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Climate change news for Sunday 6th of May 2018

Photo: Supplied: Mike Hulme

Damaged brand? / Science can't solve climate change — better politics can, former IPCC scientist says   ABC News


"Professor Hulme... is not convinced that the Paris deal will work. In fact, he said he thought... that rallying cries to "save the planet by limiting global warming to 2 degrees" could distract us..."

Photo credit:  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

U.S. / Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency Is on the Verge of 'Regulatory Capture', Study Says   Inside Climate News


"When EPA decisions are based on industry priorities instead of public interest, it's regulatory capture. Researchers say industry has more sway now than with Reagan"

Photo credit: Elomatic Oy/NYK

Shipping emissions / Future sailors: what will ships look like in 30 years?   The Guardian

"Watch out for the return of the sailing ship...the race is on to find new technologies that can green the 50,000-strong global shipping fleet. Wind power is one of the options being discussed"







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