carbon world’ | Gabrielle Chan | The Guardian


‘Worthless’: Chevron’s carbon offsets are mostly junk and some may harm, research says | Climate crisis | The Guardian





Climate crisis deniers target scientists for vicious abuse on Musk’s Twitter | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Comparing the carbon footprint of private jets to owning pets is a waste of time


Faster and faster: The pace of climate change keeps surprising us - resilience


Father challenges BP at meeting after son's death - BBC News


Heat-Related Prison Deaths Are Rising Due to Climate Change | Time


‘Highwater,’ the new video game that immerses players in a dystopian world ravaged by climate change » Yale Climate Connections


Humanity's tipping point? How the Queen's death stole a climate warning's thunder


Last Earth Day, Wynn Bruce Set Himself on Fire Outside the Supreme Court. I Tried to Understand Why - Inside Climate News


‘Not just a problem of science’: how the environmental crisis is also cultural | Art | The Guardian


Proudly Mad: exploring mental health and the climate emergency with Charlie Hertzog Young — ACCIDENTAL GODS


The people living ultra low-carbon lifestyles - BBC Future


What ‘The Simpsons’ taught '90s kids about climate change » Yale Climate Connections


Why climate change is costing you precious hours of sleep - The Washington Post


Why is extreme weather killing fewer people? - BBC News


Food and famine


Extreme rainfall could lead to 'big disaster' for rice yield in China | New Scientist


Fungal attacks threaten global food supply, say experts | Fungi | The Guardian


Hunger & misery in Balochistan: climate change takes a toll


Seaweed could avert food crisis caused by extreme weather | Environment | The Guardian

Yes, the climate crisis is raising your grocery bills | Suzi Kerr | The Guardian



‘Don’t F&*! The Planet’: Atlassian issues net zero guide for companies cutting climate impact | Environment | The Guardian


Fossil Fuel Companies Should Pay Trillions in ‘Climate Reparations,’ New Study Argues - Inside Climate News

Global transportation infrastructure exposure to the change of precipitation in a warmer world | Nature Communications


How the Bezos Earth Fund Spends Its Billions - Bloomberg



International Cooperation


African Development Bank 2023 Annual Meetings: African Development Bank chief says dearth of climate finance flows “choking” Africa | African Development Bank - Building today, a better Africa tomorrow


As Asian heatwaves require burning more fossil fuels, fears of a slower transition grow | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Cracks emerging in Europe's united front to battle climate change | AP News

‘Green colonialism’: Indigenous world leaders warn over west’s climate strategy | Indigenous peoples | The Guardian


Saudi Arabia addresses climate change – with help from oil industry -


UN conference raises less than $1 billion for climate-wracked Horn of Africa in major disappointment | AP News

Science research


How Extreme Heat Causes Cascading Crises - The New York Times


Safe and just Earth system boundaries | Nature


Scientists warn climate crisis could trigger giant killer tsunamis resulting in ‘huge loss of life’ | The Independent


Two trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases, 25 billion nukes of heat: are we pushing Earth out of the Goldilocks zone?

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