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The 100 most crucial climate change news links from

November 2023 

Flooding in Thailand, 2023 - By Navaneeth Krishnan S 

News links for December


Acceleration and the hope-doom schism

Climate change: Is the world warming faster than expected? - BBC News

Global heating is accelerating, warns scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 80s | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Hansen Vs. Mann - Is Global Warming Linear Or Exponential? - CleanTechnica

How We Know that Global Warming is Accelerating and that the Goal of the Paris Agreement is Dead

Luminous 'mother-of-pearl' clouds explain why climate models miss so much Arctic and Antarctic warming

Physicists Warn Earth Could Feasibly Descend Into Chaos : ScienceAlert

Steady global surface warming from 1973 to 2022 but increased warming rate after 1990 | Communications Earth & Environment

The ‘flickering’ of Earth systems is warning us: act now, or see our already degraded paradise lost | George Monbiot | The Guardian

The past years were the hottest on record. Yet we’re on track to burn more fossil fuels | Kim Heacox | The Guardian

The scariest climate plot in the world - by Andrew Dessler

UNEP: Humanity is still ‘breaking all the wrong records’ in fast-warming world - Carbon Brief

World facing ‘hellish’ 3C of climate heating, UN warns before Cop28 | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Business, politics and international relations

Africa: Time to Convert Climate Change Rhetoric Into Action, Says WFP's Gernot Laganda -

Climate finance flows surpass $1trn a year

Developing countries need private sector help. They can’t fight the climate crisis on their own | Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber and William Ruto | The Guardian

EU climate chief: China must help fund rescue of poorer nations hit by disaster | Cop28 | The Guardian

In a Warming World, Clean Energy Stocks Fall While Oil Prospers - The New York Times

Loss and Damage: Climate Negotiators Reach Framework to Aid Vulnerable Countries - Bloomberg

Opinion | Give fossil fuels a role and get to clean energy quicker - The Washington Post

Petroecuador to close Amazon oil block after referendum | Reuters

Q&A: What is the ‘global stocktake’ and could it accelerate climate action? - Carbon Brief

Q&A: What the ‘underwhelming’ Three Basins Summit means for tropical forests - Carbon Brief

Revealed: How colonial rule radically shifts historical responsibility for climate change - Carbon Brief

Rich countries hit $100bn climate finance goal two years late, data shows | Climate finance | The Guardian

U.S. and China Agree to Displace Fossil Fuels by Ramping Up Renewables - The New York Times

Commissions, emissions and omissions

‘Insanity’: petrostates planning huge expansion of fossil fuels, says UN report | Fossil fuels | The Guardian

Carbon capture and storage hopes are pipe dreams, for now | Reuters

Carbon dioxide becomes more potent as climate changes, study finds

Frontiers | The zero emissions commitment and climate stabilisation

Motor emissions could have fallen by over 30% without SUV trend, report says | Automotive emissions | The Guardian

'No end in sight' to rising greenhouse gases -UN weather agency | Reuters

Oil and gas industry needs to let go of carbon capture as solution to climate change, IEA says

Pumped Storage Hydro Could be Key to the Clean Energy Transition. But Where Will the Water Come From? - Inside Climate News

Revealed: the huge climate impact of the middle classes | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

Saudi Arabia is building a futuristic ski resort in the middle of the desert | Euronews

Why the world's first flight powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel is a green mirage

Earth’s Fever

Extreme Heat Killed Over 70,000 In Europe Last Year, Study Finds. This Year Is On Track To Be Even Worse

Lancet report: Heat stress wiped out equivalent of 4% of Africa's GDP in 2022 - Carbon Brief

Less Pollution, More Global Warming - The New York Times

Microplastics found in clouds could affect weather and global temperatures | Pollution | The Guardian

Ecology, farming and natural sinks

‘A biodiversity catastrophe’: how the world could look in 2050 – unless we act now | Environment | The Guardian

10 ways the climate crisis and nature loss are linked | Environment | The Guardian

Climate change is pushing American farmers to confront what’s next - Washington Post

How Much Can Trees Fight Climate Change? Massively, but Not Alone, Study Finds. - The New York Times

Lizards, fish and other species are evolving with climate change, but not fast enough

'New cropland cannot come from deforestation': McKinsey raises alarm over growing land use pressure | BusinessGreen News

Nitrogen wars: the Dutch farmers’ revolt that turned a nation upside-down | Farming | The Guardian

Oases: The surprising life and avoidable demise of these extraordinary habitats | New Scientist

Plants are likely to absorb more CO₂ in a changing climate than we thought – here's why

The Amazon’s record-setting drought: how bad will it be?

