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Climate News | February 2020

Links from news outlets and science journals sourced during January 2020

Newspaper and web articles

ABC News


How does dry lightning spark fires, and why is it so dangerous? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Omnicide: Who is responsible for the gravest of all crimes? - ABC Religion & Ethics

Ross Garnaut's climate change prediction is coming true and it's going to cost Australia billions, experts warn - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Telco, NBN failures during bushfire crisis reveals cracks in regional, rural crisis coverage - ABC Rural - ABC News


NSW bushfires sparks mass fish kill at Macleay River on Mid-North Coast - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Mitigation or adaptation? When it comes to climate change, it's not a case of either/or - Science News - ABC News


The Amazon's lost tribes are inspiring Colombia's cocaine farmers to become conservationists - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Bushfire experts say it's time to revisit Black Saturday recommendations and stop people rebuilding in highly dangerous areas - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Regional Australians will need to be our ground troops in the climate war — so stop neglecting us - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Climate change splits the public into six groups. Understanding them is key to future action - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)





Australia is no longer the lucky country



Al Jazeera


India suffers hottest decade on record | India News | Al Jazeera




Colombia's hippo population is a fascinating ecological conundrum | Anthropocene


Meat isn't always the biggest driver of dietary carbon emissions | Anthropocene




Australian Academy of Sciences


Statement regarding Australian bushfires | Australian Academy of Science





Big Tech data centers probably aren't a climate change time bomb - Axios


The limits of BlackRock's new climate strategy - Axios


How Michael Bloomberg would decarbonize transportation - Axios






Space mission to reveal 'Truths' about climate change - BBC News


Rolls-Royce plans mini nuclear reactors by 2029 - BBC News




Belfast Telegraph

Scores of countries signal more ambitious climate plans in 2020 -


Reductions in Arctic sea ice cannot be rapidly reversed, scientists say -




Bloomberg NEF


Energy, Vehicles, Sustainability – 10 Predictions for 2020 | BloombergNEF




Business Green


Reports: Cement sector facing 'dramatic' cost rise as climate pressure intensifies




Buzzfeed News


Davos Global Elites Solve Climate Crisis By Planting Trees




Carbon Brief


Video: Why studying Thwaites glacier is vital for forecasting sea level rise | Carbon Brief


In-depth: Understanding the impacts of changing Arctic storms | Carbon Brief


Explainer: How 'Atlantification' is making the Arctic Ocean saltier and warmer | Carbon Brief


State of the climate: How the world warmed in 2019 | Carbon Brief


Tropical forests losing ability to absorb CO2, study says | Carbon Brief






Defining ecological restoration of peatlands in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia


Tenure challenges to implementing forest landscape restoration in northwestern Madagascar




Climate Change News


China-backed coal plants on EU’s doorstep hide huge carbon costs


Erosion crisis swallows homes and livelihoods in Nigeria





BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says climate change will soon reshape markets





The Rumbling Methane Enigma -





TCD - The future sea-level contribution of the Greenland ice sheet: a multi-model ensemble study of ISMIP6



Daily Mail


Ozone damage could have made up half of Arctic warming in 50 years since the 1950s, says scientists | Daily Mail Online





Self-driving cars will not fix our transportation woes | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Following bushfires, expect cyclones, floods and heatwaves | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


What locally led climate resilience looks like in the Philippines | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Rising eco-anxiety means addressing mental health alongside food security | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Deforestation moves swiftly once ‘tipping point’ reached: scientists | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Giant Floating Solar Farms Could Make Fuel and Help Solve the Climate Crisis, Says Study - EcoWatch


Rotting feral pig carcasses teach scientists what happens when tonnes of animals die all at once, as in Australia’s bushfires | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Meet the Eco-Business A-Listers: Janice Lao, hospitality trailblazer | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Will blood be shed over water? A new early warning tool predicts water-related conflict a year in advance | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Beijing’s food vision: quality and quantity | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Indigenous lands hold more than one third of remaining intact forest landscapes | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Wildfire-hit countries in need of new strategies to tame burning threat | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Want to really hold businesses to account? Look at their supply chains | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


Drought, deluge, disease: How should the natural rubber industry respond to climate change? | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific






Schumpeter - Big Oil has a do-or-die decade ahead because of climate change | Business | The Economist






Cancun Businesses Take Out Insurance Policy on a Coral Reef - EcoWatch


Joaquin Phoenix, Martin Sheen Arrested at Jane Fonda's Final DC Fire Drill Fridays Protest - EcoWatch


Madacascar Is Planting 60 Million Trees in Ambitious Drive Inspired by Its President - EcoWatch






