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Weather Whiplash: Links for June 2019

Forecast: miserable:

Extreme precipitation

Axios   Historic flooding swamps Oklahoma, Arkansas as storms prove relentless

Bloomberg   Unending Midwest Rains Add to Wettest 12 Months Ever in U.S.

CBC   Updated flood plain maps will send the housing market underwater: Neil Macdonald

Citylab   In a Town Shaped by Water, the River Is Winning

Climate and Atmospheric Science   Persistent cloud cover over mega-cities linked to surface heat release

Climate Central   POURING IT ON: How Climate Change Intensifies Heavy Rain Events

EcoWatch   Every Oklahoma County Under State of Emergency as Historically Wet Spring Continues

EcoWatch   Tornadoes Hit Unusually Wide Swaths of U.S., Alarming Climate Scientists

Forbes   Climate Change and Tornadoes - A Succinct Guide To What We Know

Geophysical Research Letters   Intensification of the North American Monsoon rainfall as observed from a long‐term high‐density gauge network

Guardian   Canada: extreme floods show climate threat as experts warn of further tumult

New Republic   Fire Forced Me From My Home. Then Water Trapped Me There.

NOAA   Could climate change make Atlantic hurricanes worse?

NOAA   Warming may increase risk of rapidly intensifying hurricanes along U.S. East Coast

NPR   When '1-In-100-Year' Floods Happen Often, What Should You Call Them?

Severe Weather Europe   Thunderstorms far inside the Arctic circle – May 12th, 2019!

The Conversation   Freak mud flows threaten our water supplies, and climate change is raising the risk

Washington Post   The United States just had its wettest 12 months on record. It’s nearly drought-free, but flooding is rampant.

Weather Underground   Wettest 12 Months in U.S. History

West Side Journal   Mississippi River breaks record set by Great Flood of 1927

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   How do modeling decisions affect the spread among hydrologic climate change projections? Exploring a large ensemble of simulations across a diversity of hydroclimates

Wiley/AGU100/Geophysical Research Letters   An Observational Constraint on CMIP5 Projections of the East African Long Rains and Southern Indian Ocean Warming

Yale   Torrential rains plague Pennsylvania farms

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Photo Attributions

Headline photo by: Nic Redhead / Flickr

Drought: Tim J Keegan / Flickr

Forecast: Miserable: Akuppa John Wigham / Flickr

Global Heating: Dennis Jernberg Flickr

Weather Whiplash: texaus1 / Flickr

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