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Big Fossil: News for September 2018

Ready for some eye-watering irony? If you thought the ultimate irony was oil companies rushing to the Arctic to lay claim to oil fields underneath the umm...disintegrating Arctic sea ice so that they could give us more oil to burn which will cause more sea ice disintegration... How about this: Associated Press reports that the oil majors have pressured Texas to spend $12 billion of public money to build a monumental sea wall to protect its its oil facilities, which contribute to climate change, which causes the sea to....yup, you know....I won't go on...

Photo Attributions

Big Fossil: Photo by: 4652 Paces

Politics: Photo by: Adriano Aurelio Araujo

Oil: Photo by: Bernard Spragg. NZ

Coal: Photo by: Herry Lawford

Cleaner technologies: Photo by: Marufish

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