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Negative emissions: Links for May 2019

Photo Attributions

Oceans and more: Photo by: Amy Meredith

Vegetation: Photo by: Mike Goren

Agriculture: Photo by: flöschen

Academic articles: Photo by: National Park Service


Sources and sinks: Academic articles

IOP Science/Environmental Research Letters   Carbon emissions from cropland expansion in the United States

Nature   High carbon emissions from thermokarst lakes of Western Siberia

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   Detection of Fossil and Biogenic Methane at Regional Scales Using Atmospheric Radiocarbon

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   The response of permafrost and high latitude ecosystems under large scale stratospheric aerosol injection and its termination

Wiley/Global Change Biology   A critical review of the impacts of cover crops on nitrogen leaching, net greenhouse gas balance and crop productivity

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Aquatic carbon fluxes dampen the overall variation of net ecosystem productivity in the Amazon basin: An analysis of the interannual variability in the boundless carbon cycle

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Carbon budgets of wetland ecosystems in China

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Carbon consequences of drought differ in forests that resprout

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Radiative forcing of methane fluxes offsets net carbon dioxide uptake for a tropical flooded forest

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Soil aggregates as biogeochemical reactors: Not a way forward in the research on soil‐atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases

Wiley/Global Change Biology   The climate sensitivity of carbon, timber, and species richness co‐varies with forest age in boreal‐temperate North America

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Warming impacts on boreal fen CO2 exchange under wet and dry conditions

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