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People: News links for December 2018


Civil action: The resistance begins


BBC News   Climate change protests leads to '22 arrests' over blockade

BBC News   Climate protesters glue themselves to Downing Street gates

Climate Home News   Extinction Rebellion eyes global climate campaign of non-violence

Climate Home News   Quebec youth launch climate lawsuit against the Canadian government

Eco-Business   Britain’s climate protests: ‘We are rebelling on behalf of life itself’

Eco-Business   Juliana vs United States: An inter-generational fight for climate justice

Inside Climate News   With Democratic Majority, Climate Change Is Back on U.S. House Agenda

NBC News   6 ways ordinary people can prevent climate change, according to researchers and advocates

NPR   Young Activists Can Sue Government Over Climate Change, Supreme Court Says

Sydney Morning Herald   Why aren't they doing anything?: Students strike to give climate lesson

The Canberra Times   Yes, Prime Minister, I'm striking from school: consider it a climate lesson

The Conversation   ‘Keep it in the ground’: what we can learn from anti-fossil fuel campaigns

The Guardian   Claws out: crab fishermen sue 30 oil firms over climate change

The Guardian   Climate change strike: thousands of school students protest across Australia

The Guardian   Dozens arrested after climate protest blocks five London bridges

The New York Times   Climate Change Protest Draws Thousands of Australian Students

The New York Times   What if We’re All Coming Back?

The Sydney Morning Herald   'New weapon': courts offer hope for driving serious climate action

The Washington Post   Federal judge blocks Keystone XL pipeline, saying Trump administration review ignored ‘inconvenient’ climate change facts

The Washington Post   France’s climate change commitments trigger rising diesel prices and street protests

The Washington Post   Supreme Court refuses to block young people’s climate lawsuit against U.S. government

World Resources Institute   Unlocking Climate Action: Building a Landscape Restoration Movement from the Ground Up

Yale   Arizona woman organizes Latina moms to speak up on climate change

Yale   In a new climate fiction course, students will imagine solutions

Yale   Teen gun reform activist takes on climate change


Human suffering: It’s now


ABC [Australia]   Fighting climate change: How emergency services are battling changing conditions

BBC News   California wildfires: Air quality rated 'world's worst'

Bloomberg   Americans Will Pay Billions More For Climate Change, and That’s the Best Case

Bloomberg   Climate May Force Millions to Move and U.S. Isn’t Ready, Report Says

Carbon Brief   The Lancet: Extreme heat threatens ‘systemic failure’ of hospitals

CBC   Growing 'ecological grief' is the mental health cost of climate change   The Karuk’s relationship with fire: Adapting to climate change on the Klamath   Urban Adaptation Assessment

Eco-Business   Millions of small Asian farmers miss out on seeds resilient to climate change—study

Eco-Business   The impact of climate change on language loss

Financial Times   Climate change in Somaliland — ‘you can touch it’

Forbes   When The Seas Flood the Coasts, Expect The Biggest Gentrification Wave Ever

Grist   To share or not to share? Tribes risk exploitation when sharing climate change solutions.


India Climate Dialogue   Migrant workers turn climate refugees twice over   Climate change damaging male fertility

Springer   Climate change impacts on the distribution of venomous snakes and snakebite risk in Mozambique

The Conversation   Climate change and migration in Bangladesh – one woman’s perspective

The Guardian   Climate change already a health emergency, say experts

The Guardian   The End of the End of the Earth by Jonathan Franzen review – hope in an age of crisis

The Guardian   The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change

The Sydney Morning Herald   Mental health added to impact of climate change as global damage grows

The Washington Post   Heat waves caused by climate change could impair male fertility across generations, scientists warn

The Washington Post   How climate change is affecting rural Honduras and pushing people north

Yale   This NYC neighborhood is getting ready for more floods


Wiley   Protected areas act as a buffer against detrimental effects of climate change—Evidence from large‐scale, long‐term abundance data


Politics: Will government save us?


AFR News   China vows to improve action on climate change as it prepares for UN summit

BBC News   Climate change: EU aims to be 'climate neutral' by 2050

Business Green   Spain targets 90 per cent carbon cuts under new climate strategy

Climate Home News   EU finance ministers call for transparency in climate finance

Climate Home News   Lead or sue? Pacific islands take twin tracks on climate change   Talking with IPCC Vice-chair Ko Barrett: On climate change and consensus building

E&E News   Every president since JFK was warned about climate change

EcoWatch   Ireland to Become World's First Country to Divest From Fossil Fuels

MPR News   What's the 'Green New Deal' and why do environmentalists want it?

Politico   Paris is burning

Reuters   Big Oil outspends billionaires in Washington state carbon tax fight

Reuters   China says work far from complete on national CO2 scheme

Reuters   New EU energy targets put bloc on course to overshoot climate goals

The Guardian   EU states call for tough action on deforestation to meet 2020 UN goal

The Guardian   France demands UK climate pledge in return for Brexit trade deal

The Guardian   G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds

The Guardian   Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds

Think Progress   North Carolina joins Paris agreement, citing historic storms like Florence

World Resources Institute   Bipartisan US Climate Change Bill Aims to Cut Emissions by 90 Percent

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