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Bankrupt economics: News links for February 2019


Vengeful externalities:

Nature bites back

Axios   Brookings: The economic case for staying in the Paris agreement

BBC News   A coalition of investors is calling on McDonalds, KFC, and other fast food suppliers to take swift action on climate change.

BBC News   US wildfires push energy firm PG&E to bankruptcy protection

Bloomberg   How Green Wall Street Can Weather 2019: The new year promises serious challenges for the rapidly growing number of socially conscious investors.

BloombergQuint   Corporate America Tallies the Mounting Costs of Climate Change

Business Green   CDP A List: Top brands hailed as climate action leaders

Business Green   Extreme weather cost global economy $215bn in 2018, AON estimates

Business Green   From Net Zero and New Deals to Green Brexits and Marine Plastics, a year of disruption awaits

E&E News   Fires choke utility and U.S. asks: Who pays for warming?

Eco-Business   Businesses think they’re on top of carbon risk, but tourism destinations have barely a clue

Eco-Business   Decarbonisation is flawed, says development expert on why business won’t save the world

Eco-Business   Ten worst climate-linked disasters of 2018 caused $85 bln in damage

Forbes   What Would An Effective Solution To Climate Change Look Like?

Guardian   Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals

Independent   Companies leading on climate change also outperform on stock market, research shows

Nature   Compound climate events transform electrical power shortfall risk in the Pacific Northwest

Nature   The private sector’s climate change risk and adaptation blind spots

New York Times   Climate Change’s Giant Impact on the Economy: 4 Key Issues

Reuters   'A List' climate change firms outperform on stock market - survey

Reuters   Failure to curb climate change a top risk: Davos survey

Reuters   Forest fire insurance costs soar

Reuters   Germany vows to insulate industry from costs of culling coal

Scientific American   As Fires Choke Utility, the Question of Who Pays for Warming Emerges

South China Morning Post   How China’s fight against climate change is finding allies in the business sector

The Conversation   Climate change: focusing on how individuals can help is very convenient for corporations

The Hill   Business leaders waking up to extreme risks posed by climate change

Vox   California’s largest utility just declared bankruptcy. Hello, climate change.

Wall Street Journal   Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends: Bipartisan agreement on how to combat climate change.

Wall Street Journal   From Beer to Casinos, Businesses Turn to Solar, Wind Power

Washington Post   ‘This is not controversial’: Bipartisan group of economists calls for carbon tax

Washington Post   Davos, this is outrageous

World Economic Forum   These are the biggest risks facing our world in 2019

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Bankrupt economics: Photo by: Eddy Van 3000

Vengeful externalities: Photo by: USDA NRCS Montana

Carbon Credit Markets: Photo by: QuoteInspector

Green Finance: Photo by: Matthias Mueller

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