Negative emissions: Links for ...[month]... 2019

Natural sources and sinks: The science of sequestration

Negative emissions technologies: How scaleable are they?

Geo-engineering: Unlatching 

Pandora’s box

Sources and sinks: Agriculture

Photo Attributions

Negative emissions: Photo by: USDA NRCS South Dakota

Natural Sources and Sinks: Photo by: Daniela 

Negative emissions technologies: Photo by: Tengrrl 

Geo-engineering: Photo by: Beth Scupham

Oceans and more: Photo by: Amy Meredith

Vegetation: Photo by: Mike Goren

Agriculture: Photo by: flöschen

Academic articles: Photo by: National Park Service

Sources and sinks: Vegetation

Sources and sinks: Oceans and more

Sources and sinks: Academic articles

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