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The 100 most crucial climate change news links from November 2022  

News links for December


Climate effects

Australia faces worsening extreme weather events latest BoM and CSIRO climate report finds | Australia weather | The Guardian

‘In Delhi I can see the climate catastrophe unfolding before my eyes’ | Delhi | The Guardian

Climate crisis will bring more and worse tropical cyclones to Australia’s east coast, study predicts | Australia weather | The Guardian

Ocean currents show global intensification of weak tropical cyclones | Nature

West Africa’s deadly rainfall in 2022 made ‘80 times more likely’ by climate change - Carbon Brief

2021 North American heatwave amplified by climate change-driven nonlinear interactions | Nature Climate Change

Europe is the world's fastest-warming continent, UN finds


Drought and desertification

Can the Rhine River Be Saved From Climate Change? - The New York Times

Senegal to receive aid payouts from drought insurance - spokesperson | Reuters

The US megadrought won't just end – it will change the land forever | New Scientist



Record heat over Great Barrier Reef raises fears of second summer of coral bleaching | Great Barrier Reef | The Guardian

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef should be on ‘in danger’ list: UN | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

Antarctica is changing, and wildlife and weeds could be on the way - ABC News


Drivers and implications of the extreme 2022 wildfire season in Southwest Europe - ScienceDirect

Drought, Fire, Insects Destroyed Nearly a Third of Southern Sierra Nevada Forest in Last Decade - Yale E360

Early snowmelt and polar jet dynamics co-influence recent extreme Siberian fire seasons | Science

Unprecedented fire activity above the Arctic Circle linked to rising temperatures | Science



A Massive Freshwater River Is Flowing Under Antarctica’s Ice | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Extensive inland thinning and speed-up of Northeast Greenland Ice Stream | Nature

Huge glacier melt and fast rising seas amid hottest eight years on record – WMO -

Kenya’s rapidly vanishing glaciers are a harbinger of what is to come - Washington Post


Sea level rise

How do we mourn an island? Where do we mark its grave? | Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner | The Guardian

How to move a country: Fiji’s radical plan to escape rising sea levels | Climate crisis | The Guardian

‘It takes more and more’: Camargue under threat from rising seas – photo essay | France | The Guardian


Water cycle changes

Climate change will clearly disrupt El Niño and La Niña this decade – 40 years earlier than we thought

Deforestation Drives Desiccation in Global Monsoon Region - Liang - 2022 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Emergence of changing Central-Pacific and Eastern-Pacific El Niño-Southern Oscillation in a warming climate | Nature Communications

Explainer: Why are West and Central Africa's floods so devastating this year? | Reuters

Intensification of subhourly heavy rainfall | Science

Think storms are getting worse? Rapid rain bursts in Sydney have become at least 40% more intense in 2 decades

Unusually warm lakes lead to mammoth snowfall » Yale Climate Connections



Global carbon emissions at record levels with no signs of shrinking, new data shows. Humanity has a monumental task ahead

In-depth: Russia’s war means fossil fuels will peak within five years, IEA says - Carbon Brief

Oil and gas greenhouse emissions ‘three times higher’ than producers claim | Climate crisis | The Guardian

World making little progress on food waste, a big climate problem | Reuters

World’s biggest carmakers to build 400m more vehicles than 1.5C climate target will allow | Electric vehicles | The Guardian

Bankers pour cold water on red hot coal | Reuters

World's dash for natural gas endangers climate goals -report | Reuters




As reefs die from climate change, a coral gardener in Asia draws a following - The Washington Post

Livestock is a form of climate justice in the Global South | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera

Protected areas provide thermal buffer against climate change | Science Advances



Climate pledges depend too much on natural carbon sinks -report | Reuters

Fighting Climate Change, Indigenous People Protect Canadian Forests - The New York Times

Guest post: Discovering a potential ‘tipping point’ for Congo’s tropical peatland - Carbon Brief

Nepal Fights Deforestation, and Wins - The New York Times

Norway-backed fund to protect Amazon to restart early 2023 - Norwegian minister | Reuters

The Amazon forest is reaching a tipping point and starting to collapse - Washington Post

‘It all hinges on the herders’: world’s largest soil carbon removal project enlists Kenyan pastoralists | Global development | The Guardian

