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People: Links for May 2019


Civil action: The resistance begins

ABC [Australia]   Protesters disrupt Brexit debate by baring bottoms over inaction on climate change

Atlantic   Photos: Climate-Change Protests Around the World

CNN   Climate protests this week caused major disruption. That was the point.

Eco-Business   Climate science supports youth protests

France 24   Tens of thousands protest climate change in Switzerland

Global Citizen   12 Female Climate Activists Who Are Saving the Planet

Guardian   ‘I would go to prison’: the ordinary people getting arrested for Extinction Rebellion

Guardian   A lawyer set himself on fire to protest climate change. Did anyone care?

Guardian   Battle of Waterloo Bridge: a week of Extinction Rebellion protests

Guardian   Extinction Rebellion arrests pass 1,000 on eighth day of protests

Guardian   Extinction Rebellion is leading a new, youthful politics that will change Britain

Guardian   Greta Thunberg is right – only a general strike will force action on climate change

Guardian   How the symbol for extinction became this generation’s peace sign

Guardian   Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse


Guardian   The Extinction Rebellion scorecard: what did it achieve?

Guardian   The Guardian view on Greta Thunberg: seizing the future

Guardian   We are not yet doomed: the carbon cutters determined to save the world

i-D   does the climate change movement have a class problem?

INews   The lineup of those attacking Greta Thunberg will only make you like her more

New Republic   The Green New Deal Fan on Fox News Wasn’t a Random Diner. He’s a Climate Activist.

New Yorker   The Renegade Nuns Who Took On a Pipeline

Reuters   Eiffel Tower goes dark for Earth Hour

The Hill   Obama praises youth climate activists: 'The sooner you start, the better

Thomson Reuters Foundation   'The stakes are too high': Christian faithful take up climate protest

USA Today   These grandparents are dropping everything to fight climate change

Vox   Why the climate protests that disrupted London were different

Wiley/Climate Change   Promises and risks of nonstate action in climate and sustainability governance


Politics: Will government save us?

Politics of assorted national governments

United States politics

Axios   Renewable energy mandates are costly climate policies

Axios   Renewable energy mandates are costly climate policies

BusinessGreen   The climate tragedy of Brexit

Climate Home News   We need a Green New Deal for Europe

E&E News   Wanted: 'Legion of lawyers' to fight climate change

EOS   Rising Methane Emissions Could Derail the Paris Agreement

Euractiv   Stiglitz urges joint EU-China trade sanctions against the US on climate change

Guardian   Politicians’ reluctance on climate change is bizarre – action would not only be right but popular

Guardian   It's time for nations to unite around an International Green New Deal

Inside Climate News   New York City Sets Ambitious Climate Rules for Its Biggest Emitters: Buildings

The Hill   Bloomberg donates $5.5 million to fill in Paris agreement gap

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   Global Rules Mask the Mitigation Challenge Facing Developing Countries

Wiley/AGU100/Geophysical Research Letters   Assessing Contributions of Major Emitters' Paris‐Era Decisions to Future Temperature Extremes

Wiley/Climate Change   On the use and misuse of climate change projections in international development

BBC   Climate strike: What is a climate emergency?

Climate Home News   EU, China agree to work together on clean energy

Euractiv   Climate change will be key issue in EU elections, poll shows

Guardian   ‘Historic breakthrough’: Norway’s giant oil fund dives into renewables

Guardian   ‘It’s no longer free to pollute’: Canada imposes carbon tax on four provinces

Guardian   Labour endorses Extinction Rebellion activists after week of protest

Guardian   Politicians’ reluctance on climate change is bizarre – action would not only be right but popular

Guardian [UK]   Corbyn launches bid to declare a national climate emergency

Inside Climate News   Canada’s Tar Sands Province Elects a Combative New Leader Promising Oil & Pipeline Revival


Reuters   Britain must commit to carbon capture to meet climate goals - lawmakers

Telegraph [UK]   Green Party membership soars in Germany as young take a stand against populism

Wiley/Climate Change   The overlooked role of discourse in breaking carbon lock‐in: The case of the German energy transition

ABC [Australia]   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's controversial Green New Deal is America's most ambitious — and criticised — climate policy to date

Axios   Inside Americans' growing fear of a warm planet

CNBC   Ocasio-Cortez slams critics who would wait on climate action as having 'privileged and removed-from-reality attitude'

Guardian   Climate change group scrapped by Trump reassembles to issue warning

Guardian   Fiscally-conservative Democrats have declared war on the Green New Deal

Guardian   The young Republicans breaking with their party over climate change

The Hill   Bipartisan senators want 'highest possible' funding for carbon capture technology

The Hill   Bloomberg donates $5.5 million to fill in Paris agreement gap

Yale   Climate change poses security risks, according to decades of intelligence reports

Yale   Should a Green New Deal include nuclear power?

Photo Attributions

People: Photo by: Takver

Public viewpoints: Photo by: Ivy Dawned

Civil action: Photo by: Takver

Human suffering: Photo by: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Politics: Photo by: Falcon® Photography 

Adaptation: Photo by: U.S. Mission Uganda/Flickr

Other stories: Photo by: Michael Coghlan

Hunger, diet and health: Photo by: Cait

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