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  The 100 most crucial climate change news links from July 2022  

News links for August


As North Carolina warms, one farm is turning to a tropical crop: Taro | Grist

Can we hack DNA in plants to help fight climate change? | National Geographic

London Shows How Unprepared Northern Cities Are for a Warmer World - The New York Times

Misplaced positivity on climate is harmful. Preparing for breakdown could help. - Resilience

UK is no longer a cold country and must adapt to heat, say climate scientists | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Vast sand scheme to protect Norfolk coast - BBC News

Business and Industry

Limits to economic growth | Nature Physics

What’s really behind the failure of green capitalism? | Adrienne Buller | The Guardian

What’s worse for the planet than millions of vans delivering shopping? Millions of vans delivering air | Waste | The Guardian

Republicans threaten Wall Street over climate positions - The Washington Post

Climate effects

China's summer of extreme heat and rainfall highlights threats of climate change - CNN

U.S. plan to avoid extreme climate change is running out of time - The Washington Post

More extensive land loss expected on coastal deltas due to rivers jumping course during sea-level rise | PNAS

What happens to roads, bridges and railways in extreme heat - The Washington Post

Potential impacts of climate change on agriculture and fisheries production in 72 tropical coastal communities | Nature Communications



Afghanistan is facing a climate calamity – it’s time the world took notice | Shadi Khan Saif | The Guardian

Aridification kills civilizations. Is California next? - Los Angeles Times

Climate change killed 40 million Australian mangroves in 2015. Here's why they'll probably never grow back

More than 200 people die as drought ravages northeast Uganda | Reuters

Spain and Portugal suffering driest climate for 1,200 years, research shows | Climate crisis | The Guardian



A limit on the evolutionary rescue of an Antarctic bacterium from rising temperatures

Big fish sightings are spiking. Climate change may be the cause. - The Washington Post

Increasing climatic decoupling of bird abundances and distributions | Nature Ecology & Evolution

Minnesotans help trees migrate north » Yale Climate Connections

Natural systems in Australia are unravelling. If they collapse, human society could too

What happens if the world gets too hot for animals to survive? - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists



Firefighters tackle southern Europe wildfires as heatwave passes 45C | Europe | The Guardian

I’ve fought wildfires for decades. None of it prepared me for the UK infernos this week | Tim Green | The Guardian

Thousands evacuated as wildfires sweep across western Europe | Wildfires | The Guardian

A conversation with a poet whose home burned to the ground » Yale Climate Connections

‘It goes up like tinder’: unprecedented blazes envelop Alaska | Alaska | The Guardian



Extreme heat around the world in videos, photos and graphics | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Heat waves 2022: Records shattered from Japan to Italy

NASA: June 2022 tied as Earth’s warmest June on record » Yale Climate Connections

Hotter, Longer and More Widespread Heat Waves Scorch China - The New York Times


Heat – Europe  

Accelerated western European heatwave trends linked to more-persistent double jets over Eurasia | Nature Communications

Climate breakdown made UK heatwave 10 times more likely, study finds | Extreme weather | The Guardian

Day of 40C shocks scientists as UK heat record ‘absolutely obliterated’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Europe Seeing More Heat Waves Than Other Parts of the World - The New York Times

Europe’s record summer of heat and fires – visualised | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Freezing point climbs to record high above Swiss Alpine summits | Climate crisis | The Guardian

How likely would Britain's 40°C heatwave have been without climate change?

Temperatures of 40C in the UK ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change -


Heat – North America

Alarm as fastest growing US cities risk becoming unlivable from climate crisis | US weather | The Guardian

North-eastern US endures record-breaking heat | US weather | The Guardian

Summer in America is becoming hotter, longer and more dangerous - The Washington Post


Rain, floods and hail

Climate change could cause heavier rainfall on volcanoes | New Scientist

‘Every year it gets worse’: on the frontline of the climate crisis in Bangladesh | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Extreme rainfall will be worse and more frequent than we thought, according to new studies | Grist

Flood, Evacuate, Rinse, Repeat: A Relentless Pattern Batters Australia - The New York Times

With Epic Flooding in Eastern Kentucky, the State’s Governor Wants to Know ‘Why We Keep Getting Hit’ - Inside Climate News



