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Photo by Valdemaras D.

N e w s    f o r   J u n e   2 0 2 1

The 30 most crucial climate change news links from May 2021

A brief guide to the impacts of climate change on food production » Yale Climate Connections


Airlines must reduce emissions instead of offsetting, say experts | Carbon offsetting | The Guardian


Antarctic ‘doomsday glacier’ may be melting faster than was thought | Glaciers | The Guardian


Artists chronicle climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic » Yale Climate Connections


Climate disasters ‘caused more internal displacement than war’ in 2020 | Global development | The Guardian


Coal Is Set to Roar Back, and So Are Its Climate Risks - The New York Times


Devastating disease in dolphins linked to extreme downpours, researcher says » Yale Climate Connections


Extreme Heat Risks May Be Widely Underestimated and Sometimes Left Out of Major Climate Reports - Inside Climate News


Fewer deep cyclones projected for the midlatitudes in a warming climate, but with more intense rainfall - IOPscience


Greek environmentalists fear windfarm scars on mountain forests | Reuters


Greenland ice sheet on brink of major tipping point, says study | Glaciers | The Guardian


Guest post: Lessons learned from five years of extreme weather ‘rapid attribution’ | Carbon Brief


How debt-for-climate swaps can help fund the energy transition


Mohamed Nasheed: The Maldives' climate visionary a bomb couldn’t stop - Climate & Capital Media


Monsoon changes threaten Asia and warn the world | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Nations Must Drop Fossil Fuels, Fast, World Energy Body Warns - The New York Times


Opinion | We’re Not Ready for the Next Big Climate Disasters - The New York Times


Rapid heating of Indian Ocean worsening cyclones, say scientists | Climate change | The Guardian


Rich nations’ climate targets will mean global heating of 2.4C – study | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian


Satellites reveal ocean currents are getting stronger, with potentially significant implications for climate change


Silent calamity: The health impacts of wildfire smoke » Yale Climate Connections


The climate crisis requires a new culture and politics, not just new tech | Peter Sutoris | The Guardian


The earliest East Pacific tropical storm on record, Andres, formed Sunday  


The International Energy Agency Issues a Landmark Statement About Fossil Fuels | The New Yorker


The United States owes a massive climate debt. One way to pay it: Let in climate migrants. | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


The young people taking their countries to court over climate inaction | Environment | The Guardian


‘Uncertainty is not our friend’: Scientists are still struggling to understand the sea level risks posed by Antarctica - The Washington Post


Using hydrogen fuel risks locking in reliance on fossil fuels, researchers warn | Hydrogen power | The Guardian


War footing needed to correct economists climate change failings


What would happen to the climate if we reforested the entire tropics?


Why is it raining so hard? Global warming is delivering heavier downpours » Yale Climate Connections


From May 2021

This month perhaps marked the return of klimarealität (you heard it here first folks) after a brief flirtation among the climascenti (sorry) ... a brief flirtation with positivity.


We were regaled with news about the increasing nudity of the world’s whitest places, uncertainty about the stability of Antarctica’s über-glaciers, sweat-inducing stories from Greenland’s hitherto impregnable ice cap, and of course, more unwelcome reminders of the slow death of the montane glaciers.


News off the sea was not heartwarming either. We were troubled to hear that it’s raining harder, the Asian monsoon is changing in threatening ways, Indian Ocean cyclones are worsening, and cyclones of the midlatitudes will bring more intense rainfall. Then right on cue come the first tranche of the monsters, with young Andres           (off Mexico) brazenly making history               as the earliest East Pacific tropical                        storm on record”.


But! Your                             favourite International Agency you’d forgotten existed (the Energy one) brightened us all by announcing the End of the World (or the beginning of the next one depending on whether you’re a dinosaur or a human). Fossil fuels, they declared, must go. Like, not just take a back seat or be a bit discreet, but GO!

Photo by Valdemaras D.

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