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The 30 most crucial climate change news links from June 2021


‘The water is coming’: Florida Keys faces stark reality as seas rise | Florida | The Guardian

A Million Years of Data Confirms: Monsoons Are Likely to Get Worse - The New York Times

Arctic sea ice thinning twice as fast as thought, study finds | Arctic | The Guardian

Canada is a warning: more and more of the world will soon be too hot for humans | Simon Lewis | The Guardian

Congo’s latest killer is the climate crisis. Inaction is unthinkable | Vava Tampa | The Guardian

Cooling effect of clouds ‘underestimated’ by climate models, says new study | Carbon Brief

Crushing climate impacts to hit sooner than feared: draft UN report

Developer officially cancels Keystone XL pipeline project blocked by Biden | Reuters

Emergence of seasonal delay of tropical rainfall during 1979–2019 | Nature Climate Change

Global warming below 1.7°C is 'not plausible', reveals our study of the social drivers of decarbonisation

Historic heatwave, extreme drought and wildfires plague American west | Climate crisis in the American west | The Guardian

How green bottlenecks threaten the clean energy business | The Economist

Ice-shelf retreat drives recent Pine Island Glacier speedup | Science Advances

Indigenous peoples urge Harvard to scrap solar geoengineering project | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

IPCC steps up warning on climate tipping points in leaked draft report | Climate change | The Guardian

It’s time to nationalize Shell. Private oil companies are no longer fit for purpose | Johanna Bozuwa and Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò | The Guardian


Stories from June 2021

The first month of the boreal winter was tragically one for the record books, with astounding heat events in Europe, Russia and North America dominating the news there (though less so elsewhere).


June’s apotheosis came in the last few days of the month when the mountain town of Lytton, British Columbia, Canada experienced an unthinkable 49.6°C.


Meanwhile extreme drought ravages the American west, not to mention the large Indian Ocean nation of Madagascar, while a study landed that finds that over the last four decades the onset of “tropical rainfall” was delayed, yet monsoons are “likely to get worse”.


Not unexpectedly we must drearily relay the information that Arctic sea ice situation is bad, badder than previously expected, and that the monster in the Antarctic basement with the incongruous name, Pine Island Glacier, is being enabled by the slow fading of its supporting ice shelf.

From the world of humans comes further news that many movers and shakers are getting the message. Multinational CEOs have become greenies,

the Keystone XL                                           pipeline has caved,                                                             pressure on the coal industry                                                     continues, and calls mount                                                             for the national-                                                                        ization

of oil                                                                        companies.

Sometimes there                        is not much positive news but this month                       we found these heartwarmers:                    It seems clouds cool us more than we                             thought. And Russian forest sequesters more carbon than we thought. There. Just for you. You’re welcome.

Oh, and action continued on the part of millions of wonderful, concerned (frightened) people including those ultimate dispensers of peer-reviewed info, the IPCC, who released a draft report which noted, among other things, that severe climate impacts will hit sooner than expected. And that climate tipping points actually are, it seems, really serious. No, make that ummm, cataclysmic.

Limited potential for bird migration to disperse plants to cooler latitudes | Nature


Multinational CEOs petition world leaders to 'supercharge' climate action | News |


Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

'No longer any realistic chance of an orderly transition': Risk experts urge investors to brace for turbulence

Non-fungible tokens aren’t a harmless digital fad – they’re a disaster for our planet | Adam Greenfield | The Guardian

Records crumble in Europe, Russia amid scorching heat wave - The Washington Post

Reinsurers look at dumping coal from bulk-buy policies in green gambit | Reuters

Russian forest sequesters substantially more carbon than previously reported | Scientific Reports

Severity of drought and heatwave crop losses tripled over the last five decades in Europe - IOPscience

Should tree invasions be used in treeless ecosystems to mitigate climate change? - Nuñez - - Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment - Wiley Online Library

The amount of heat the Earth traps has doubled since 2005, NASA says - The Washington Post

The impact of climate change on the productivity of conservation agriculture | Nature Climate Change

UN blasts world leaders for failing to seal £72bn-a-year deal on climate | Cop26: Glasgow climate change conference 2021 | The Guardian

What if American Democracy Fails the Climate Crisis? - The New York Times

World must rewild on massive scale to heal nature and climate, says UN | Environment | The Guardian

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