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People: Links for August 2019


Politics: Will government save us?

A brief introduction to climate change and national security » Yale Climate Connections

Europe’s Greens are on fire... and it’s not just because of the sweltering heat |

James Dennison | Opinion | The Guardian

European Parliament goes green – POLITICO

New EU chief makes bold climate pledges

The 'war on coal' myth » Yale Climate Connections

Politics of assorted national governments

Bolsonaro declares 'the Amazon is ours' and calls deforestation data 'lies' | World news | The Guardian

Climate change could drown Kiribati, but the nation looks for Noah's Ark - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Climate fears lift Greens' chances of running Germany - Reuters

France to slap new 'ecotax' on plane tickets from 2020

Indonesia Is Reducing Deforestation, but Problem Areas Remain | World Resources Institute

Jair Bolsonaro wants to deforest the Amazon – what powers does the UN have to stop him?

Opinion: Russia frozen on climate change | Opinion | DW | 06.07.2019

Pacific leadership on climate change is necessary and inevitable

Pollution control and solar energy growth in China go hand in hand | Anthropocene

When it comes to avoiding deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, new study reveals that federal and state agencies have had different outcomes

US politics

AOC, Bernie Sanders Team Up on Climate Resolution - Bloomberg

Donald Trump's Surprising, Misleading Climate Change Boast | Time

Intelligence aide, blocked from submitting written testimony on climate change, resigns from State Dept. - The Washington Post

Republicans form conservation caucus to take on environment, climate change | TheHill

The Energy 202: Trump keeps making this error about climate change - The Washington Post


People: Other stories


‘Action now’: the farmers standing up against ‘wilful ignorance’ on climate | Australia news | The Guardian

15 endangered travel destinations: How forces like climate change and gentrification are shaping your bucket list - Washington Post

BP backlash and Extinction Gongs: can climate art save the world? | Culture | The Guardian

Christians Care About Climate Change If It's About Saving 'God's Creation' - VICE

Extreme heat is changing sports, from the Olympics to local races - The Washington Post

Facing the Climate Emergency: Grieving The Future You Thought You Had | Common Dreams Views

Faith, farmers, and climate action - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

From Greta Thunberg to Sally Morgan: 10 books to help kids come to grips with climate crisis | Amelia Lush | Books | The Guardian

Keep climate teaching real and honest | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Mental Toll of Climate Change Hits Women 60% More | Acumen | OZY

Music Declares Emergency: Artists and executives demand drastic climate action

Redefining hope in a world threatened by climate change » Yale Climate Connections

San Francisco chef's big win for climate change

Slight warming could be enough to heighten risk of malaria: Study

The Crunch Question on Climate: How Can I Help? - EcoWatch

The most important thing you can do right now to fight climate change, according to science – ThinkProgress

The unique tools of the artist in a dying world » Yale Climate Connections

True cost of cheap food is health and climate crises, says commission | Environment | The Guardian

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People: Photo by: Takver

Public viewpoints: Photo by: Ivy Dawned

Civil action: Photo by: Takver

Human suffering: Photo by: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Politics: Photo by: Falcon® Photography 

Adaptation: Photo by: U.S. Mission Uganda/Flickr

Other stories: Photo by: Michael Coghlan

Hunger, diet and health: Photo by: Cait

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