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People: News links for April 2019



Feeling the heat

AP   UN report: Extreme weather hit 62 million people in 2018

Bloomberg   Wall Street Is Masking the True Cost of Climate Change for Coastal Homes

Eco-Business   Leaving no worker behind in a low carbon future

Eco-Business   The ides of the climate crisis

Guardian   Mosquito-spread diseases may endanger millions in new places due to climate change

New York Times   Can Art Help Save the Planet?


RSA/Climate and Development   Climate change, environmental stress and loss of livelihoods can push people towards illegal activities: a case study from coastal Bangladesh

Springer/InternationalJournal of Biometeorology   Hot and bothered? Associations between temperature and crime in Australia

The Age [Australia]   'We didn't deserve it': Retirees donate savings to climate fight

The Conversation   Emissions inequality: there is a gulf between global rich and poor

Vox   We need to talk about the ethics of having children in a warming world

Yale   Four stories capture the impacts of climate change in the Andes

Hunger, diet, health

Atlantic   The Stress of a Natural Disaster Can Take a Toll on Babies in Utero

Guardian   Climate change is not only destroying the planet, but our psyches as well

NPR   CHART: Where Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Will Go In The Future

Scientific American   Climate Change Is Having a Major Impact on Global Health


BBC   The women too scared of climate change to have children

DW   The women left to face climate change and overfishing alone

Grist   Mary Robinson, international climate badass, on why green solutions require a feminist lens

Guardian   BirthStrikers: meet the women who refuse to have children until climate change ends

Guardian   Woman Fest founder plans training camp for climate rebels


Thomson Reuters Foundation   From Antarctica to Costa Rica, women team up to build a climate-safe future

Times [UK]   BirthStrike: women go cold on babies as world hots up

USA Today   'How could I bring a child into the world?': More women say climate change means they won't have kids

Vox   We need to talk about the ethics of having children in a warming world

WRI   Will Women Build the Sustainable Infrastructure of the Future?

Yale   A reading list on women and climate change

Other stories about humanity

ABC   Swiss skier Daniel Yule pledges prize money to fight climate change in protest over sport's president

Atlantic   America Cares About Climate Change Again

CNN   How climate change is fueling extremism

Globe & Mail [Canada]   Indigenous guardians raise the alarm on impact of climate change in Canada

Grist   We weren’t ready for climate change leggings

Guardian   I see how climate change will lead to conflict in my home country, Nigeria

Scientific American/E&E News   How Co-ops Are Bringing Solar Power to Rural America

The Conversation      Anthropocene doesn’t exist and species of the future will not recognise it

Wiley/Climate Change   Editorial comment: How should we ask questions about the social status of climate change knowledge?

Yale   New poetry collections grapple with climate change

Yale   To cut carbon pollution, try buying less and spending time with friends instead


Politics: Will government save us?


Politics of assorted national governments

Axios   Why Australia's climate change election matters to the world

Climate Home News   ‘We were ecologists before the capitalists’: the gilets jaunes and climate justice

Eco-Business   Indonesia charts a new, low carbon development path. Will other countries follow suit?

Elsevier/Science Direct/Energy Policy   Subsidizing renewables as part of taking leadership in international climate policy: The German case

Elsevier/Science Direct/Energy Policy   Subsidizing renewables as part of taking leadership in international climate policy: The German case

Guardian   ‘One chance at survival’: Jay Inslee is running for president to fight climate change

Guardian   Norway's $1tn wealth fund to divest from oil and gas exploration

Guardian   Norway's $1tn wealth fund to divest from oil and gas exploration

Independent [UK]   Labour declares national ‘environment and climate emergency’

Mongabay   PNG politicians push coal as Pacific islanders rail against climate change

Nature   Assessing the Policy gaps for achieving China’s climate targets in the Paris Agreement

Reuters   Dutch to introduce corporate CO2 tax as climate plans fall short

Reuters   Finland wants EU to agree plan for net-zero carbon footprint

Reuters   Indonesia says low-carbon plan could spur annual GDP growth

Wiley/Climate Change   The politics of fossil fuel subsidies and their reform: Implications for climate change mitigation

United States politics

Bloomberg   Republicans Who Couldn't Beat Climate Debate Now Seek to Join It

Guardian   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right – it's time for radical change, not more ‘meh’ politics

Guardian   Donald Trump is using Stalinist tactics to discredit climate science

NPR   Former Defense Leaders Warn White House It's 'Dangerous' To Downplay Climate Change

Politico   The bogus number at the center of the GOP’s Green New Deal attacks

The Conversation   The Green New Deal’s contradiction – new infrastructure and redistribution may boost carbon emissions

The Hill   Pelosi, Dems unveil bill to bind Trump to Paris climate accord

The Hill   Romney helps GOP look for new path on climate change

Think Progress   Republicans are the real threat to hamburgers, not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Vox   The Green New Deal and the case against incremental climate policy

Washington Post   Federal judge demands Trump administration reveal how its drilling plans will fuel climate change

Legal action

E&E News   D.C. girds for Exxon climate battle

Euractiv   Burning trees as climate mitigation: A resort to the Court

France 24   French state faces landmark lawsuit over climate inaction

Guardian   The destruction of the Earth is a crime. It should be prosecuted

National Geographic   Support is surging for teens’ climate change lawsuit

San Francisco Chronicle   Are oil companies responsible for climate change? A group of senators thinks so

Vox   Pay attention to the growing wave of climate change lawsuits

Wiley/Climate Change   Climate change litigation: A review of research on courts and litigants in climate governance

UN negotiations

Axios   The world's first climate treaty turns 25

Climate Home News   After 25 years of failure, we should abandon the UNFCCC

Climate home news   Next UN climate summit scheduled for December in Chile

Wiley/Climate Change   Institutional and environmental effectiveness: Will the Paris Agreement work?

Other politics stories

Bloomberg   San Francisco’s Version of a Green New Deal Is Taking Over Its Power Company

Business Green   CORSIA is a unique opportunity to make growth in international aviation carbon-neutral

Climate Home News   EU leaders’ draft statement dismays climate campaigners

Guardian   Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism. Have we got the stomach for it?

Scientific American   How to Deal with Chaos in Climate and Politics

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