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Nature and Farming: News links for April 2019


Ecosystems threatened: The Sixth Great Extinction

Sierra   Zoos Gone Wild—With Hope

CNN   Climate change will make a walk in the woods a much rarer pleasure

The Conversation   Anthropocene doesn’t exist and species of the future will not recognise it


Inside Climate News   Iconic Forests Reaching Climate Tipping Points in American West, Study Finds

EOS   Cherry Blossoms’ Peak Bloom Is an Indicator of Climate Change

Guardian   Adders now active all year with warmer UK weather


Yale   In nature, premature springs are creating new winners and losers


Guardian   Arctic alpine plants in UK face climate extinction


Scientific American   Coral Reefugees: Certain Corals Could “Outrun” Climate Change


Reuters   More marine heat waves threaten fish and corals: study


Scotsman   Disease threat to Scotland’s ancient pine forests due to climate change, report warns

Independent   Rising CO2 levels destroying African savannah, scientists warn

Guardian   Out of sight, out of luck: the hidden victims of Australia’s deadly heatwaves


Inside Climate News   Iconic Forests Reaching Climate Tipping Points in American West, Study Finds

Academic articles about ecosystems

BES/People and Nature   Effects of climatically shifting species distributions on biocultural relationships

Wiley/Ecology Letters   Phenological mismatch with trees reduces wildflower carbon budgets

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Evaluating ecosystem effects of climate change on tropical island streams using high spatial and temporal resolution sampling regimes

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Four decades of plant community change along a continental gradient of warming

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Geographical adaptation prevails over species‐specific determinism in trees’ vulnerability to climate change at Mediterranean rear‐edge forests

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Structural and functional responses of invertebrate communities to climate change and flow regulation in alpine catchments

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Whales in warming water: Assessing breeding habitat diversity and adaptability in Oceania's changing climate

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Climate‐driven reduction of genetic variation in plant phenology alters soil communities and nutrient pools

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Experimental warming alters spring phenology of certain plant functional groups in an early‐successional forest community

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Future recovery of baleen whales is imperiled by climate change

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Woody vegetation dynamics in the tropical and subtropical Andes from 2001 to 2014: satellite image interpretation and expert validation


Farming, fishing and food: Human food supply imperiled

ABC   White wine taste is changing as temperatures in growing areas rise, winemaker says

Anthropocene   Forced to follow their catch, fishers are moving north

Anthropocene   What’s the cost (in fish) between 1.5 and 3 degrees of warming?

BBC   Bees: Many British pollinating insects in decline, study shows

Carbon Brief   Ocean warming has caused ‘sustainable’ fish stocks to drop by 4% since 1930s

Daily Mail [Australia]   Changing rainfall patterns could threaten major crops including wheat, corn, and rice worldwide in just 20 years even if greenhouse gases are reduced, study warns

DW   After a year of record droughts, Germany's meteorological office sets up early warning system

Guardian   Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says

Independent   Climate change is creating toxic crops and poisoning some of world’s poorest people, scientists warn

National Geographic   Climate change is depleting our essential fisheries

Reuters   Wine and shine - Scorching summer wilts Australia's grape crop

Washington Post   Climate change is already hurting fruit breeders, and consumers could soon feel the pain

Xinhua   Global warming has not extended plant growing season since 2000: study

Academic articles about farming, fishing and food

IOP Science/Environmental Research Letters   Future changes in spring wheat yield in the European Russia as inferred from a large ensemble of high-resolution climate projections


Nature   Air temperature optima of vegetation productivity across global biomes

PNAS   Emergence of robust precipitation changes across crop production areas in the 21st century

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   Spatial Patterns of Crop Yield Change by Emitted Pollutant

Wiley/AGU100/Earth’s Future   When Will Current Climate Extremes Affecting Maize Production Become the Norm?

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Biochar application as a tool to decrease soil nitrogen losses (NH3 volatilization, N2O emissions, and N leaching) from croplands: options and mitigation strength in a global perspective

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Global wheat production with 1.5 and 2.0°C above pre‐industrial warming

Wiley/Global Change Biology    Warmer and browner waters decrease fish biomass production

Wiley/Global Change Biology   Yield vs. quality trade‐offs for wheat in response to carbon dioxide and ozone

Photo Attributions

BannerPhoto by: Jillyspoon

Agriculture threatenedPhoto by: Diganta Talukdar

Ecosystems threatenedPhoto by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

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