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People: News links for February 2019


Viewpoints: The science/media chasm


Associated Press   AP-NORC Poll: Disasters influence thinking on climate change

CBC News [Canada]   Playing for the planet: How scientists use gaming to talk about climate change

Climate Home News   Stop asking climate scientists how we feel

CNN   Record number of Americans 'very worried' about climate change, report finds

Foreign Policy   Climate Change Prophet

Grist   Does talking to people about climate change make any difference?

Guardian   A frozen history of climate change – in pictures

Guardian   Annie Proulx on the best books to understand climate change

Guardian   Katharine Hayhoe: 'A thermometer is not liberal or conservative': The award-winning atmospheric scientist on the urgency of the climate crisis and why people are her biggest hope

Mother Jones   Meet the Press Devotes Entire Show to Threat of Climate Change

MPR News   Inside a Minnesota high school where climate change is the focus

Nature   Taking climate model evaluation to the next level

NPR   Concern About Global Warming Among Americans Spikes, Report Says

Politico   The New Language of Climate Change

The Conversation   Francis Bacon: the 17th-century philosopher whose scientific ideas could tackle climate change today

Time   President Trump Renews Climate Change Denial Days After Defense Department Releases Daunting Report on Its Effects

Washington Post   Dear Mr. President, that’s not how global warming works

Washington Post   'Year from hell' means more Americans are taking climate

change personally, new polling shows

Wiley   The social media life of climate change: Platforms, publics, and future imaginaries

Yale   Children's educational TV falls short on climate change

Yale   One woman's quest to improve climate education in Mississippi

Politics: Will government save us?


ABC News   UN warns climate change impacts security, US ignores link

Climate Home News   The ‘laughing matter’ of Australia’s relationship with the Pacific

Climate Home News   UN security council members mount new push to address climate threat

E&E News   Next president could declare climate emergency, GOP fears

Economist   Will Europe’s Green parties be the new leaders of the political left?

Guardian   Elites' response to climate change must be fair, says EU official

Guardian   Global tensions holding back climate change fight, says WEF

Guardian   How to stop the climate crisis: six lessons from the campaign that saved the ozone

Guardian   One person’s recycling won’t stop climate change in itself. We must act collectively

Huffington Post   The Green New Deal’s Sudden Popularity Is A Reason For Climate Change Optimism

New Yorker   How Governments React to Climate Change: An Interview with the Political Theorists Joel Wainwright and Geoff Mann

Politico   Question for Democrats: What is a 'Green New Deal'?

Washington Post   How we can combat climate change

Wiley / Climate Change   Promises and risks of nonstate action in climate and sustainability governance

Politics of various national governments

Atlantic   Democrats Are Shockingly Unprepared to Fight Climate Change

Bloomberg   In Climate Change Fight, Brazil Owes Nothing, Minister Says

Eco-Business   Spain brings fresh impetus to climate fight after lost decade

Inside Climate News   New Congress Members See Climate Solutions and Jobs in a Green New Deal

Inside Climate News   U.S. Taxpayers on the Hook for Insuring Farmers Against Growing Climate Risks

Politico   'The existential threat of our time': Pelosi elevates climate change on Day One

Politico   The Trouble With the ‘Green New Deal’

Reuters   Germany's biggest state wants at least $11.5 billion for exiting coal

The Hill   Hundreds of environmental groups pressure Congress by backing Green New Deal

Wall Street Journal   Lesson From 2018: Republicans Must Deal With Climate Change

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change   The overlooked role of discourse in breaking carbon lock‐in: The case of the German energy transition

Yahoo News UK   Petition against French climate inaction gathers 2mn votes

Yale   How China’s Big Overseas Initiative Threatens Global Climate Progress

Yale   The 'Green New Deal': Six things to know

Carbon Taxes

Irish Examiner   Climate change: We need a popular carbon tax

Nature   How to win public support for a global carbon tax

Washington Post   Actually, the United States already has a carbon tax

Legal action

Axios   Supreme Court sides against Exxon in climate case

Climate Home News   ‘End of the road’ for UK citizens’ climate case rejected by appeal court

EcoWatch   'Victory': Supreme Court Rejects Exxon's Appeal, Time to Fork Over Climate Docs

Guardian   New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies

Inside Climate News   A Surge of Climate Lawsuits Targets Human Rights, Damage from Fossil Fuels



Planning for resilience

CityLab   California Moves, Haltingly, Toward a Post-Lawn Future

Climate Adaptation UNDP    DEFENDING THE COAST


Climate Adaptation UNDP    HAPPILY EVER AFTER…




EOS   Advancing Climate Science and Response for Caribbean Islands

Fast Company   How soon will climate change force you to move? Across the country, far more people are in danger of becoming climate refugees than you might think.

Guardian   Growing pains: how the climate crisis is changing British gardens

MONGABAY   Agroforestry empowers Morocco’s mountain women

Mongabay   Photos: Indian tribe revives heirloom seeds for health and climate security

Reuters   FEATURE-Indian women weave their way out of climate change woes

Springer / Climatic Change   Adapting to water impacts of climate change

UNDP   Building better climate actions

UNDP   Leaving no-one behind: Including a billion people to adapt to climate change

UNDP   Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Zambia

UNDP   UNDP and People in Need continue collaboration to realise a weather-ready climate-smart Cambodia

UNDP   Viet Nam, UNDP announce plan to build thousands of climate-resilient houses, regenerate mangrove forests in 2019

UNDP   Wicked solutions for wicked problems

UNDP   Women are key to the resilience of our people and our planet

Wiley / Climate Change   Adaptive capacity to climate change: A synthesis of concepts, methods, and findings in a fragmented field

World Resources Institute   Bamboo: Malawi’s Unexpected Tool for Climate Change Resilience

World Resources Institute   Photo Essay: Poor Communities in Surat, India, Take Climate Resilience into Their Own Hands

Photo Attributions

Heading: People: Photo by: Takver

Heading: Public viewpointsPhoto by: Ivy Dawned

Heading: Civil actionPhoto by: Takver

Heading: Human sufferingPhoto by: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Heading: Politics: Photo by: Falcon® Photography 

Heading: Adaptation: Photo by: U.S. Mission Uganda/Flickr

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