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Negative emissions: Links for August 2019


Sources and sinks: Vegetation

‘Dangerous’ new regulation puts Indonesia’s carbon-rich peatlands at risk

Brazil deforestation soars in July, threatening EU trade deal - Reuters

Canada’s forgotten rainforest | The Narwhal

Charred forests not growing back as expected in Pacific Northwest, researchers say | CBC News

Cloning giant redwoods could help combat climate change

Congo Rain Forest Endures a Longer Dry Season - Eos

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest hits nearly three football fields per minute: report | TheHill

Ecologists are racing to restore the world's tropical rainforests — Quartz Africa

Estimating aboveground net biomass change for tropical and subtropical forests: refinement of IPCC default rates using forest plot data - Requena Suarez - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis | World news | The Guardian

'Football pitch' of Amazon forest lost every minute - BBC News

How Genetically-modified trees could help save the planet from global warming

Improved estimates of forest cover and loss in the Brazilian Amazon in 2000–2017 | Nature Sustainability

Increased microbial growth, biomass and turnover drive soil organic carbon accumulation at higher plant diversity - Prommer - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Largely underestimated carbon emission from land use and land cover change in the conterminous US - Yu - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

Phytoplankton decline in the eastern North Pacific transition zone associated with atmospheric blocking - Le - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

'Restore UK bogs' to tackle climate change - BBC News

Satellite-observed pantropical carbon dynamics | Nature Plants

Snowmelt and early to mid‐growing season water availability augment tree growth during rapid warming in southern Asian boreal forests - Zhang - - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library

The global tree restoration potential | Science

The wrong kind of trees: Ireland's afforestation meets resistance | World news | The Guardian

Thousands of Fires in Africa Continue To Burn Bright | NASA

We Can't Let Protecting Forests Be Climate Change's Forgotten Solution

We must not barter the Amazon rainforest for burgers and steaks | Jonathan Watts | Environment | The Guardian

Photo Attributions

Negative emissions: Photo by: USDA NRCS South Dakota

Geo-engineering: Photo by: Beth Scupham

Oceans and more: Photo by: Amy Meredith

Vegetation: Photo by: Mike Goren

Agriculture: Photo by: flöschen

Air Carbon Capture: Photo by: Gabriel White

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