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Not The Weather Report 

Climate change news for Sunday 15th of April 2018







Photo Attributions


Article #1 photo by: Pixabay:


Article #2 photo by: Josh Stevens (NASA Earth Observatory):

Article #3 photo by: David Wright:

Article #5 photo by: By Erin Magee/DFAT, CC BY 2.0,

Article #6 photo by: UNclimatechange,CC BY-SA 0.0, via IFPRI Flicker:

Article #7 photo by: Norsepower:

Article #8 photo by: DEVCO C2-C6,CC BY-SA 0.0, via IFPRI Flicker:

Article #9 photo by:  International Food Policy Research Institute:

Article #10 photo by: Dee Wainwright / Flickr

Article #11 photo by: J Allen:















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