Ice and oceans

Europe: How climate change, mass tourism threaten the Alps – DW – 11/06/2023

Greenland glaciers melt five times faster than 20 years ago | Reuters

How global warming shakes the Earth: Seismic data show ocean waves gaining strength as the planet warms

Northern Greenland’s ice shelves are declining, accelerating sea level rise - The Washington Post

Q&A: Warming of 2C would trigger ‘catastrophic’ loss of world’s ice, new report says - Carbon Brief

Scientists 'Surprised' by Antarctic Glacier Suddenly Doubling Its Speed


‘Carbon offsets are not credible’: the travel boss exposing the truth about the industry’s sustainability | Travel & leisure | The Guardian

Banks, Airlines Use Controversial Solar, Wind Credits to Back Green Claims - Bloomberg

Blue Carbon: A UAE company has secured African land the size of the UK for controversial carbon offset projects | CNN

Pyrocene Chronicles

After a record year of wildfires, will Canada ever be the same again? | Canada | The Guardian

Lightning fires threaten planet-cooling forests - BBC News

Wildfires gripped Canada last year. Now, US farmers are feeling the burn | Farming | The Guardian

Science journal articles

Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios | PNAS

Committed Global Warming Risks Triggering Multiple Climate Tipping Points - Abrams - 2023 - Earth's Future - Wiley Online Library

Constraining the pattern and magnitude of projected extreme precipitation change in a multi-model ensemble in: Journal of Climate - Ahead of print

Extreme heat and drought typical of an end-of-century climate could occur over Europe soon and repeatedly | Communications Earth & Environment

Greenland-wide accelerated retreat of peripheral glaciers in the twenty-first century | Nature Climate Change

Increase in ocean-onto-land droughts and their drivers under anthropogenic climate change | npj Climate and Atmospheric Science

Meta-analysis reveals less sensitivity of non-native animals than natives to extreme weather worldwide | Nature Ecology & Evolution

Nitrogen fixing shrubs advance the pace of tall-shrub expansion in low-Arctic tundra | Communications Earth & Environment

Ocean warming drives rapid dynamic activation of marine-terminating glacier on the west Antarctic Peninsula | Nature Communications

Substantial and increasing global losses of timber-producing forest due to wildfires | Nature Geoscience

The weekly cycle of photosynthesis in Europe reveals the negative impact of particulate pollution on ecosystem productivity | PNAS

Trait-based sensitivity of large mammals to a catastrophic tropical cyclone | Nature


‘Where did I go wrong?’ The scientist who tried to raise the climate alarm | Climate science | The Guardian

Chile shuts down a popular glacier, sparking debate over climate change and adventure sports - ABC News

Climate fatigue isn’t a sign that Europeans are in denial – it’s a sign of their fear | Francesco Grillo | The Guardian

Environmental Groups Cut Programs as Funding Shifts to Climate Change - The New York Times

Five years on, the world is failing to learn the gilets jaunes’ lesson about class and climate | Oliver Haynes | The Guardian

It's time to limit how often we can travel abroad – 'carbon passports' may be the answer

Japan’s haiku poets lost for words as climate crisis disrupts seasons | Japan | The Guardian

Never fly again? Go vegan? It was too hard. But I still cut my emissions by 61% and it made life simpler and better | Jo Clay | The Guardian

Opinion | I’m a Climate Scientist. I’m Not Screaming Into the Void Anymore. - The New York Times

Twelve billionaires’ climate emissions outpollute 2.1m homes, analysis finds | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian

We rarely hear about the disasters that were avoided – but there’s a lot we can learn from them

What Endures After a Climate Activist’s Suicide: Grief, Anger and Hope - The New York Times

Why the Dutch election result spells trouble for Europe’s climate efforts – POLITICO

Surviving at the coalface

‘All we can do now is run away’: is time up for the sinking Colombian islands of San Bernardo? | Global development | The Guardian

‘It is all about listening and sharing’: Indigenous solutions to the carbon divide | Deforestation | The Guardian

‘The children screamed for hours’: horrors of Hurricane Otis leave devastation for Acapulco’s poorest | Global development | The Guardian

A year after Pakistan's floods, 44% of children have stunted growth. What can be done about it?

After the Storm, Malawi’s Farmers Face a Precarious Future - Yale E360

At risk: 10 ways the changing climate is creating a health emergency | Global development | The Guardian

Climate change is the biggest human health risk, says Africa's disease boss | Reuters

Deal to resettle climate-hit Tuvalu residents shows world ‘what’s at stake’, European officials say | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Of course working-class people care about the climate crisis: they emit the least, but will suffer most | Roger Harding | The Guardian

US coal power plants killed at least 460,000 people in past 20 years – report | Coal | The Guardian

Too dry

‘Everything is parched’: Amazon struggles with drought amid deforestation | Brazil | The Guardian

Climate change: Intensity of ongoing drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran ‘not rare anymore’ - Carbon Brief

Drought Saps the Panama Canal, Disrupting Global Trade - The New York Times

El Niño may be drying out the southern hemisphere – here's how that affects the whole planet

Extreme drought in northern Italy mirrors climate in Ethiopia | Drought | The Guardian

In South America's Andes, a shrinking Lake Titicaca rings climate alarm bell | Reuters

Worsening sand, dust storms driving global land loss, says UN | Reuters

Too wet

‘The river took it all’: Somalis wait for waters to recede as floods kill dozens | Global development | The Guardian

China Wants to Stockpile Wheat After Heavy Rains Damage Harvest - Bloomberg

Greek floods and fires expose Europe's frail climate defences | Reuters

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