SCIENCE: NOAA gets go-ahead to study climate Plan B: Geoengineering -- Thursday, January 23, 2020 --



El Pais


Renewable energy in Spain: Greenhouse gas emissions drop in Spain as power plants ditch coal | In English | EL PAÍS





Massive rise in EV charging points needed to reach EU climate goals, analysis finds –





Think you're more eco-friendly than your friends? This study says you're wrong. | Living


Foreign Policy


How Climate Change Has Supercharged Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the Left in the United States and Europe





Will gains outweigh the risks of an accelerated energy transition? - FORESIGHT



Forest Trends


Demand-side Regulation and Forest Risk Commodities - Forest Trends






BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Puts Climate Change at Center of Megafund’s Investment Strategy | Fortune




France 24


French cities and NGOs sue oil giant Total over 'climate inaction'






2019 was Australia's hottest year on record – 1.5C above average temperature | Australia news | The Guardian


Germany cuts fares for long-distance rail travel in response to climate crisis | World news | The Guardian


We are seeing the very worst of our scientific predictions come to pass in these bushfires | Joëlle Gergis | Opinion | The Guardian


We are seeing the very worst of our scientific predictions come to pass in these bushfires | Joëlle Gergis | Opinion | The Guardian


Explainer: how effective is bushfire hazard reduction on Australia's fires? | Australia news | The Guardian


Russia announces plan to ‘use the advantages’ of climate change | World news | The Guardian


Shutdown of US coal power facilities saved over 26,000 lives, study finds | Environment | The Guardian


Why Irish data centre boom is complicating climate efforts | Environment | The Guardian


Jakarta floods: cloud seeding planes try to break up heavy rain | Environment | The Guardian


We must tackle global energy inequality before it’s too late | Business | The Guardian


Australian bushfire smoke affecting South America, UN reports | Australia news | The Guardian


New Zealand bushfires flare amid fears country becoming more ‘flammable’ | World news | The Guardian


How the oil industry has spent billions to control the climate change conversation | Business | The Guardian


Australia's bushfires mean New Zealand has become the land of the long pink cloud | Jim Salinger | World news | The Guardian


One year to save the planet: a simple guide to fighting the climate crisis in 2020 | Environment | The Guardian


Australia records worst December fire conditions after its hottest, driest year | Australia news | The Guardian


Most conservatives know prevention is better than cure – except when it comes to climate change | Richard Denniss | Australia news | The Guardian


Bushfires threaten drinking water – and the consequences could last for decades | Stuart Khan for the Conversation | Australia news | The Guardian


On the frontline of the climate emergency, Bangladesh adapts | World news | The Guardian


Grass growing around Mount Everest as global heating intensifies | Environment | The Guardian


Terror, hope, anger, kindness: the complexity of life as we face the new normal | Australia news | The Guardian


Quorn to be first major brand to introduce carbon labelling | Environment | The Guardian


Explainer: what are the underlying causes of Australia's shocking bushfire season? | Environment | The Guardian


How scientists are coping with ‘ecological grief’ | Science | The Guardian


Explainer: what are the underlying causes of Australia's shocking bushfire season? | Environment | The Guardian


Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates | Environment | The Guardian


Even as an air pollution expert, these months of bushfire smoke have been a shock | Nancy Cushing for the Conversation | Opinion | The Guardian


New Zealand schools to teach students about climate crisis, activism and 'eco anxiety' | World news | The Guardian


Revealed: US listed climate activist group as ‘extremists’ alongside mass killers | Environment | The Guardian


Oceans are as hot as humans have known them and we’re to blame | Environment | The Guardian


Why do record ocean temperatures matter? | Environment | The Guardian


The case for ... never demolishing another building | Cities | The Guardian


James Murdoch criticises father's news outlets for climate crisis denial | Media | The Guardian


Australian fiction is already challenging the idea that catastrophic bushfire is normal | Rachel Fetherston | Books | The Guardian


Australia fires are harbinger of planet’s future, say scientists | Australia news | The Guardian


Driving into a city should become as antisocial as smoking | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian


Climate crisis fills top five places of World Economic Forum’s risks report | Business | The Guardian


The case for ... making low-tech 'dumb' cities instead of 'smart' ones | Cities | The Guardian


Climate crisis likely to increase violent deaths of young people – report | Environment | The Guardian


Grief, frustration, guilt: the bushfires show the far-reaching mental health impacts of climate change | Fiona Charlson | Opinion | The Guardian


Hundreds of thousands of fish dead in NSW as bushfire ash washed into river | World news | The Guardian


'This is not how sequoias die. It’s supposed to stand for another 500 years' | Environment | The Guardian

