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Nature and Farming: News links for February 2019


Ecosystems threatened: The Sixth Great Extinction

Oceanic Ecosystems

ABC News [Australia]   Jellyfish are causing mayhem as pollution, climate change see numbers boom

AFP/Agence France Presse   Climate change pushing killer whales to migrate north

BBC News   Antarctic krill: Key food source moves south

CBS News   Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048

NPR   Massive Starfish Die-Off Is Tied To Global Warming

Reuters   Antarctica's krill shift south as icy waters warm

Other ecosystem types

Atlantic   The Best Real Estate to Get Animals Through Climate Change: Deep in shady forests and at the bottom of towering canyons, climate refugia could provide the stability that vulnerable species need.

BBC News   How one heatwave killed 'a third' of a bat species in Australia

CNN   Ancient Baobab trees in Southern Africa are dying. Scientists blame climate change

CNN   The climate change winners and losers in Antarctica's animal kingdom

Forbes   Climate Change Transforms These Cute Little Birds Into Murderous Brain-Eating Zombies

Guardian   Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’

Independent   Climate change pushing eels in Europe towards extinction, study shows

Independent   Climate change: male infertility caused by heatwaves may result in mass extinction

Independent   Spring arrives in November as British wildlife responds to milder climate

Mongabay   Muskox and other Arctic mammals are feeling the heat of climate change

New York Post   Great tits are eating bird brains and climate change is to blame: study

Reuters   As polar seas heat up, mammals will find less slow, stupid prey

Academic articles about ecosystems


Current Biology   Climate Change May Affect Fatal Competition between Two Bird Species

Nature   Arctic protection can’t wait for global treaty

Nature   Krill (Euphausia superba) distribution contracts southward during rapid regional warming

The Conservation   Climate change: effect on sperm could hold key to species extinction

The Conversation   Lake Baikal: how climate change is threatening the world’s oldest, deepest lake

Wiley   Incorporating local adaptation into forecasts of species’ distribution and abundance under climate change

Wiley / Global Change Biology   Responses of an endangered brown bear population to climate change based on predictable food resource and shelter alterations

Wiley / Global Change Biology   Whales in warming water: assessing breeding habitat diversity and adaptability in Oceania's changing climate

Wiley/AGU100/Geophysical Research Letters   Climatic warming increases spatial synchrony in spring vegetation phenology across the Northern Hemisphere

Wiley/AGU100/Geophysical Research Letters   Forest drought resistance at large geographic scales

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Back to the future? Late Holocene marine food web structure in a warm climatic phase as a predictor of trophodynamics in a warmer South‐Western Atlantic Ocean

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Bottom‐up and top‐down effects of browning and warming on shallow lake food webs

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Coral chimerism as an evolutionary rescue mechanism to mitigate global climate change impacts

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Declines in northern forest tree growth following snowpack decline and soil freezing

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Four decades of plant community change along a continental gradient of warming

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Susceptibility of European freshwater fish to climate change: Species profiling based on life‐history and environmental characteristics

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Twenty‐first‐century climate change impacts on marine animal biomass and ecosystem structure across ocean basins


Farming, fishing and food: Human food supply imperiled

Agence France Presse   Climate change takes toll on French oyster farmers

BBC News   South Korean farmers see boost in banana crop

Bismarck Tribune   Climate change increases crop specialization risks in Midwest, study suggests

Bloomberg   Climate Change Threatens to Make Your Morning Brew More Expensive

Carbon Brief   Guest post: Climate change brings threat of ‘bluetongue’ virus to UK farms

Eco-Business   Climate change is turning China into wine country

EcoWatch   35,000 Protestors in Berlin Call for Agricultural Revolution

Fast Company   Hershey wants to make sure climate change doesn’t destroy its chocolate supplies

Guardian   The end of coffee: could Australia save the world's beans?

Inside Climate News   Farmers, Don't Count on Technology to Protect Agriculture from Climate Change

National Public Radio [US]   Climate Change Is Bad For Peru's Pastures ... But There's A 1,200-Year-Old Fix

Reuters   Landmark project to help Peru coffee farmers combat climate change

Academic articles about farming, fishing, food

Elsevier/ScienceDirect/Agricultural and Forest Meteorology   Effects of climate change on the extension of the potential double cropping region and crop water requirements in Northern China

Nature   Food production shocks across land and sea

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   Decline in climate resilience of European wheat

Springer/Climatic Change   The impact of extreme weather events on livestock populations: the case of the 2011 drought in Mexico

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   Spatial Patterns of Crop Yield Change by Emitted Pollutant

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   When will current climate extremes affecting maize production become the norm?

Photo Attributions

BannerPhoto by: Jillyspoon

Agriculture threatenedPhoto by: Diganta Talukdar

Ecosystems threatenedPhoto by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

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