Amsterdam Schiphol: The First Airport to Limit Flights to Combat Climate Change

Climate protestors block airport for private jets and helicopters in ritzy Hamptons | The Independent

Chinese court rules bitcoin mining harms the climate

Declines in soil carbon storage under no tillage can be alleviated in the long run - ScienceDirect

Q&A: What does the world’s reliance on fertilisers mean for climate change? - Carbon Brief

Fossil gas: a bridge to nowhere / Climate Analytics

Methane much more sensitive to global heating than previously thought – study | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian



Congo oil blocks auction draws warnings of environmental catastrophe | Reuters

‘People are waking up’: fight widens to stop new North Sea fossil fuel drilling | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years | Fossil fuels | The Guardian



Carbon-Reduction Plans Rely on Tech That Doesn't Exist - Scientific American

Gas giant Chevron falls further behind on carbon capture targets for Gorgon gasfield | Carbon capture and storage (CCS) | The Guardian

Nature-based solutions: How can they work for climate, biodiversity and people? - Carbon Brief

Where New Forests Are Growing | World Resources Institute


Sebastian Vettel reveals climate crisis fears influenced his F1 retirement | Sebastian Vettel | The Guardian

The Energy Transition Runs Into a Ditch in Rural Ohio - Inside Climate News

Climate change will make it harder for world’s poorest to migrate, study says - Carbon Brief

How hot is too hot for the human body? Our lab found heat + humidity gets dangerous faster than many people realize

Indonesian islanders sue cement producer for climate damages | Indonesia | The Guardian

How Climate Change Is Impacting Food Supply Chain Trends | Time

Severe drought could cancel out gains in EU food production –



Extreme weather is Earth's 'chorus of anguish', Pope says | Reuters

How US and UK faith communities are addressing global warming » Yale Climate Connections

Massive divestment from fossil fuels by faith organizations - Vatican News



Art, science and a reef made of sugar: an exploration of climate change | Art | The Guardian

TV to the rescue! The small screen’s battle to save the planet | Television | The Guardian

UK heatwave: Weather forecasters report unprecedented trolling - BBC News

Why Comic Books Could Be A Powerful Weapon In The Climate Fight

Politics and International Cooperation

Climate aid, war fallout feature at Berlin climate talks | AP News

Humanity faces ‘collective suicide’ over climate crisis, warns UN chief | Climate crisis | The Guardian

The IPCC has highlighted the Caribbean’s vulnerability to climate change: what does this mean for climate justice? / Climate Analytics


National progress on emissions

Progress since COP26: Climate leaders paint gloomy picture

Canada becomes first country to issue climate income cheques

Green groups blast Europe for labeling LNG, nuclear power ‘sustainable’ | The Hill

Biden Announces Plans to Deal With Climate ‘Emergency’ - The New York Times

The Supreme Court Rules Against the E.P.A., Climate Sanity, and Physics | The New Yorker

Pacific Islands are back on the map, and climate action is not negotiable for would-be allies


China progress

China coal plant approvals surge as energy security trumps climate - Greenpeace | Reuters

China urges U.S. to fulfill climate duties after Supreme Court ruling | Reuters

Guest post: Will China’s new renewable energy plan lead to an early emissions peak? - Carbon Brief

Science research

Annual report 2020-2021 / Climate Analytics

How well have CMIP3, CMIP5 and CMIP6 future climate projections portrayed the recently observed warming | Scientific Reports

In a paradox, cleaner air is now adding to global warming | Science | AAAS

Science offers basis for national climate damage claims -study | Reuters

We studied how the Antarctic ice sheet advanced and retreated over 10,000 years. It holds warnings for the future

Widespread wildfires over the western United States in 2020 linked to emissions reductions during COVID‐19 - Ren - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library



No time for complacency: without closing the 2030 gap, net zero targets cannot prevent severe climate impacts / Climate Analytics

Recklessness defined: breaking 6 of 9 planetary boundaries of safety » Yale Climate Connections

The nexus between the climate change and democracy crises » Yale Climate Connections

Climate Change Isn’t a Threat Multiplier. It’s the Main Threat. - Defense One

Climate effects
Heat - Europe
Heat - North America
Rain, floods andhail
National Progrss
China Progress
Science research
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