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The 100 most crucial climate change news links

from June 2023

News links for July

Acceleration and

the hope-doom schism

Ecological doom-loops: Why ecosystem collapses

may occur much sooner than expected

From the oceans to ‘net zero’ targets, we’re in

denial about the climate crisis |

Adam Morton | The Guardian

Global Heat Records Are Falling. A Little Panic

Might Be in Order. - The Washington Post

Is climate change outpacing our ability to predict extreme heatwaves?

James Hansen Warns of a Short-Term Climate Shock Bringing 2 Degrees of Warming by 2050 - Inside Climate News

The Rising Chorus of Renewable Energy Skeptics | The Tyee

UN Chief: World Needs to Wake Up to Impending Climate Disaster

We Can See Clearly Now - by Bill McKibben

Drought, fire and wet-dry intensification

Air pollution in US from wildfire smoke is worst in recent recorded history | Air pollution | The Guardian

California wildfires are nearly all due to climate change, study says

Canada’s wildfire carbon emissions hit record high in first six months of 2023 | Canada | The Guardian

Canadian wildfires have ushered in a new fire era, the ‘Pyrocene’ - The Washington Post

‘Drought is on the verge of becoming the next pandemic’ | Water | The Guardian

Indonesia braces for forest fires, crop loss from severe dry season | Reuters

Many Future Storms May Dump 50% More Rain, Overwhelming City Drains - The New York Times

Ecology, farming and natural sinks

Amazon deforestation has begun to slow since Lula took over in Brazil | New Scientist

Blue carbon: could a solution to the climate challenge be buried in the depths of fiords?

Climate change: Deforestation surges despite pledges - BBC News

Earth is 'really quite sick now' and in danger zone in nearly all ecological ways, study says | AP News

Hidden carbon: Fungi and their 'necromass' absorb one-third of the carbon emitted by burning fossil fuels every year

Rewetting England’s lowland peat could help meet emissions target, says study | Environment | The Guardian

The world's fish are shrinking as the climate warms. We're trying to figure out why

Wildfires across Canada have emitted record-breaking amounts of carbon | New Scientist

Heat, ice and oceans

A Summer Without Arctic Sea Ice Could Come a Decade Sooner Than Expected - The New York Times

Chinese cities break heat records, stressing electricity grid | Reuters

Global ocean temperatures hit record level for April and May | The Independent

‘It’s absolutely guaranteed’: the best and worst case scenarios for sea level rise | Sea level | The Guardian

May Ocean Temperatures Hottest on Record, NOAA Reports - The New York Times

Meltwater is hydro-fracking Greenland’s ice sheet through millions of hairline cracks – destabilizing its internal structure

Nearly 100 die as India struggles with a sweltering heat wave in two most populous states - The Globe and Mail

Opinion | The Ocean Is Looking More Menacing - The New York Times

Rising seas have flooded this Lagos town three times. It may not survive a fourth | Nigeria | The Guardian

Siberia swelters in record-breaking temperatures amid its 'worst heat wave in history' | CNN

Spain weathers scorching temperatures as heatwaves become more frequent | Reuters

The 'harshest heat wave' in its history caught Southeast Asia off guard | CNN

The Mercury is Off the Charts - by Bill McKibben

Too late now to save Arctic summer ice, climate scientists find | Climate crisis | The Guardian

‘Unheard of’ marine heatwave off UK and Irish coasts poses serious threat | Marine life | The Guardian

Why 40°C is bearable in a desert but lethal in the tropics

Rain, snow and wind

Brazil: 11 dead and 20 missing after cyclone strikes in south | Brazil | The Guardian

Extreme, destructive rain is becoming more common in the US. Here’s where - The Washington Post

How climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous » Yale Climate Connections

Warming causes more extreme rain, not snow, over mountains. Scientists say that’s a problem | AP News

Why Cyclone Biparjoy is a rude global warming reminder - India Today

Climate – general

Amount of warming triggering carbon dioxide in air hits new peak, growing at near-record fast rate

As temperatures increase, India's solar sector feels the heat

NOAA says El Niño is back; scientists project record heat, extreme weather - The Washington Post

What is El Nino and how it impacts the monsoon | Explained News, The Indian Express