Climate refugees can't be returned home, says landmark UN human rights ruling | World news | The Guardian


IMF: climate crisis threatens global economic recovery | Business | The Guardian


The five: changes in animal behaviour due to global heating | Science | The Guardian


I tried to warn Scott Morrison about the bushfire disaster. Adapting to climate change isn’t enough | Greg Mullins | Opinion | The Guardian


Study finds shock rise in levels of potent greenhouse gas | Environment | The Guardian


World’s consumption of materials hits record 100bn tonnes a year | Environment | The Guardian


Lloyds set to halve carbon emissions it finances in 10 years | Business | The Guardian


Lonely Planet launches carbon-neutral tours | Travel | The Guardian


Fiji calls for urgent action on climate crisis as second cyclone hits in three weeks | World news | The Guardian


‘Blatant manipulation’: Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging | Environment | The Guardian


'Food prices shot up': floods spark a scramble for survival in east Africa | Global development | The Guardian


'Kids are taking the streets': climate activists plan avalanche of events as 2020 election looms | Environment | The Guardian


How the 'Venice of Africa' is losing its battle against the rising ocean | Environment | The Guardian


Zero-carbon hydrogen injected into gas grid for first time in groundbreaking UK trial | Environment | The Guardian


Let's abandon climate targets, and do something completely different | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian


Huffpost Australia


Number Of Animals Feared Dead In Australia’s Wildfires Soars To Over 1 Billion | HuffPost Australia



Irish Times


Winter of 2018/2019 warmest since records began in 1900





Eco-anxiety climbs as fires, smoke and animal deaths trigger fear and trauma | The Lighthouse




Los Angeles Times


An artist set out to paint climate change. She ended up on a journey through grief - Los Angeles Times


What's tangling up the humpback whales? A food chain snarled by climate change - Los Angeles Times






Art exhibit ‘Inundation’ opens at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Art Gallery | News |











Australia’s fires have pumped out more emissions than 100 nations combined - MIT Technology Review





Irrigation linked to reduced rainfall in northern India


Two storytellers unmask the human face of climate change




Mother Jones


Australia’s Wildfire Catastrophe Isn’t the “New Normal.” It’s Much Worse Than That. – Mother Jones






Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Projections Right – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet






Ozone-depleting gases might have driven extreme Arctic warming


Paris taught me how to do what is necessary to combat climate change


Australia: show the world what climate action looks like




New Scientist


Our current food system can feed only 3.4 billion people sustainably | New Scientist



New York Magazine


New South Wales Fires In Australia: The World’s Response






Bears in Ukraine Aren't Hibernating Because It's Too Warm, Have Started Suffering From 'Insomnia'


When It Comes to the Australian Bushfires, Rupert Murdoch is an Arsonist | Opinion






A visit to the zoo: climate patterns that can precede ENSO | NOAA


Teaching Global Climate Change in Your Classroom | NOAA


2010-2019: A landmark decade of U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters | NOAA






Can solar geoengineering mitigate both climate change and income inequality?



Physics World


Crops at risk from changing climate – Physics World





Merkel: Tackling climate change a matter of ‘survival’ – POLITICO




Renew Economy


New Zealand passes historic zero carbon bill with near unanimous bipartisan support | RenewEconomy


Greens in Austria secure zero carbon target in unlikely alliance with right wing populists | RenewEconomy





Australia strengthens bushfire defenses as economic, environmental costs mount - Reuters


Years of drought threaten South Africa's wildlife industry - Reuters


Australia bushfires: Visualizing the scale of Australia's bushfires


Soaring SUV sales keep carmakers on collision course with climate policy - Reuters


Australia's massive fires could become routine, climate scientists warn - Reuters


EU sets out trillion euro plan to avert 'climate crash' - Reuters


'We can't close our eyes' to climate change, says Marshall Isles ex-president - Reuters


Sports need to do more to combat climate change: lobby group - Reuters


Central banks can't save the world from climate change, BIS says - Reuters


Climate change pushes investors to take their temperature - Reuters


Last decade most expensive for natural disasters - report - Reuters


Exclusive: BP's Looney goes all-in on climate goals and explores overhaul - Reuters


Oil and gas sector keeps faith in low-carbon energy: survey - Reuters


Priority status for EU fossil fuel projects raises green hackles - Reuters


EU's 'Green Deal' guru detects hints of U.S. climate shift - Reuters


Global carbon trading turnover at record $214 billion last year: research - Reuters


Huge hydroelectric project to help Portugal eliminate coal: PM - Reuters






First scientist to link bushfires to climate change 30 years ago says he’s ‘horrified’ to see his findings come true



