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People: Links for June 2019


Civil action: The resistance begins

Axios   Greta Thunberg named one of TIME's "Next Generation Leaders"

BBC   Climate activism failing to represent BAME groups, say campaigners

BBC   Nord Stream 2: Climate activists get into gas pipeline in Germany

BBC   The Greta effect? Meet the schoolgirl climate warriors

Climate Home News   European court throws out climate lawsuit, saying plaintiffs are not unique

Climate Home News   Until Russia allows us to rise together, I will strike for the climate alone

EcoWatch   Texas Bill Would Make Protesting Pipelines a Felony on Par With Attempted Murder

Evening Standard   Greenpeace protesters 'shut down' BP's London HQ with blockades weighing 'several' tonnes each 'for fuelling climate emergency'

Guardian   ‘We need everyone’: Greta Thunberg calls on adults to join climate strikes

Guardian   Farhana Yamin: ‘It took 20 minutes to unglue me from Shell’s office. It was a bit painful’

Guardian   No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference review – Greta Thunberg’s vision

Guardian   Schoolchildren go on strike across world over climate crisis

Guardian   Torres Strait Islanders take climate change complaint to the United Nations

Independent   Extinction Rebellion founder cleared of vandalism in landmark case after arguing climate change justification

Independent   Extinction Rebellion supporters row over whether ‘hippy language’ is watering down climate change message

Independent   Greenpeace activists board oil rig in Norwegian Arctic to protest new drilling

Mail Online [Australia]   Chaos in Melbourne as thousands of climate change crusaders block city streets during a massive 'die in'

New Internationalist   ‘Real education happens outside the classroom’: Climate activists speak

The Conversation   ‘They’ll give me a detention but it’ll be worth it’ – a climate scientist interviews his climate striking daughter


Times [UK]   Amnesty International expands remit to include climate change



Feeling the heat

Aljazeera   Australia faces 'world-first' climate change human rights case

BBC   How global warming has made the rich richer   

Eco-Business   Climate now biggest driver of migration, study finds

Economist   How climate change can fuel wars

Guardian   As the left wakes up to climate injustice, we must not fall into ‘green colonialism’

Guardian   I have felt hopelessness over climate change. Here is how we move past the immense grief

Guardian   Inequality and climate change: the perfect storm threatening the health of Australia's poorest

Independent   I used to suffer from ‘climate fatigue’, but leaving London changed everything

Irish Times   A baby born today: The climate and their future

Reuters   Climate change pushes farmers to 'tipping point' in Lake Chad crisis

RSA   Socio-economic conditions and small business vulnerability to climate change impacts in Hong Kong

Telegraph [UK]   How climate change is fuelling a migration crisis in Bangladesh

Hunger, diet, health

Anthropocene   The surprising interplay between climate change and fertility

Earth’s Future   Projections of Human Exposure to Dangerous Heat in African Cities Under Multiple Socioeconomic and Climate Scenarios

Mongabay   Extreme weather puts traditional livelihoods in peril in Sri Lanka, studies warn

New York Times   Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered

RollingStone   How the Mental Health Community Is Bracing for the Impact of Climate Change

Springer/Climatic Change   Heat stress vulnerability and risk at the (super) local scale in six Brazilian capitals


Politics: Will government save us?

ABC News [US]   Militaries go green, rethink operations in face of climate change

Atlantic   The Next ‘South China Sea’ Is Covered in Ice

Climate Home News   European left eyes transatlantic Green New Deal

Climate Policy   Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement and the costs of delayed action

Eco-Business   Fossil fuel subsidies are wrecking the world, says UN chief

Eco-Business   How is a carbon dividend better than a carbon tax?

Guardian   Has the politics of climate change finally reached a tipping point?

New Scientists   What do the European Parliament results mean for climate change?

New York Times   U.S. Pressure Blocks Declaration on Climate Change at Arctic Talks

The Nation   Europe’s Striking Climate Kids Show How to Defeat the Far Right

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   Global Rules Mask the Mitigation Challenge Facing Developing Countries

Yahoo   Fuel subsidies defy green trend amid rising climate alarm


Politics of assorted national governments


BBC   Climate change: Will India's election energy lead to CO2 rise?

BuzzFeedNews   Italy’s Climate Change–Skeptic Government Wants To Host The UN’s Flagship Climate Change Conference

Climate Home News   New Zealand introduces ‘zero carbon’ bill with concession to farmers

Eco-Business   5 reasons why China is the world’s sustainable development superpower

Eco-Business   Indonesia calls on palm oil industry, obscured by secrecy, to remain opaque

EcoWatch   Winning Party in Spain’s Election Campaigned on a Green New Deal


FP   China Rises in U.N. Climate Talks, While U.S. Goes AWOL

Guardian   Germany’s AfD turns on Greta Thunberg as it embraces climate denial

Reuters   In coal we trust: Australian voters back PM Morrison's faith in fossil fuel