Concrete has a huge impact on climate. Why is it so hard to fix? - The Washington Post

Exclusive: Accounting for war - Ukraine's climate fallout | Reuters

Gas prices rise on surging summer demand for air conditioning

How $4trn of global road projects threaten net-zero pledges

In Uganda, a recent ban on charcoal making disrupts a lucrative but destructive business - ABC News

Renewables growth did not dent fossil fuel dominance in 2022, report says | Reuters

Ships to use propellers that mimic whale tails to cut carbon emissions

Turkmenistan moves towards plugging massive methane leaks | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

Mitigation and adaptation

Analysis: Asia heatwaves put renewable power fleet to the test | Reuters

China's installed non-fossil fuel electricity capacity exceeds 50% of total | Reuters

Climate Change: Get Ready for Carbon Capture's Second Coming - Bloomberg

EU doubles firefighting fleet in preparation for climate change impacts | Reuters

Europe’s sleeper train awakens – POLITICO

Explainer: Why the wind power industry has hit turbulence | Reuters

Opinion | The Climate Solution That’s Horrible for the Climate - The New York Times

Why the U.S. Electric Grid Isn’t Ready for the Energy Transition - The New York Times


A couple’s quixotic quest to save their drowning island – one rock at a time | Florida | The Guardian

 By fighting the ozone hole, we accidentally saved ourselves » Yale Climate Connections

Climate Crisis Has Stranded 600 Million Outside Most Livable Environment — ProPublica

Climate crisis: rich nations undermining work to help poor countries, research suggests | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Global warming is disrupting humanity’s ‘Goldilocks zone’ on Earth » Yale Climate Connections

How climate change is raising the cost of food - CBS News

Increasing heat is already a factor in human migration – new study

Iowa meteorologist Chris Gloninger steps down after receiving threats - The Washington Post

It's not just climate – we've already breached most of the Earth's limits. A safer, fairer future means treading lightly

Nervous flyers face ‘stuff of nightmares’ with severe turbulence on the rise

Business, politics and international relations

Climate change is fueling an insurance crisis. There’s no easy fix. - The Washington Post

‘Climate change poses biggest threat to security in Indian Ocean’ - The Hindu

Explainer: How can climate finance be increased from 'billions to trillions'? - Carbon Brief

Global initiative launched to rate corporate carbon offset claims | Reuters

Guest post: New indicators will track climate change between IPCC reports - Carbon Brief

Japan 'left behind' by world over its lack of climate change measures - The Mainichi

‘No bullshit,’ Germany is failing on climate change, says vice chancellor – POLITICO

Paris climate finance summit fails to deliver debt forgiveness plan | Debt relief | The Guardian

Policy Watch: World dangerously lagging on plugging methane emissions | Reuters

Political scientist: ‘Climate change will make us adopt conservative reflexes’ –

Q&A: How the EU wants to race to net-zero with ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’ - Carbon Brief

Reintroduction of endangered vulture in Spain paused over planned windfarm | Spain | The Guardian

The hard right and climate catastrophe are intimately linked. This is how | George Monbiot | The Guardian

US climate change lawsuit seeks $50 billion, citing 2021 heat wave | Reuters

Vast fossil fuel and farming subsidies causing ‘environmental havoc’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian

West Africa: NGO Raises Alarm in Sahel As Conflict, Climate Change Claim More Victims -

World Bank offers developing countries debt pauses if hit by climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Peer-reviewed science

BG - The potential of an increased deciduous forest fraction to mitigate the effects of heat extremes in Europe

Loss and damage finance should apply to biodiversity loss | Nature Ecology & Evolution

Rapid Decadal Acceleration of Sea Level Rise along the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts during 2010–22 and Its Impact on Hurricane-Induced Storm Surge in: Journal of Climate Volume 36 Issue 13 (2023)

Safe and just Earth system boundaries | Nature

The Impact of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection on Extreme Fire Weather Risk - Touma - 2023 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Historical DNA reveals climate adaptation in an endangered songbird | Nature Climate Change

A warming-induced reduction in snow fraction amplifies rainfall extremes | Nature

Changes in global food consumption increase GHG emissions despite efficiency gains along global supply chains | Nature Food

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