Scientific American


Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions as the Planet Warms - Scientific American


What Climate Change Tells Us about Being Human - Scientific American Blog Network






Coastal erosion in Scotland is immediate threat - and worse than predicted - The Scotsman



Sydney Morning Herald


NSW fires: Penrith in Sydney's west approaches 50 degrees


NSW fires: Australia's first climate change refugees


An 'absolutely seminal moment': climate change opinion shifting in face of fires


Institutional investors increasingly taking their own climate action


NSW Fires: RFS firefighters, NPWS save famous Wollemi pines from Gospers Mountain fire in secret mission

Climate refugees cannot be forced back home




Technology Review


“A Trillion Trees” is a great idea—that could become a dangerous climate distraction






Italy to become first country to make studying climate change compulsory in schools


Extinction Rebellion activists embroiled in row over whether flying is ever acceptable




The Conversation


6 things to ask yourself before you share a bushfire map on social media


Why we should be wary of blaming 'overpopulation' for the climate crisis




The Times


Warmer seas force turtles to travel twice as far for food | News | The Times


Potent greenhouse gas HFC-23 rises to record levels despite ban | News | The Times




Thomson Reuters Foundation


World risks 'disaster' as reuse of natural resources ...






Why Fossil Fuel Companies Are Reckoning With Climate Change | Time


Report: YouTube Has Been Promoting Climate Denialism Videos | Time




Tortoise Media


Can tax save the planet?






In India, Indigenous Tribes Clash With the Government Over Trees






1.5 degrees Celsius: the sad truth about our boldest climate change target - Vox




Voice of America


2019 Was Hottest Year on Record for Russia | Voice of America - English




Washington Post


Daily weather now bears the fingerprints of global warming - The Washington Post


The Trump administration plans to tell federal agencies not to consider climate change when assessing the environmental impact of a project - The Washington Post


Climate change is playing havoc with Mexico’s monarch butterfly migration - The Washington Post


Australia’s apocalyptic fires are a warning to the world - The Washington Post


Climate change: Earth has its second-hottest year on record to close out the hottest decade - The Washington Post


Animals killed in Australia fires: Species could go extinct, scientists warn - The Washington Post


Particles lofted from Australia bush fires will circle the globe - The Washington Post


‘We’re building an army’: Jane Fonda caps off weeks of climate protest in D.C. - The Washington Post


Firenadoes, ember attacks and megafires: Australia is seeing sci-fi weather - The Washington Post


2019 capped the hottest decade on record, say NASA and NOAA - The Washington Post


MOSAiC, the biggest North Pole expedition in history, is threatened by melting ice at the Arctic - The Washington Post


Australia’s catastrophic fires are a moment of reckoning for Murdoch’s media empire - The Washington Post


Newfoundland blizzard breaks snow records, buries cars and homes - The Washington Post


George P. Shultz and Ted Halstead: Carbon pricing is the winning Republican climate answer - The Washington Post


How planting trees can help in the fight against climate change - Washington Post


What does ‘dangerous’ climate change really mean? - The Washington Post


In Australia; fires stoke environmental movement - The Washington Post


How China’s Belt and Road initiative is choking the Mekong River - Washington Post




Weather Underground


Highest Atmospheric Pressure in More than 300 Years of London Recordkeeping | Weather Underground




World Economic Forum


This chart shows the global fatalities of extreme weather events | World Economic Forum


Illegal logging has to be stopped - here's how | World Economic Forum




World Resources Institute


2020 Could Be the Year Carbon Removal Takes Off | World Resources Institute


10 Big Changes for Forests Over the Last Decade | World Resources Institute



Yale Climate Connections


Cancun businesses take out insurance policy on a coral reef » Yale Climate Connections


Large HVAC manufacturers could play huge role in cutting carbon pollution » Yale Climate Connections


New York City spends billions on flood protection » Yale Climate Connections


Mountain snowpack grows less reliable as the world warms » Yale Climate Connections


Laws in New York City and beyond take aim at carbon pollution caused by buildings » Yale Climate Connections


'The Climate Trail': Survival game pits players against climate catastrophe » Yale Climate Connections


Residents of Midlothian, Illinois, fight back against 'terrifying' floods » Yale Climate Connections


Cities and towns can't solve climate change on their own » Yale Climate Connections




Yale E360


As Climate Risks Worsen, U.S. Flood Buyouts Fail to Meet the Need - Yale E360

Academic articles

American Meteorological Society – Journal of Climate


An Investigation of the Ocean’s Role in Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: Journal of Climate: Early Online Release


