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The 100 most crucial climate change news links

News links for August

Acceleration and the hope-doom schism

Bloomberg Evening Briefing: Accelerating Global Warming Narrows Choices - Bloomberg


Climate crisis deepens with El Niño | The Saturday Paper


Climate nears point of no return as land, sea temperatures break records, experts say | Reuters


Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory - scientists - BBC News


Could Climate Change Be More Extreme Than We Think? - The Atlantic


Earth shatters heat records, faces uncharted extreme weather - The Washington Post


‘Era of global boiling has arrived,’ says UN chief as July set to be hottest month on record | Climate science | The Guardian


Extreme weather: the climate crisis in four charts | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Long La Niña events could rise in frequency as the planet warms


Melting Arctic glaciers are triggering the release of methane - The Washington Post


‘No one wants to be right about this’: climate scientists’ horror and exasperation as global predictions play out | Climate experts | The Guardian


Texas heat wave means life revolves around access to air conditioning - The Washington Post


The Earth Is Dancing Too Close to a Temperature Tipping Point - The Washington Post


UN says climate change ‘out of control’ after likely hottest week on record | Climate crisis | The Guardian


‘We are damned fools’: scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come | Climate crisis | The Guardian


What frightens me about the climate crisis is we don’t know how bad things really are | Roger Harrabin | The Guardian


Will El Niño on top of global heating create the perfect climate storm? | Climate crisis | The Guardian



Business, politics and international relations


Climate Change Costs Balloon As Wildfires, Floods Intensify


Earth needs a world climate crisis organisation, says eminent scientist | The Independent


I thought fossil fuel firms could change. I was wrong | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera


Is China really leading the clean energy revolution? Not exactly | Li Shuo | The Guardian


Italian media more focused on foreign coverage of heatwave than its effects | Italy | The Guardian


‘It’s brutal’: Europeans tell of sleepless nights and dizzy spells in heatwave | Extreme weather | The Guardian


Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’ - POLITICO Magazine


The Economic Cost of Houston’s Heat: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore’ - WSJ


World Bank’s ‘Paris Alignment’ could add fuel to the climate crisis




Drought and desertification

Anthropogenic warming has exacerbated droughts in southern Europe since the 1850s | Communications Earth & Environment


Morocco's centuries-old irrigation system under threat from climate change


‘Swallowed by the sand’: Somalia’s coastal towns succumb to the desert | Global development | The Guardian




Earth’s Fever


Acropolis closes to protect tourists as Greece faces unprecedented heatwave | Greece | The Guardian


Deadly global heatwaves undeniably result of climate crisis, scientists show | Climate science | The Guardian


Death Valley approaches global heat record as US reels from extreme weather | Extreme weather | The Guardian


Florida ocean records ‘unprecedented’ temperatures similar to a hot tub | Florida | The Guardian


Heat Records Broken Across Earth - The New York Times


Heatwave last summer killed 61,000 people in Europe, research finds | Climate crisis | The Guardian


‘Hell on earth’: Phoenix’s extreme heatwave tests the limits of survival | Arizona | The Guardian


Hot streak: US heatwaves lasting longer as record temperatures bake south-west | US news | The Guardian


Hottest June kills UK fish and threatens insects - BBC News


How we know the Earth is now the hottest in thousands of years - The Washington Post


Ice core from secret US Army base reveals dramatic historical Greenland ice-sheet melting - ABC News


Inside China's Experiment to Save a Melting Glacier - Bloomberg


Scientists sound alarm over ‘unheard of’ conditions off the coast of England: ‘We could see mass mortality’


Strike threats in Italy and stoppages in Greece as workers struggle with heat | Europe | The Guardian




Ecology, farming and natural sinks


Analyzing Mass Timber's Climate Impact | World Resources Institute


Indigenous rangers eye carbon market to tackle 'worst' problem of feral buffalo in Arnhem Land - ABC News


Mosquito days and malaria cases are likely to rise as climate warms - The Washington Post


Saguaro cacti collapsing in Arizona extreme heat, scientist says | Reuters





Big oil quietly walks back on climate pledges as global heat records tumble | US news | The Guardian


Europe should cap ‘luxury’ energy use to meet emissions targets, study says | Energy | The Guardian


Leaks Can Make Natural Gas as Bad as Coal for Climate, Study Says - The New York Times


New North Sea oil and gas licences will send ‘wrecking ball’ through climate commitments | Fossil fuels | The Guardian


