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About Climate Now


Climate Now collects and categorizes all the vital climate change news from around the world. You'll find links to a mixture of quality newspaper and magazine articles and scientific journal links.


But with so much news, how is the worthwhile information chosen? Only information from long established, respected outlets is considered reliable unless the subject matter is not contentious. All originating material is from very reputable peer-reviewed journals.


Not too much attention is given here to clean energy technologies as the subject gets ample press elsewhere, but news about carbon extraction and geo-engineering are covered. 

Climate Now collects and categorizes stories that are of interest to a wide range of viewpoints and don't necessarily reflect the views of myself the editor - Roger Goodman (Bachelor of Science in Climate Change Management, Australia, 2016). But in fact I do preferentially choose material that best reflects my own understanding.


While positive and hopeful stories are included whenever possible, those that feature pessimism are welcome too since there is a divergence of views about which approach is best.

Opinion pieces from the environmental media generally don't appear on Climate Now, in order to avoid inadvertent bias, but op-eds from major newspapers often will be, where they are considered to be soundly scientifically based.

Finally, Climate Now is a globally relevant news site, which means that country-specific material is minimized on the main news page, though I intend establishing an Australia-focused page as additional. 

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Climate Now editor Roger Goodman

Editor: Roger Goodman

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