Copernicus – Climate of the Past


CP - Distorted Pacific–North American teleconnection at the Last Glacial Maximum



IOP Science


Emissions in the stream: estimating the greenhouse gas impacts of an oil and gas boom - IOPscience


Global warming to increase violent crime in the United States - IOPscience


What is important for achieving 2 °C? UNFCCC and IPCC expert perceptions on obstacles and response options for climate change mitigation - IOPscience




Ocean acidification does not impair the behaviour of coral reef fishes | Nature


Two-million-year-old snapshots of atmospheric gases from Antarctic ice | Nature


Nature Climate Change


Natural halogens buffer tropospheric ozone in a changing climate | Nature Climate Change


Divergent consensuses on Arctic amplification influence on midlatitude severe winter weather | Nature Climate Change


Human fingerprint in global weather | Nature Climate Change


Global and regional impacts differ between transient and equilibrium warmer worlds | Nature Climate Change



Nature Food


Shifts in national land use and food production in Great Britain after a climate tipping point | Nature Food



Nature Geoscience


Importance of wind and meltwater for observed chemical and physical changes in the Southern Ocean | Nature Geoscience


Global ocean heat content in the Last Interglacial | Nature Geoscience


Complex evolving patterns of mass loss from Antarctica’s largest glacier | Nature Geoscience



Nature Medicine


Anomalously warm temperatures are associated with increased injury deaths | Nature Medicine



Nature Sustainability


Feeding ten billion people is possible within four terrestrial planetary boundaries | Nature Sustainability




Nature Communications


Paris Climate Agreement passes the cost-benefit test | Nature Communications






Water level changes, subsidence, and sea level rise in the Ganges–Brahmaputra–Meghna delta | PNAS


Climate change and the opportunity cost of conflict | PNAS


Influence of Arctic sea-ice variability on Pacific trade winds | PNAS



Regional Studies Association – Climate and Development


Mixed manifestations of climate change in high mountains: insights from a farming community in northern Pakistan: Climate and Development: Vol 0, No 0



Science Direct


Impacts of 1.5 and 2.0°C global warming on rice production across China - ScienceDirect


The impact of climate change on demand of ski tourism - a simulation study based on stated preferences - ScienceDirect


Who are the climate migrants and where do they go? Evidence from rural India - ScienceDirect



Springer Link


The 2018 Kerala floods: a climate change perspective | SpringerLink



Wiley Online Library – Climate Change


Physical and policy pathways to net‐zero emissions industry - Bataille - - WIREs Climate Change - Wiley Online Library

Wiley Online Library – Earth’s Future

Winter Weather Whiplash: Impacts of Meteorological Events Misaligned With Natural and Human Systems in Seasonally Snow‐Covered Regions - Casson - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Quantifying the Terrestrial Carbon Feedback to Anthropogenic Carbon Emission - Goodwin - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Global Response Patterns of Major Rainfed Crops to Adaptation by Maintaining Current Growing Periods and Irrigation - Minoli - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Greenland Ice Sheet Response to Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Geoengineering - Moore - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

The Climatic Effects of Hygroscopic Growth of Sulfate Aerosols in the Stratosphere - Krishnamohan - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Advancing the understanding of adaptive capacity of social‐ecological systems to absorb climate extremes - Thonicke - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Response of extreme rainfall for landfalling tropical cyclones undergoing extratropical transition to projected climate change: Hurricane Irene (2011) - Liu - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Why we can no longer ignore consecutive disasters - Ruiter - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Climate Assessment Moves Local - Holmes - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


China's trade‐off between economic benefits and sulfur dioxide emissions in changing global trade - Wang - - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Long‐term projections of sea‐level rise from ice sheets - Golledge - - WIREs Climate Change - Wiley Online Library


A history of the global carbon budget - Lahn - - WIREs Climate Change - Wiley Online Library



Wiley Online Library – Geophysical Research Letters


Causes of higher climate sensitivity in CMIP6 models - Zelinka - - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library


Revisiting the impact of sea salt on climate sensitivity - Paulot - - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library


Changes in Anthropogenic PM and the Resulting Global Climate Effects Under the RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 Scenarios by 2050 - Yang - 2020 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library


Intensification of the Atlantic Water supply to the Arctic Ocean through Fram Strait induced by Arctic sea ice decline - Wang - - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library



Wiley Online Library – Global Change Biology


Extreme temperature events will drive coral decline in the Coral Triangle - McManus - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library


Annual ecosystem respiration is resistant to changes in freeze‐thaw periods in semi‐arid permafrost - Wang - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library


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Natural history collections document biological responses to climate change - Denney - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library


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Wiley – WIREs Climate Change


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