New research reaffirms hydrogen’s impact on the climate, provides consensus


Plastic production creating greenhouse gases 'equal to 5.7m cars', conservation groups say - ABC News


U.S. heat waves prompt surge in use of natural gas, a fossil fuel - The Washington Post


Food and crops


Rampant heatwaves threaten food security of entire planet, scientists warn | Food security | The Guardian


Scientists Raise Alarm Over Risk of 'Synchronized' Global Crop Failures


Soaring temperatures and food prices threaten violent unrest


With our food systems on the verge of collapse, it’s the plutocrats v life on Earth | George Monbiot | The Guardian




Ice and oceans


Antarctic sea ice levels dive in 'five-sigma event', as experts flag worsening consequences for planet - ABC News


Arctic permafrost runoff driven by climate change


Greenland melted some 416,000 years ago, shows high risk of causing sea level rise today


Gulf stream could collapse as early as 2025, study suggests | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Hurricanes found to push warm water deep into ocean, impacting climate in distant locales


Oceans are growing hotter, triggering global weather disasters


‘Something weird is going on’: search for answers as Antarctic sea ice stays at historic lows | Antarctica | The Guardian


World’s oceans changing colour due to climate breakdown, study suggests | Oceans | The Guardian




Mitigation and adaptation


China accused of scores of abuses linked to ‘green mineral’ mining | China | The Guardian


Engineering the climate could cost us the earth


Giant kites could pull ships across the ocean – and slash their carbon emissions | CNN


Opinion | China reaches warp speed on renewables and electric vehicles - The Washington Post


The carbon costs of global wood harvests | Nature


Tiny forests are springing up in urban areas to combat climate change. This one measures just 10m x 10m - ABC News




Pyrocene Chronicles


Canada Offers Lesson in the Economic Toll of Climate Change - The New York Times


‘Fighting a losing battle’: waves of wildfires leave Canada’s volunteer firefighters drained | Canada wildfires | The Guardian


Greece ‘at war with fire’ amid chaotic evacuation of tourists from Rhodes | Greece | The Guardian


Greece carries out its biggest ever evacuation as wildfires rage on Rhodes | Greece | The Guardian


Is paradise being lost? Raging wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes gives southern Europe a terrifying glimpse into the future - ABC News


Southern Europe and north Africa count heavy cost of wildfires | Wildfires | The Guardian


Welcome to the Pyrocene – The fiery world we've created | Grist




Rain and flood

Asia floods: Death toll climbs in severe monsoon season - BBC News


At least 50 dead in Pakistan monsoon floods since end of June | Pakistan | The Guardian


Canada’s heaviest rains in 40 years block roads and cut power for thousands | Canada | The Guardian


‘Heaviest rain ever’ causes deadly floods and landslides in Japan | Japan | The Guardian


Pennsylvania flash flood: five people killed and two children missing | Pennsylvania | The Guardian


South Korea floods: president urges climate crisis action as death toll hits 40 | South Korea | The Guardian


The Trillion-Gallon Question: What if California’s Dams Fail? - The New York Times




As heat records break, the climate movement has the right answers – but the words are all wrong | Jonathan Freedland | The Guardian


Climate grief is real – and I cannot keep watching images of our dying planet | David Shearman | The Guardian


Climate scientist Maisa Rojas: ‘I have a mandate to be part of Chile’s first ecological, feminist government’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian


Florida rocked by home insurance crisis: ‘I may have to sell up and move’ | Florida | The Guardian


Future generations will regard climate inaction like sending children up chimneys, says Wildlife Trusts chief


Global hunger enters a grim ‘new normal,’ United Nations says - The Washington Post


Green revolution: how I learned to be an eco warrior, one step at a time | Environment | The Guardian


‘It’s positive, not apocalyptic’: can climate change art help save the planet? | Art | The Guardian


‘Everyone is indoors’: life on pause on hottest day of Greek heatwave | Greece | The Guardian


Pascal Soriot of AstraZeneca: ‘The climate crisis is a health crisis’ | AstraZeneca | The Guardian


To Save the Planet, Should We Really Be Moving Slower? | The New Yorker


Why are people dying at sea? They are fleeing disasters that we once called ‘biblical’, and now call normal | Fatima Bhutto | The Guardian


Why aren’t we more scared of the climate crisis? It’s complicated | Climate crisis | The Guardian


‘Your heart races a bit’: US weather man threatened with death for mentioning climate crisis | US weather | The Guardian

Food and crops

from July 2023

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