Reuters   South African carbon tax finally becomes law

Sydney Morning Herald   Come senators, MPs, there's a climate emergency raging

Times [UK]   Ireland facing €150m bill for missing climate targets

Yahoo   'Green wave' in EU vote amid climate crisis


United States

Axios   Carbon "tariffs" could trigger a collision of climate and trade policy

Axios   Green New Deal activists dismiss nuclear power

Axios   Jay Inslee unveils his energy plan

Axios   Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez rally against "middle ground" on climate change

Bloomberg   Senate GOP Counters Ocasio-Cortez With Free-Market Climate Bills

Carbon Brief   Lobbying against key US climate regulation ‘cost society $60bn’, study finds

EcoWatch   Trump Administration Is Restricting How Scientists Conduct Climate Science

Guardian   2020 candidate John Delaney pitches vastly unusual climate change plan

Guardian   Climate crisis more politically polarizing than abortion for US voters, study finds

Guardian   Eight million jobs, $9tn in spending: Jay Inslee's radical plan to tackle climate change

Mother Jones   Did Senate Republicans Just Get Serious About Agriculture and Climate Change?

NBC News   Trump is embracing climate destruction

New Republic   The Green New Deal Costs Less Than Doing Nothing

New York Mag/ Intelligencer   Trump Thwarts GOP Plot to Pretend His Climate Agenda Isn’t Idiotic

New Yorker   Notes from a Remarkable Political Moment for Climate Change


Reuters   After protests, Britain's parliament declares climate change 'emergency'

Reuters   U.S. sinks Arctic accord due to climate change differences: diplomats

The Hill   Green New Deal for farming: Address climate crisis and revitalize food system

The Hill   Group backing Green New Deal blasts O'Rourke's climate plan

The Hill   Microsoft, other business leaders head to Capitol Hill in support of carbon tax

The Hill   Scientist compares Trump's climate stance to Soviet Union

The Hill   Trump energy officials label natural gas 'freedom gas'

The Hill   Warren releases plan to tackle climate change threats to military

Think Progress   Top GOP pollster finds overwhelming support for carbon tax by millennial Republicans

Washington Post   House passes bill to force U.S. to stay in Paris climate agreement

Washington Post   The Energy 202: Democrats slammed Biden on climate change. But what would a 'middle ground' even look like?


People: Other stories

ABC [Australia]   Climate change has started to influence our language. Here's how

AP   Is sea rise wrecking coastal home values? The answer: Maybe

Belfast Telegraph   Cats get more mentions on TV than climate change, analysis finds

Bloomberg   These Are the Cities Doing the Most to Combat Global Warming

Business Green   Meet the UK's first Climate Change Teacher

BuzzFeedNews   Opinion: I'm 12, And I Don't Understand Why Adults Vote To Destroy The Planet

Climate Home News   Lake Chad not shrinking, but climate is fuelling terror groups: report

CNN   How climate change impacts people of color

DW   Meet the athletes taking action on climate change

Financial Express   A Nepalese director fights climate change in the Himalayas through his film at Cannes

Forbes   4 Reasons People Fear Science

Forbes   Meet The Amazon Employees Challenging Jeff Bezos On Climate Change

Frontiers   How Hope and Doubt Affect Climate Change Mobilization

Grist   Why your brain doesn’t register the words ‘climate change’

Guardian   Author of dystopian climate crisis novel is 'deeply optimistic'

Guardian   Could you give up flying? Meet the no-plane pioneers

Guardian   New York aims to fight climate change by creating green union jobs

Huffpost   ‘The Gulf’ Is A Climate Change Novel For A Changed World

Independent   ‘It’s a call to action, it’s a call to worry’: Daniel Libeskind on how art is leading the fight against climate change

Independent [UK]   Labour would make climate change core part of school curriculum

Mashable   How to talk to kids about climate change without scaring them

Media Matters   ABC News spent more time on royal baby in one week than on climate crisis in one year

Mongabay   Interest in protecting environment up since Pope’s 2015 encyclical

PBS   Artists harness the power of fire and ice to shape attitudes on climate change

RollingStone   Leonardo DiCaprio Details Fight to Curb Climate Change in ‘Ice on Fire’ Trailer

Science News for Science   Students can sway how their parents view climate change

Scotsman   Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire Festival 2019 to focus on climate change

The Conversation   Comic: how to have better arguments about the environment (or anything else)

The Inquirer [US]   Climate change appears to shape human fertility

Thomson Reuters   World Heritage sites could be transformed by global warming, finds study

Tyndall Centre   Can Photography Change the Way We See Climate Change?

USA Today   Climate change tax for dining out? California restaurants add 1% fee to the bill

Washington Post   Big storms, bigger waves

Washington Post   In Alaska, climate change is showing increasing signs of disrupting everyday life

Weather Channel   Climate Change in the Womb

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Civil action: Photo by: Takver

Human suffering: Photo by: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Politics: Photo by: Falcon® Photography 

Adaptation: Photo by: U.S. Mission Uganda/Flickr

Other stories: Photo by: Michael Coghlan

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