EU readies certification of carbon removals to help tackle climate change –

Dimming the Sun to Cool the Planet Is a Desperate Idea, Yet We’re Inching Toward It | The New Yorker

Australia risks being a ‘state sponsoring greenwashing’ if it relies on carbon offsets, expert warns | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

Climate change could dry up hydropower in some regions » Yale Climate Connections


Barcelona students to take mandatory climate crisis module from 2024 | Barcelona | The Guardian

Factbox: The newest fronts in climate-change-related legal battles | Reuters

Religious leaders join world-first inter-faith ceremony on climate change -

What “longtermism” gets wrong about climate change - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Who should say how climate change affects severe weather? : NPR

‘Life Brought Me Here.’ Madagascar Adapts to a Changing Climate - The New York Times

Climate Change and Human Activity Erode Egypt’s Treasured Antiquities - The New York Times

In Mongolia, climate crisis threatens herding traditions | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

At COP 27, an artist asks attendees to feel climate change — literally - The Washington Post

Explainer: How can climate finance be increased from 'billions to trillions'? - Carbon Brief

Can the world feed 8bn people sustainably? | Global development | The Guardian

Climate change forces Thai farmers off rice fields

After the deluge — cascading effects of extreme weather on human health » Yale Climate Connections

More than half of infectious diseases may be aggravated by climate change » Yale Climate Connections


Politics and International Cooperation

Treaty against fossil fuels floated at UN climate summit | AP News

New U.S. message on climate change: Make China pay - POLITICO


COP 27

Barbados PM launches blistering attack on rich nations at Cop27 climate talks | Cop27 | The Guardian

COP27 delivers climate fund breakthrough at cost of progress on emissions | Reuters

Cop27: coral conservation groups alarmed over ‘catastrophic losses’ | Cop27 | The Guardian

COP27: Increasing climate finance crucial to bring about sustainable transformation of agrifood systems

COP27: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Sharm el-Sheikh - Carbon Brief

EU: COP27 agreement 'not enough' for the planet – DW – 11/20/2022

The big takeaway from Cop27? These climate conferences just aren’t working | Bill McGuire | The Guardian

US receives stinging criticism at Cop27 despite China’s growing emissions | Cop27 | The Guardian

The 1.5C climate target is dead – to prevent total catastrophe, Cop27 must admit it | Bill McGuire | The Guardian

The world is going to miss the totemic 1.5°C climate target | The Economist


Loss and Damage

Africa is being devastated by a climate crisis it didn’t cause. Cop27 must help | Amina J Mohammed | The Guardian

Column: The complex calculus of apportioning CO2 emissions liability: Maguire | Reuters

How to Pay for Climate Justice When Polluters Have All the Money | The New Yorker

Incremental win: The Hindu Editorial on ‘Loss and Damage’ fund commitment at COP27 - The Hindu

National progress on emissions

At COP27, Brazil's Lula vows to be a global climate leader - The Washington Post

Biden released a “nature-based-solutions” climate roadmap at COP27. What is that? - Vox

Countries vowed to try to ramp up climate pledges this year. Very few have. - Washington Post

The Paris Agreement Is Working … For Now - The Atlantic

U.S., Japan and partners mobilise $20 billion to move Indonesia away from coal | Reuters

Cracking down on greenwashing in a country where fossil fuels are officially “carbon neutral”

Column: China’s fast-growing renewables limit coal generation | Reuters

Science research

Advance Media Copy – State of the Cryosphere Report 2022 – ICCI – International Cryosphere Climate Initiative

Are general circulation models obsolete? | PNAS

Climate and socioeconomic drivers of biomass burning and carbon emissions from fires in tropical dry forests: A Pantropical analysis - Corona‐Núñez - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

ESSD - Global Carbon Budget 2022

Aerosols must be included in climate risk assessments

Evaluating the Performance of Past Climate Model Projections - Hausfather - 2020 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library



If we keep abusing nature it will collapse, taking us with it. We need a new mindset | Christiana Figueres | The Guardian

Science Day at COP27 Shows That Climate Talks Aren’t Keeping Pace With Planetary Physics - Inside Climate News

Why scientists are using the word scary over the climate crisis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

World has nine years to avert catastrophic global warming, study shows - The Washington Post

Climate effects
Drought and desertification
Sea level rise
Water cycle changes
Politics and international cooperation
COP 27
Lossand damage
National progresson emissions
Science research
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