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On adaptation, migration and farming

‘Overwhelming and terrifying’: the rise of climate anxiety | Climate change | The Guardian

Fortress Charleston: Will Walling Off the City Hold Back the Waters? - Yale E360

Depth‐dependent soil organic carbon dynamics of croplands across the Chengdu Plain of China from the 1980s to the 2010s - Li - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Most climate and agriculture research has focused on crops, not the people who pick them | Anthropocene

Injecting bacteria into rice paddies could reduce methane by over 90% | Anthropocene

Latest / Climate Analytics

Amidst food system shocks, we must ensure weather index insurance reaches the most vulnerable | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Learning and sharing is key to climate adaptation and resilience building

Indigenous Solutions to Climate Crisis Could Lie in Archaeology - EcoWatch

People of Colour Experience Climate Grief More Deeply Than White People - VICE

Global patterns and controlling factors of soil nitrification rate - Li - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Early vigour in wheat: Could it lead to more severe terminal drought stress under elevated atmospheric [CO2] and semi‐arid conditions? - Bourgault - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Atlantic hurricane season forecast to be unusually active - The Washington Post

Cyclone Amphan death toll: More than 85 dead in India, Bangladesh - The Washington Post

Incorporating climate change adaptation into marine protected area planning - Wilson - 2020 - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Coral reefs that glow bright neon during bleaching offer hope for recovery – new study

To grow tea in a changing climate, growers may need to plan decades in advance » Yale Climate Connections

Cyclone Amphan: Victim feels ′abandoned′ by international community | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 26.05.2020

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