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Nature and Farming: News links for December 2018


Ecosystems threatened: The Sixth Great Extinction

CBC News   Heat waves from climate change may zap male fertility for many species   No safe haven for coral from the combined impacts of warming and ocean acidification

Daily Mail [UK]   Amazonian rainforests are failing to keep up with climate change as rising temperatures have affected how tall trees grow and when they die

EOS   Peruvian Mountain Birds Take an “Escalator to Extinction”

Nature   Wind farms have cascading impacts on ecosystems across trophic levels

The Conversation   Maldives: climate change could actually help coral islands rise again – but they’re still at risk

The Guardian   Sighting of sperm whales in Arctic a sign of changing ecosystem, say scientists

The Guardian   Slow Arctic freeze raises risk of polar bear extinction, say scientists

The Times [UK]   Highland midges feel the heat as mosquitoes take their place

Wiley   A century of climate and land‐use change cause species turnover without loss of beta diversity in California’s Central Valley

Wiley   Ambient changes exceed treatment effects on plant species abundance in global change experiments

Wiley   An interaction between climate change and infectious disease drove widespread amphibian declines

Wiley   Cascading effects from plants to soil microorganisms explain how plant species richness and simulated climate change affect soil multifunctionality

Wiley   Climate change opens new frontiers for marine species in the Arctic: Current trends and future invasion risks

Wiley   Consistent trophic amplification of marine biomass declines under climate change

Wiley   Declining glacier cover threatens the biodiversity of alpine river diatom assemblages

Wiley   Differential use of winter precipitation by upper and lower elevation Douglas fir in the Northern Rockies

Wiley   Enhanced gross primary production and evapotranspiration in juniper‐encroached grasslands

Wiley   Global projections of future cropland expansion to 2050 and direct impacts on biodiversity and carbon storage

Wiley   Long‐term change in bioconstruction potential of Maldivian coral reefs following extreme climate anomalies

Wiley   Loss of only the smallest patches will reduce species diversity in most discrete habitat networks

Wiley   Temperature niche position and breadth of ectomycorrhizal fungi: Reduced diversity under warming predicted by a nested community structure

Yale   Is Warming Bringing a Wave of New Diseases to Arctic Wildlife?

Yale   Wind Farms Can Act Like Apex Predators in Ecosystems, Study Finds

Photo Attributions

BannerPhoto by: Jillyspoon

Agriculture threatenedPhoto by: Diganta Talukdar

Ecosystems threatenedPhoto by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

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